Sunday, December 30, 2018

The Last Option: The Project, Book 17 (ADULT AUDIO)

Nick and the team are back, Selena is very pregnant with the twins, Ronnie is almost as good as new.  The president has been assassinated and team is on the chopping block, but they might also be the worlds only hope.
This book was as good if not better than the others but the ending is a bit disturbing.  There was  tons of action and suspense, plot twists and turns, that will keep you up past your bedtime reading (or listening) just to see what happens next.  Jack de Golia is a awesome narrator and has made the project team family to me (trust me I would love to bounce some questions off of Freddy now and again), but Ronnie, Lamont, and Nick would be the most awesome big brothers ever, just think of the skill set you would grow up knowing, LOL. Thank you again Mr. Lukeman for so many hours of enjoyment I look forward to many more.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Hell Divers IV: Wolves: The Hell Divers Series, Book 4 (ADULT AUDIO)

Everyone is back and  X is looking for the Metal Islands, a Shangri La of sorts for the hive people to finally live back on solid ground.  But this mission for everyone will stress a lot of people as they find out more about the past in several hours than they have known in decades or more, the question is can they persevere? 
This  was an awesome book, sure it had the action and suspense we are   used to , I mean sea monsters and everything, but this book just had a bit more.  It is hard to explain, maybe it was the more emotional side about the history they found, that is a side you don't often see from the Hell Divers. Maybe it is the  way R.C. Bray delivered that information in this particular volume, Bray is the wonderful narrator for the audiobook version, if you have never tried the audio version you should, he is that good.  What ever it was this book was really good and we will have to wait to see how Nicholas Sansbury Smith can top it.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Dawn of the Storm: A Raina Storm Action Thriller (ADULT AUDIO)

Hal from Kim Creswell's other books is back but in a different role, this time he must go to Columbia to stop terrorist from bringing in a nuclear dirty bomb into the US.  But first he needs  to convince a mother of a 6 year old to go with him, oh did I mention she is probably one of the most lethal operatives in the US?
This book is so action packed  and full of suspense you might fall off of your seat if you are not careful.  Kim Creswell  is so awesome at the story, characters, and putting all those puzzle pieces together, and narrator Sarah Colton really  brings this story alive.  I love Raina and would love to see her again but also I don't want to see her taken from her child.  But Hal has been my guy for so long, it was nice to see him back, I just can't wait for more, because they seem like family now.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Evolution: Age of Expansion: A Kurtherian Gambit Series - The Ghost Squadron, Book 3) (ADULT AUDIO)

Eddie  and Julianna are back doing what they do best, protecting the little guy, being a big thorn in the butt of the Trid, and out to get the brotherhood. However, they find there is a bigger fish to hook and right now Eddie and Julianna always seem to be one step behind.  A lot happens in this the book of the series, they gain another main crew member, there is a Ricky Booby scene that is not to be missed, and of course the awesome authors notes that should never be skipped.
This books is wonderful and keeps up with the others, I don't know how they keep doing it.  The constant snarky banter between the characters just keeps getting better and better as are their books.  I just love them and Chris Abernathy as the narrator is   perfect, he sucks you into their world and makes you feel as though you are really there, it is so awesome, I can not wait for more.

Friday, December 21, 2018

Rise of the Mystics (Beyond the Circle Book #2)

Just think if we could really live in two worlds the one where we are awake and the one where we are asleep and wake in a totally different world and live there until we fall asleep there, only to wake up back here.  Rachelle does that and because of this the government is very interested and since she has found the first few seals she can read minds and a few other things (in both worlds).  When the government tries to stop her by wiping her mind in this world, what will the consequences be in the other world and can she still find the last two seals in time, can she even remember them?
This book is very powerful, and not a easy  one to get through, in so many ways and on so many levels.  Ted Dekker is one to make you think and question how you think and sometimes what you have  been taught, only to come back to basically one thing, but alas you will need to find that for yourself.

