Thursday, June 30, 2016

Ms. Bixby's Last Day (MG)

Ms. Bixby is a very interesting book.  I am sure as a kid I would have read it through very different eyes than I do now as a adult, with a kid heart.  For Topher, Brand and Steve, Ms. Bixby means a lot to them and they want her to know just how much.

So this got me thing that I to have had a few Ms. Bixby’s in my life as I am a bit older, as a matter of fact I just graduated from college, again, and I would love to thank them here as I tell you a bit about them.  My first Ms. Bixby was my second grade teacher who inherited me from another school system with many problems, but worked very hard with me, never got mad, upset, or gave up.  This was a time before they knew much about ADD and dyslexia and I have been blessed with both.  But she did her best to catch me up even though I couldn't even read when I started the second grade.  I squeaked through the rest of elementary school and middle school barely and got to high school where I met my next two Ms. Bixby’s.  One believe it or not was my freshman English teacher, even though I did horrible the first semester during the language portion, but then we had literature, oh my, I found my favorite thing, books.  I was a very slow reader but my teacher was ok with that when she found out I remembered everything, and books were awesome, I got to escape to fishing boats, civil war battles, all kinds of new and exciting places, it was wonderful!  My other Ms. Bixby was my biology teacher, even though I know I tried her patience, she pushed me more than ever and I excelled, how did she ever know it was in me, I hated her so much at first but we came to be such good friends that I was her TA my senior year.

My last Ms. Bixby wasn’t a school teacher, but was one of my best teachers, and is actually a Mr. Bixby.  My job now is computers, I not only have to fix them but I have to manage the network they are on as well, including servers, email, pretty much anything you can think of doing with one.  Oh yeah, I also have to manage copiers, phones, security systems, and environmental systems, and it is just me.  I had never done any of this before, I was a tween librarian, but we had this company that would come in and help me if I couldn’t do it by myself, and that first year their guy was here all the time.  I was Navy, he was Army, it became comical the bantering.  No matter how often I asked the same question over and over he never got mad or anything, he was always the calming voice when everything seemed to be blowing up around me.  He always took time to teach me how to do things for myself, he was my cheerleader telling me, “you can do this, we will find a way”, and “don’t worry we can fix it”, and I am afraid he had to once or twice or more.  He was always there for me, but now he is back in school and I don’t even get to say “Hi” anymore.  I just hope he knows what an awesome teacher he is and I hope someday he gets a job that he loves and can find someone else (maybe a bit easier than me) to teach.
I think I would also be remiss if I did not mention two other Ms. Bixby’s, and I think they are huge Ms. Bixby’s in LOTS of other children’s lives because of me, my brother and my brothers from another mother.  That is where my mom and her friend learned about dyslexia and ADHD and as they spent years teaching preschool (my mom 40 and her friend 50) they could spot these problems much quicker and give help and find continuing help for these very young children so they wouldn’t go through everything we went through, and I would like to think there are a lot of kids out there today that had it so much easier because of that.
My Ms./Mr. Bixby’s now, are the authors and narrators (and one blogger who is about 1/3 my age that helped me so much, you know who you are, ahem Erik) that are so kind as to let this little blogger have a chance (even though I am still a very slow reader and often miss deadlines) to review their awesome books, or audiobooks, Oh my gosh you know who you are and you all mean so much to me, thank you for still being my cheerleaders, and teachersI just hope that someday I can pay it back by teaching someone else just as all the Ms./Mr. Bixby’s taught me with such patience, kindness, compassion, and to be the awesome cheerleader I had and that meant so much to me when I needed it the most.
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John David Anderson is the author of many books for young readers, includingSidekicked and The Dungeoneers. A dedicated root beer connoisseur and chocolate fiend, he lives with his wife, two kids, and perpetually whiny cat in Indianapolis, Indiana. You can visit him online at

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Debut Author Bash 2016 Margot Harrison

Seventeen-year-old Nina Barrows knows all about the Thief. She’s intimately familiar with his hunting methods: how he stalks and kills at random, how he disposes of his victims’ bodies in an abandoned mine in the deepest, most desolate part of a desert.
Now, for the first time, Nina has the chance to do something about the serial killer that no one else knows exists. With the help of her former best friend, Warren, she tracks the Thief two thousand miles, to his home turf—the deserts of New Mexico.
But the man she meets there seems nothing like the brutal sociopath with whom she’s had a disturbing connection her whole life. To anyone else, Dylan Shadwell is exactly what he appears to be: a young veteran committed to his girlfriend and her young daughter. As Nina spends more time with him, she begins to doubt the truth she once held as certain: Dylan Shadwell is the Thief. She even starts to wonder . . . what if there is no Thief?
Ten Guidelines for Hunting Down a Serial Killer
(NOTE: Below are the views of the main character of The Killer in Me, Nina Barrows, not of the author. The book is fiction. In the unlikely event that you have reason to believe someone is a serial killer, or any kind of killer, please go straight to the authorities and do NOT attempt to hunt that person down.)