Hand of Miriam: A Bayla and the Golem Novel, Volume 1 (ADULT AUDIO)

When Bayla inadvertently picks up a artifact while on expedition it burns a seal into her hand, than a wind comes through killing every one else with her including her husband, that is just the start of her strange and dangerous adventure.  However, she will soon find help and protection in some not so normal places.
This book is so wonderful, Bayla is such a  strong woman the type any woman would be proud to be.  All the characters are so well thought out and fit in there place perfectly like a puzzle piece.  There is action galore starting straight away from the beginning and going non-stop until the end, but  it is the twist and turns that you don't see coming that will keep you reading or in my case listening past your bedtime.  If you are lucky enough to get the audio, narrator Doro Jillings is awesome, she fit this book like a glove, she will have you feeling as though you are right there with Bayla and her people in their time and  part of their circle, give it a try you will not be disappointed, I can not wait for more.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Knees: The mixed up world of a boy with dyslexia (MG)

This is a great book for a new dyslexic it explains all about dyslexia, as well as mentioning famous people that are dyslexic, and that it does not mean the end of the world, only that it will take more work and some different learning styles.
I asked for this to see how much it really correlated with my life dealing with dyslexia and it is a really good book for explain to kid about this issues and reiterating that they are indeed not "stupid" because trust me they feel like they are.  Now they know there is a problem and it can be fixed, but it important to be a kid too.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Hell Divers III: Deliverance: The Hell Divers series (ADULT AUDIO)

Tin and his group are left on the surface to die, but end up finding very interesting things to help them in their search for X, and their hopes that he is still alive and that they can find their way back to the hive, so they can do what they need to do there, with what they find.
I know that is a somewhat vague synopsis but I just do not want to give anything away so I can only tell you what they want to accomplish.  You know Nicholas can be cruel in his killing, where other will live, it is strictly business you know.  But this book will not disappoint it is just as action packed and suspense filled if not more than the other ones, so if you liked the first two, you will love this one, and if you are like me and get the audio version R.C. Bray will not disappoint either he is awesome and will pull you into this world and make you fell as though you are a part of the team. This is a great book and a awesome series, author and narrator make a great team I hope they don't split up any time soon.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

In Too Deep (ADULT)

This is a awesome action packed, suspense filled, roller coaster ride of a book, that will have you up way past your bed time reading to find out what happens next. 
When the dive team is called out to recover a car from the river, where a citizen saw it and thought he was saving a lady from a wreck but soon discovered otherwise.  When police diver Adam showed up and the corner looks at the woman's body things really start to get interesting. Can the woman really help the police solve her murder and other crimes from beyond the grave?
Warning this is  book two of the series I have no been able to review book one yet I will up date this review when and if I review book one to include a link to it.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Phoenix: The Project Book 16 (AUDLT AUDIO)

The team is all back together and healed, as a matter of fact someone is pregnant.  But you know nothing stays quite for long, and this time is not just one county they bad guys are after it is three and they have made it a nuclear hate triangle between the USA, Russia, and China, not a good thing, but how to prove each of the three did not actually do what they are accused of doing to start this, before it gets any messier.
I don't know how Alex Lukeman does it but he has maintained the same level of action if not more, the same with suspense, and twists and the turns you have come to love from his books.  But it is not like his other books as each of his books has it own life about it.  If you are lucky enough to have the audio than you will know what a awesome narrator Jack de Golia is and how he can read you right into the story, you will become part of team Project while you are listening, it is so much fun, if you are listen while driving you will probably take the long way home.  This author and narrator work so well together it is magic at work.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018


This was a awesome audio and for me more than some others.  The book is full of action, and suspense, as bounty hunter Skye must leaver her comfort zone to find out who bombed her station and stop them before the whole station is ruined forever, but there are not to many people she can trust to help her and the ones she can are sketchy at best, but it is all she has.
This was a great book/audio and I hope author Avera brings Skye back again, I really loved her she is the kind of girl everyone strives to be on the inside, and narrator Rebecca Cosme was wonderful bringing the whole story alive and pulling you into the world with Skye and Trudy.  Please write more.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Exploration: Age of Expansion: The Ghost Squadron, Book 2 (ADULT AUDIO)

The team is back and as they are still putting together their top team (hey if you DM me I will give you my address, I am sure I can help somehow), in between running a few errands here and there.  But all in all things are coming together for Ghost Squadron.
As innocuous as I might have made this sound trust me there is still a lot of action and suspense in this book and if you are lucky enough to have the audio, which if you have not tried, well what is stopping you?  Chris Abernathy is an awesome narrator for these books, he makes you feel like you are part of Ghost Squadron, hum, maybe they have been to my house.  Anyways this is a wonderful book/audio and I really can't wait for book 3 so get Hatch and Pip on it will ya?

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Seventeen (ADULT)

This investigative thriller bounces between two times of seasoned reporter Kazumasa Yuuki life, one time seven days of non stop office politics and power struggles the likes of which we here in the states might not totally understand, just to get the story of his life.  The other time 17 years later, during a trip he is taking to fulfill promises he made during those 7 days to fight some of his own doubts and demons, not to mention to answer some unanswered questions still plaguing him from that earlier date, but will he get everything he needs or wants?
This is a interesting book, full of action, suspense and much Japanese culture.  This was once written in Japanese but has been expertly translated in to English.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Fairy Tales and Legends (ADULT AUDIO)

It is safe to say these are not the fairy tales that you and I grew up on, Nikolia Teleshov has brought together fairy tales and legends from around the world to make this interesting and eclectic book so the masses can enjoy each others stories.  I suppose he truly understands that we need diversity more than ever right now and this will help.  If you are lucky enough to get the audio version than will hear the wonders of voice actor and narrator Fred Wolinsky lend his voice to the different characters throughout the different stories and make each story and character different and wonderful. 

Monday, October 8, 2018

Formation: Age of Expansion: The Ghost Squadron, Book 1 (ADULT AUDIO)

I am not one for opera anything but this is a great audio, it had action, suspense, and twists and turns, but it also had humor and that was awesome!  I have been a fan of Sarah Noffke for quite some time and a off and on fan of J.N. Chaney as well but Michael Anderle is new to me and I think I will be look for some more of his book/audios as I can.  Chris Abernathy also had a big part in making this audio so great, he is a wonderful narrator and I hope their partnership lasts as he made Eddie who he is and made Pip so awesome.  I really hope they come and recruit me as I wouldn't even think about it I would go in a second. 

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Deadly Shadow: A Paranormal Suspense Thriller (The Assassin Chronicles, Book 1) (ADULT AUDIO)

This book shows Kim Creswell at her best, as she hits another homerun out of the park with her new series The Assassin Chronicles.  I loved this audio, I mean what more could one ask for  kick butt take no name FBI agent and widower Victory, government assassin by paranormal powers and in love with aforementioned FBI Agent Derrick, a serial killer "The Wrapper" and much more.  There is a ton of action and even more twists and turns and suspense you can cut with a knife, this book has everything.  If you happen to get the audio than you will have the treat of listening to Robin Siegerman narrating, and she is good, she sucks you right into the world and you get lost and never look back.  These two make a great pair for this series and I hope they stay together.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

A Sherlock Holmes Sextuplet: Six Sherlockian Pastiches (ADULT AUDIO)

These are six awesome short stories in the true Sherlock Holmes fashion.  If you are a fan of Sherlock Holmes than these are for you, and if you love audio books than you just can miss voice actor Fred Wolinsky performing this book, it is so good you will lose yourself and think you are in the room with Sherlock and Watson while they are bantering back and forth on one of their cases.  This is truly a book/audio not to be missed, don't be left behind when the game is afoot.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

The DarkDeep (MG)

Just in time for Halloween here comes the middle grade book to creep everyone out, if you like Stranger Things and Goosebumps this is for you.  When Logan and his friends bully Nico, Nico finds himself falling off a cliff into Still Cove, the dark and mysterious place in town no one wants to be, but while he is down there he discovers a island in the middle, and that is when his friends catch up to him, and they all find a deserted houseboat on a lake in the middle of the island, not weird enough for you yet? If not that you need to read the whole DarkDeep book because it only gets weirder from there my friends, and I won't be responsible from here on out. 

Shadow of the Fox (YA)

Yomeko has escaped her temple home with their greatest treasure, everyone else there has died including her master that helped train her in her fox kitsune way, now she must travel to another temple that she promised to take this treasure too.  Yomeko ran into a samurai running from the demons that attacked her temple and he, Kage Tatsumi of the Shadow Clan, helped save her, but his job, why he was there, is to get the treasure she holds, what will happen when he finds out she has it, and what she  really is?
This book is so good, it is filled with a lot of Japanese lore and rich characters that no matter which side they are on at one moment, their allegiants might just change the next.  There is so much action it will tire you out and you will find yourself holding your breath at times with the suspense and tensions in parts.  This book will transform you to a different time and place as you read it and you will feel like you are there with them and because of this you won't want to put the book down and when you get to the end you to will be clamoring for more.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

The Final Day The Full 24 Hours (ADULT AUDIO)

This awesome audio following a man, Michael Roberts, through the first 24 hours of the Zombie apocalypse as he is trying to save his family but at the same he himself is turning into a zombie. So this is a very different story than your  normal Zombie story, it is new and fresh and really good.   Mr. Salzman is a great narrator too and he made the audio so good you should not miss out on it if you a audio fan like me.  He can pull you into the story and make you feel as though you are right there, it added another layer to this story. 