1. Find out where the killer lives.

2. Find out who he loves. (Maybe you assume all serial killers are creepy loners. I used to think that, too. You might be surprised.)

3. Follow him when he goes to the home-goods store to buy things like duct tape and saw blades. Maybe he’s just shopping for his carpentry business. Maybe he’s not.

4. If he notices you, have a good cover story. Keep your cool. Don’t let on what you suspect. You need proof first.

5. Don’t go to the police unless you have hard evidence. They’ll ask how you know Person X is a serial killer. And if you’re like me, they will NOT believe you.

6. Don’t try to make the killer stop killing by playing mind games. Don’t try to make him feel guilty, remorseful, or scared. People like him don’t understand guilt. Only force.

7. Find out where he buried the bodies. Go there and dig. Preferably in the daylight.

8. If you’re alone with him in a desolate place, don’t let him out of your sight. Even for a minute.

9. If you hold a gun on him, hold it steady. He can tell if you’ve got the guts to shoot. He moves fast.

10. Try to get inside his head and anticipate his next move. But don’t ever, ever, EVER let him get inside yours.

I was raised in the wilds of New York by lovely, nonviolent parents who somehow never managed to prevent me from staying up late to read scary books. I now work at an alt-weekly newspaper in Vermont, where my favorite part of the job is, of course, reviewing scary books and movies. The Killer in Me is my first novel.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

This Is Me (New Adult Cover Reveal)

This is Me.
C.E. Wilson
Publication date: August 11th 2016
Genres: New Adult, Romance, Science Fiction
Anthropomorphic Sentient Individualized Servile uniT
Rogan is a robot. More specifically, he is an Asist – a personalized humanoid servant that provides protection, assistance, and companionship for a lonely young woman living on her own in the city. Chloe is trying to get her big break, singing at bars and clubs all over the city at night while she pays the bills as a substitute teacher during the day. Ever since she activated him many months ago, Rogan has been her beautiful, dependable, obedient, dead-eyed security blanket.
One morning she is shocked when he disobeys a direct command in an attempt to please her and his dull artificial eyes flash a hint of something new. Is this the result of the adaptive Asist servility programming or is Rogan actually thinking? Can a robot think? Can a robot feel?
As Chloe struggles with these thoughts she is blindsided by the singular Niven Adams, a handsome, confident man with the voice of an angel who is everything she’s ever wanted in a boyfriend. He’s the perfect guy for her, except for one problem. Niven doesn’t approve of Asists and takes an immediate dislike to Rogan. As Niven charms his way deeper and deeper into Chloe’s heart, Rogan tries to convince her that he is more than a mass-produced disposable servant.
With Rogan doing everything in his power to prove that his thoughts and feelings are real and Niven trying to persuade her to abandon her robot and have a normal human relationship, Chloe is trapped between the two things that mean the most to her. Does she embrace her relationship with the blond newcomer, or face that her Asist’s feelings may be more than features of his programming?
What really makes a person a person?
Is it a ticking muscle inside their chest, or is it something more?
Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000031_00001]

Author Bio:
C.E. Wilson was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, grew up in Millersville, Pennsylvania, and has been living in Pittsburgh since 2009. For the first few years living in Pittsburgh, she was an English teacher. Her first book, "Oath of Servitude," was published in 2012. In 2013, she quit teaching to be a full time author and hasn't looked back since. She loves spending time with her daughter and husband.


Monday, June 27, 2016

Dr Who Silhouette (ADULT)

Dr Who what is not to love, everyone loves the Dr. But in this great book he must solve the mystery of how two deaths and a very weird carnaval are connected. And if course if the Dr and Clara don't do it in time London will pay the price. This was a awesome book written in true Dr Who form if you like the show you will love the book. 

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Jihadi Apprentice (ADULT)

I didn't think there was any way Weapon of Mass Destruction could be topped, but it happened with Jihadi Apprentice.  FBI Agent Liz Soroush story is one that seems to good but still believable, however the rest of the book could be pulled straight from the nightly news today.  In a surprising turn this book uses mostly female characters on both sides, FBI agent Liz Soroush, chosen to find and stop the terror cells before they could do anything by making friends in the Muslim neighborhoods.  Also the sect that builds in Minneapolis by Aya a Muslim teen and the friends she finds for the Somali singer, Imaan who turns the girls into a terror cell.
If you are a fan of Clancy or of that kind of military/political thriller this is the action packed, non stop, page turning book for you.