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Squint (MG)

Squint is another homerun book for team Morris and Brown.  Squint is a boy trying desperately to finish his comic book before his vision is totally ruined due to a rare disease.  Squint use to be normal like everyone else, he even played football, but now his world has changed and fast, and there is so much more to what Squint can see than he thinks. 
This book is another awesome book by Chad Morris and Shelly Brown I didn't think they could  top  Mustaches for Maddie but they did and in such a endearing way, Squint just keeps you cheering for him but at the same time you want to buddy punch him and say "DUDE!!!, what the heck are you thinking".  This book will show you the good and the bad of so many different side of things (I don't want to say here so it will be a surprise when you read the book) that it will have people of all ages thinking about this book long after finishing it.  

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The Storm Runner (MG)

Zane loves two things exploring his volcano and his dog, Rosie.  But hiking is hard for Zane since he has a prominent limp, from one leg being longer that the other, but Rosie is always there for him and to help him.  But when the new girl comes to town, things change, but can they be helped? 
This is such a awesome book for children that love the different mythologies, such as the ones by Rick Riordan.  This book is based on Maya mythology and Cervantes integrates it well between the now and the than.  The action is non stop and the suspense will keep readers of all ages reading well past their bedtimes to find out what happens next.  The characters fit well into their parts even if you don't find out until much later in the story.  I really liked this book and I hope Zane, Brooks, Rosie, and Hondo will come back real soon for another adventure.

Wildcard (YA)

Wildcard pretty much picks up right where  Warcross left off.  Emi has made it out of Warcross a champ but no longer trusts Hideo.  She is looking toward the one person who really seems to want to help her, and help her and her team the Phoenix Riders (you can't just have one team member) fight the injustice, Zero.
This is one WILD ride, danger around every corner and so much better than any spy novel.  The action and suspense drips off of the pages so much, that you have to keep reading to try and keep it in there, not to mention it is a computer hacker/jacker book, oh my gosh all my favorite thing in one place, please give me more please.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Impostors (YA)

Identical twins, the older to be the revered and in the public's eye,  the younger the body double and there to take a bullet if needed or to be a  hostage.  But does training ever cover all contingences?
Imposters is set in the same world as the Uglies, Pretties, Specials books but in their future.  Tally's name is remembered on walls hoping she will come back and save them.  Only Scott Westerfeld can weave a story that has action, suspense, and can intertwine the two girls lives the way they are in this book and have it all come out making sense in the end. This book has so many different elements incorporated into it, it is just such a awesome book.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Salvation (ADULT)

Salvation is a story told in the past present and future and while that is fine in itself this story jumps back and forth inside the same chapter which can be a bit confusing at first.  It was something that took some getting used to as well as the abnormally long chapters that made for a few long nights until I gave up on stopping points.  But the writing was smooth and characters blended well in their appropriate times, the action was tremendous as well as the twists and suspense.  All in all this turn out to be a decent book once I got into the books rhythm and we meshed.  I loved the story it would grab you and not let go, thus some of those late nights searching for a decent stopping point that never came.  I think if you like sci-fi you should give it a whirl, I wish I could really try the audio I think that would  be so much better for this dyslexic.

Beyond the Stars Unimagined Realms (ADULT)

I really enjoy these anthologies it helps me find more authors to like and gives me a chance to read short stories from authors I already know I like, which usually fit into the world of their books that they write and I love.  This one only had two authors I knew before hand and their stories where new and different, and many new authors I have never read before but will be looking for books from, in the future.  These stories where unique, clever and funny I just couldn't put it down.  My favorite was Baking Bread on the Moon, I suppose it brought me back to my Navy days.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

City of Ghosts (YA)

Every since Cass drowned in the river that day and came back she has had a constant friend in Jacob, a ghost.  You would think that is problem since Cass's parents are ghost hunters but they think Jacob is a invisible friend.  When Cass's parents land a job filming ghost sights in Edinburgh she goes with them but finds the veil there to be different than what she used to and a whole lot more dangerous.  Can she and Jacob handle their time in Edinburgh alone and come out unharmed?
This is such a good book, kind of creepy at times, but so good.  It kept me up past my bedtime several nights, I was so into it the book and did not want to put it down.  The action and suspense feed off of each other in this book, you can not have one with out the other, and there is plenty of it.  The characters are just awesome as well, they just mesh together so well and as things come to light it gets even better.  This really is a great book.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Foundryside (YA)

Sancia is a thief, and a good one at that.  But this job is different, it feels  different, and it gets her in a mess of trouble.  Her normal friends are can't help so she must find a new and unlikely set of friends to help her out of this hornets nest of trouble while she learns to harness the new power, with the help of Clef, a friend she hopes never to loose.
I don't know if this would be considered steampunk or not but the tech in this book is awesome.  The characters are deep and well rounded, there is so much action and suspense you just have to keep reading to see what happens next.  I really liked this book it was a different kind of book, with all the scriving tech, that made it really interesting the theory behind scriving was pretty cool.  So Sancia and her special abilities with the scriving and just Sancia herself make this book really good and worth the read. 


This is a story about Dr. Jean McClellan, a woman, and a researcher in the field of neuro science, especially linguistics.  Did you know a normal person usually speaks about sixteen thousand words a day? Well not the women in this story, see they can no longer work (except to cook and clean), or speak more than one hundred words a day. 
This is a wonderful book I couldn't put it down, I don't know how these women did it, I think I would have been like some of the neighbor women, I just don't think I could live this way at all, so these women are so much stronger than I could ever be.  The action was great and the suspense throughout you could cut with a knife, I wish there were another book coming to see what happens next, but I am not so sure that was in the plans.  But this book really should be on a reading list somewhere.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Evermage Clash of Chaos (MG AUDIO)

The way of the soldier is a pretty cut and dry, same old, same old.  That is until the day comes when said soldier finds out he is not your everyday soldier but a magic user, green eyes and all.  Deinre, the last soldier  alive after a surprise attack that takes his best friend life, but he had promised this friend to protect the princess and help to get her back to her home and family.  So despite the princesses shortcoming Deinre does just that and at his own expense.
This is a wonderful action and suspense book, with some magic, after all Deinre is just learning, but this is just the start of a great new friendship, and broken bonds.  I can not wait to see what happens next in this tale.  This book was wonderful with all it's great and personable characters and the different locales that are incorporated into this book you certainly won't be disappointed, as this book keeps you on your toes. I can just see voice actor Stimson Snead weaving the tale around a fire ring after dark one night, it was so good.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Mac B Kid Spy: Mac Undercover (MG)

This is a awesome book, half word half illustrations, about when Mac finds out he is a kid spy for the Queen of England, and this is a book written as Mac the adult telling you about his time as a kid and his cases that he had to solve for the queen, interesting enough Mac is a US citizen.  But I think these books will be loved by kids and adults a like (Mac was a kid in the 80's) as the stories are just nice, fast paced, with some history thrown in, oh yeah don't for get the dogs and karate, interesting stories.  Mac Barnett really has a hit with this series, I can't wait for the next one.

Virtually Perfect (ADULT AUDIO)

This is one of those books that was fun to listen too then after it was over made you think, wow.  Wish it had been a bit longer just to give me a little more to go on but it was still really good and you just keep saying, really?  Fred Wolinsky the voice actor for this audio could not have been a better fit, it was awesome to listen to, his voices for the characters and attitude for what was going on was spot on.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

#Murdertrending (YA)

Welcome to the near future where crime does pay, well it pays the betters, the ones betting on how long each criminal can stay alive on the new Alcatraz.  See it has now become a App (The Postman) where citizens can watch the criminals get hunted down and killed by special serial killers for their crimes than, make comments like on twitter. But what happens when they send a bunch of teens to Alcatraz 2.0 that aren't ready to die?
This was a fun  and exciting book.  There was always plenty of action and suspense but the eclectic group of characters (including the group of serial killers) really pulled this book together.  A futuristic breakfast club where death is the endgame not just detention.   This will be a book that will be liked by many for its strong characters that cross all barriers as well as the social media aspect and that some parts of this book are just funny.

Monday, July 30, 2018


If you have a two way radio and think you are the only one left alive would you broadcast over the radio for the heck of it hoping maybe someone out there might hear?  What if someone did? What if that someone used your words against you?  Eddie our main character is a salesman that is all he knows how to do is talk so that is what he does, but can he man up and deal with what happens next?
This was one action packed, roller coaster twists and turns, hold your breath suspenseful book (with a dog), it has everything, and paired with voice actor S.W. Salzman narrating this book it just doesn't get any better.  Salzman makes you feel as though you are there with Eddie trying to help him, at least though this one crisis, or the next and then you are hooked.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Nocturnals The Peculiar Possum (Early Reader)

This book has our three nocturnal friends just waking up and going for breakfast at the pomelo tree, when they find their pomelos somewhat lacking this evening and wondering where they went, that is when they meet their new friend Penny the possum.  However, with the addition of Penny also comes some tension among Dawn, Tobin, and Bismark.  When Dawn and Tobin help Bismark to see Penny isn't so different after all they all become friends.
I love these books as they can tell meaningful and diverse stories without the reader knowing it, if that makes sense.  It is like these animals can teach you these lessons, without you the reader thinking going, oh this again.  It is great, I love these characters, and if you love them now you can also follow them online, and grow with them as they have middle grade books as well.  I also love the illustrations the animals expressions and gestures are so wonderful and really makes these guys your friends.  This is a great addition to any library.  #WeNeedDiverseBooks

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Willa of the Wood (MG)

Willa a child of the night forest, has always believed what she has been told, that the day folk are mean and dangerous and she should stay far away from them, but at the same time she must steal better things to stay top thief and keep the approval of the padaran.  But Willa's curiosity might have taken her a bit to far this time and now she doesn't know who to trust other that the animals of her beloved Smokey Mountains.
I don't want to say to much for fear of giving away some part of this awesome book, but let me say if you are expecting Serafina, than you won't find her here, but you will find another wonderful girl wrapped in Smokey Mountain lore and maybe a bit of history, just a bit, along with new and colorful friends to make along the way.  If you think Mr. Beatty might have left out any of his hold your breath suspense or cheer the characters on action well don't worry, there is absolutely no shortage of either as Willa takes you on this whirl wind adventure of hers.  This book is a beautiful tale sure to win the hearts of many readers, especially those of  us that live  near the Great Smokey Mountains, and who knows maybe it will inspire  many more readers to visit this great National Park someday.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Korean Road (ADULT AUDIO)

Alan just needs to hear a war story from a Veteran for his boy scout badge.  Dickie, a dying Korean war Veteran, has a part of him still in Korea with his friend and sons namesake,  Ronald.  Poor Alan never knew what he was in for when he picked Dickie out of all of those Veterans. 
There is not a whole lot left I can say without giving a bunch away, so I won't, you will have to find out for yourself.  But I can tell you there is a bunch of action, there is suspense, and maybe some blood involved as well.  This is a wonderfully spun tale Brian Scott has written for us and narrated so gracefully by S W Salzman, who kept the reverent parts just that and the exciting part revved up it, was a joy to listen too, Salzman is truly a master at his craft. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Mama Graciela's Secret (Dyslexic Font Picture Book)

This is really cute very diverse book about a Mama Graciela and her love for the stray kitties that came by her little restaurant La Bahia.  Her other love was making her bacalaitos fritos that people came from miles around to eat, but she kept the recipe was a secret.  But the kitties also loved her bacalaitos fritos and came by the hundreds to get some, and as you can imagine both lots of people and hundreds to thousands of cats all wanting Mama Graciela's bacaliatos fritos every day became a  problem, but you will have to read the book to see how Mama Graciela fixed it.  
the book was really good and diverse, I really liked it, of course I am a cat person but I am pretty sure dog people will find it in the hearts to enjoy it as well.  I have the dyslexic print copy, I am dyslexic so I found that nice.  I wasn't sure at first how I felt about it since this is really the first time I have seen it, but I found some books on my kindle that I could change the font to this type and I think it does make it easier to read.  I think it is awesome that they are printing books in this font, maybe more schools are doing more for the dyslexic kids, and it would be nice for libraries to have print books for dyslexic kids as well.  I hope this publisher and maybe others will start offering this as a option.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Zombie Lake Still Alive Book One (ADULT AUDIO)

Mo Collins sailed all over as part of the crew of a replica pirate ship but now that there are blue skinned zombie things everywhere and he is anchored close to home, the great state of Alabama, he is trying to do his best by his people, and this is his log book as told by Mo himself (especially if you get the audio version narrated by S W Salzman, who does such a awesome job, I wanted to be there with this crew).  It was so funny at times and I know that was made better by the narration I don't think it would have been half as funny in my head, some of the situations they got into and then how they got out of them was even better, this book does have cussing in it, but if you can get past that it is a awesome book that has action and laughter all round, especially the audio.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Zombie Theorem Aces Mortis Book Four (ADULT AUDIO)

While  Lt Chun and his SEALS where out on a training mission the rest of the world went nuts and now the SEALs have to pick up the pieces and make things right, at least for now in their part of the world.  It is up to them, it is what they do, it is what they were trained to do. 
This is not your typical zombie book and it is also not your typical SEAL team six book, it is a survival book, and a do what is right book despite what you are told, and that is what the military is supposed to be, not following blindly.  I think James Wallace  has caught the Navy spirit well in this book and I loved it through and through, I was cheering for those SEALs the whole way, as there is no shortage of action or suspense with this team.  As for his narrator he could not have picked a better one than S. W. Salzman who is an awesome voice actor, he does great voices for all the characters and makes you believe you are a part of the team, there with the guys.  I loved this audio and hope I can go back and get the rest soon.

Friday, June 29, 2018


It is 2061 and solar flares have forced the government and scientists to find new ways to survive.  Dr Sophie Winston signed on to help, she signs up to be part of a project to test a biosphere that will eventually lead to a position  on Mars.  But just a few days into the project things start to go wrong, and when they find just how wrong the nightmare begins.
This book is filled with action and suspense.  The author could not have pick a more diverse group of characters to play out this story and they work so well together, I can not wait to see who else he can pull into this group and what they bring with them.  Narrator Bronson Pinchot gives each and  every character its own voice and characteristics, he is a  wonder and makes you feel like you are right there in the story, these two, author and narrator, work really good together.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Trackers 3 The Storm (ADULT AUDIO)

Raven and Colton are still trying to protect their home and loved ones in Estes Park Colorado, Charlize is finally reunited with her son only to leave again to try and help her bodyguard Al find his sister.  But what all three find is much worst than can be imagined.  While they might be able to save some, hard decisions will have to be made and they will have to be the ones to make them.
Out of the three books so far I think this was also the hardest one so far.  There are so many wonderful (and a few not so wonderful) characters, and so much suspense  and action you won't want to uncover your eyes, so maybe you should just get the audio narrated by Bronson Pinchot.  This is a awesome  audio Mr. Pinchot does a awesome job with all the voices, I really like his Raven, and makes you feel as you too are part of what is going on and there with everyone, only you don't have to eat the MRE's, woo hoo.  It really is a great audio if you get the chance to try it out, if not the book is always waiting for you by the Creek.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Hell Divers II Ghosts (ADULT AUDIO)

Hell Divers II picks up ten years after Hell Divers I, Tin goes by Michael, when he can, now that he is a grown man and the Commander of Hell Diver Raptor team.  There is a new Captain and he has almost all the people believing that there might be a way they can be saved.  But when Michael finds out about transmissions the Captain has been keeping secret, well Hell Divers dive so humanity can survive, so they dive but will team Raptor survive?  Michael knows the risks especially after X.
Hell Divers create their own amount of action and suspense but Nicholas Sansbury Smith has added a few extra surprises in there just to keep things fresh, I am starting to think he stays up late at night thinking of new ways to keep us entertained, and I am ok with that. :)  Also, oh my gosh if you happen to get the  audio narrated by  R.C. Bray you are in for a treat, he does the best Divers around, he has voices for everyone.  He is so good at this he makes you feel as if you are there and part of the team, it is well worth a listen.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Neanderthal Opens the Door to the Universe (YA)

Cliff Hubbard, nicknamed Neanderthal, is a huge kid, 6'6", 250 and no he doesn't play football, actually he hates football and especially the star quarterback.  But when said quarterback comes back to school after a accident with claims of a near death experience in which God himself told him he needs to team up with Neanderthal to complete this check list of things that will make their high school a better place for everyone.  A lot of things change, but you will have to read the book to see if they change for the better or not.
This was a really good book, I know the cover is a bit different as is the name but this is one book you do not want to judge by the cover, it has a strong and powerful story inside that is amazing a nd wonderful for all teens to read, the troubled or the popular, I think any and all can find themselves in one character or another and see how it is they need to be to make things better for others, like I said this is a very powerful book for all, so take the chance on the insides of this interestingly named book, I don't think you will regret it.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

The Jonathan Shade Series 1-3 (ADULT AUDIO)

 This is one great series I am hooked!  It was hard to stop listening once I got started.  Jonathan Shade lives in two worlds the normal human world that we all know and the magical world that we would know nothing about, for instance one of his best friends and secretary (kind of) is a ghost.  He has been to the underworld and come back.  He can't use magic but he is immune to it.  But Jonathan's day job is a private eye, usually to the normal people, that is the way he likes it, but every no and again when the magical walks in, like his ex, things get very messed up.
This was a awesome audio, narrator Joe Hempel does these great voices for each characters that makes them easy to differentiate from one another, he draws you into the story by painting a picture and makes you feel as if you are really there with Jonathan.  I can't wait until I am able to get more

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Solomon's Gold Project Book 15 (ADULT AUDIO)

Nick and the team are back, Selena has announced her limited role with the team, right before they all go on a mission, this mission should be a easy one just a in and out translating mission, but we all know how that works for the team, and soon we find the body count rising, and the race is on, but who will get there first?
Alex Lukeman did not slow down the pace any with this the fifteenth book in the series, there is just as much if not more action in this book than the first.  The suspense is just as thick as well, it will have you on the edge of your seat.  If you are lucky enough to have the audio version narrated by Jack de Golia you are really in for a treat.  He has way of making you loose yourself in the book and making you feel like you are a part of the team, there with them on the missions.  Jack de Golia makes each character separate, he is such a talented narrator I will be looking for other books he has narrated.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Resurrect A Whitney Steel Novel Book Three (ADULT AUDIO)

Whitney is back with the team, and Nathan has found a way to make trouble for her, Blake and Angel.  He is not only directly making trouble for the three of them it seems he has also now decided he wants to own a super bug that will kill people fast then linger and kill more  for a while after.  A hybrid type super bug, a chimera.  It is up to Whitney and the team to stop him, will it be for good this time, because Nathan is like the proverbial bad penny, he keeps coming back no matter what.
This is the non-stop action and suspense world of Whitney Steel, and she is so awesome and cool when I grow up I want to be her.  I love the characters they are so well rounded and work well together, even Nathan because you have to have a character to hate.  This is a book you won't want to put down or if you have the audio like me you won't want to stop listening, because narrator Rebecca Hansen makes the world of Whitney Steel come alive and you part of the team.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

The Slithery Shakedown (Grow and Read level 2)

I love the Nocturnals.  On the bigger kid side there are some multimedia interaction that can be done with the books put out for them, you can see some of those books reviewed here with at least one more to come.  But today I have one for the younger children, The Slithery Shakedown, where our trio of friends, Bismark the sugar glider, Dawn the red fox, and Tobin the pangolin are meeting up for a evening adventure when the blue bellied snake bully shows up to make trouble. 
I love these book because no matter what happens they all work together to come up with a viable solution, one that children will understand, and in these younger children books it also explains feelings that might have been experienced during these times and how it is really ok to experience these feelings, for instance you can be brave and scared at the same time.  Author Tracey Hecht really is in tune with her audience whether it be middle graders, or the younger children just learning to read, and her illustrators are just as awesome at knowing the audience. 

Furyborn (YA)

This story goes back and forth between two girls one thousand years apart, one trying to prove she is worthy to be the sun queen, the other just trying to survive with her brother and those she loves most, but that is proving to be harder and harder each day, until she teams up with a stranger that just might have answers to some tough questions.  It's as the two worlds come together when things really heat up and prophecies start to come to light.
This was a awesome book, once you get used to the characters and the back and forth of the times.  The action and suspense are non-stop, and this book will really have you up past your bead time reading as you just can't wait to see what happens.  This is the kind of book that locks you in its grasp and won't let you go, actually I think I am still locked in it grasp waiting to see what happens in the next book, please hurry.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The 49th Mystic (ADULT)

Rachelle a simple blind girl that lives in a small contained town called Eden because of the fallout, has learned to accept her blindness, but her scientist father looks to every avenue to cure her, and when his latest cure seems to  work with a odd side affect of vivid dreams of another time and land that Rachelle seems to actually be living in when she sleeps, leads to other problems and a prophecy that may or may not include Rachelle.  This book is filled with lots of suspense and much action, and enough philosophy to keep your mind on its toes. This book was worth the 3 year wait.