4 1/2 STARS

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Elwyn Chronicles: The Dragonmasters Season Two (ADULT)

This picks up several years later as the training center is coming along well and Silverleaf and Kaylissa are married.  The center is starting to take in non military Dragonmasters to see if they to can with stand the rigors of the training and overcome the madness.  This is where we meet Elwyn and his fang of other non military Dragonmaster, but do they have what it takes to overcome the madness and face the darkness that is coming?
Vincent Trigili has done it again, this is an amazing book.  If you where used to the first season getting it one short story at a time this is a bit different as he has already put the whole season together for you.  But it is the same awesome quality you are used to.  It still has some Silverleaf in it but this is mostly about Elwyn and his group which you will come to love very much, you will cheer there successes, and cry at some of the failures, but there are parts that will tug at every heartstring and stir every emotion throughout the book.  It is that wonderful and you will find the action is just as great as ever with the dragons growing up and the fiends around every corner.  This is a series that is not to be missed it is that wonderful.


Friday, June 24, 2016

Leech Series SALE!!!

You can now get the complete Leech series by james crawford for only 99Cents. (All three books and just pay the one price) Check it out here:
This really is a awesome deal for such a great series you can read some of my praises for Caleo, book 1, and trust me Jack is great too, now I can get on to Nolan.  WOOT!!!  Thanks james but it won't last so hurry.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Sidekick: The Red Raptor Files - Part 1 (ADULT AUDIO)

This is a wonderful superhero young adult book.   This is especially awesome for those young adults who as middle graders loved John David Anderson’s books.
The Red Raptor (Red Kite, long story, but hey you need to read it) is the Black Harriers sidekick.  When Black Harrier goes missing it is up to the Red Raptor to find him.  Only problem is he is a teenager, a very grounded teenager, and now must find a way around his mom and other obstacles to save his mentor and friend. 
This is a great action packed book, I had the audio version narrated by Michael T Hafen who does an awesome job with the character voices and personalities.  He really gave the story a pulse.  The book, which ever version you choose, was wonderful and I can’t wait many more Red Raptor Files.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Stunned : The Lucidites Book Two (YA AUDIO)

This is book two of the Lucidites series and Roya is ready to go.  Ready to go anywhere, but she is hoping to go to Bob and Steve's, she needs a break from the institute and the boys.  But things go wonky and she is stuck, and a stuck Roya is never a good thing, except for us the readers/listeners.
This was another great book by Sarah Noffke, I wasn't sure how she would top the first book Awoken, but wow!  This book has a lot more plot twists, and is just as action packed and exciting as the first book if not more, it is just a book you will not want to put down, or in my case stop listening to.  Narrator Elizabeth Klett is back to narrate this book and did another awesome job.  She has separate voices for each characters (my favorites have to be Joseph and Ren, polar opposites), and she just puts her whole self into the book, she makes it so good I don't want to get out of my car some days.  Which ever format you choose you wont go wrong with Stunned.


Debt Collector Season 1 (ADULT AUDIO)

Lirium's job is to collect debt, but in the future that is done by taking life energy.  He does his job for what it is worth, drinks vodka, and indulges in sex workers to keep him sane.  That is until the sex worker sent to him isn't what she seems and sends his whole life into a whirl-wind, one you won't see coming and you won't be ready for it to end.
What can I say but, wow!  This was awesome, Susan Kaye Quinn has hit another grand slam with this series.  Lirium is the bad guy you just fall in love with.  I had the audiobook and Max Miller was a great Lirium, his narration was so good I will definitely be looking for more audiobooks narrated by him in the future.  But whichever format you choose you can't go wrong with this series, it is that good.  Now do I go ahead and get season 2 or wait for it to come out on audiobook as well?


Sunday, June 19, 2016

Awoken: The Lucidites Book 1 (YA AUDIO)

Roya Stark is a sixteen year old girl from Texas that is about to learn that her dreams mean more than she ever thought.  She never felt right in her family, as they were four-wheeling she was reading classics trying to avoid them.  So when it was revealed to her what and who she really is, a Lucidite, it all finally comes together, or will it cause her to come apart?
This is a awesome book that will keep you clamoring for more and lucky for you there are more.  Sarah Noffke has hit on a wonderful young adult series that is great for those of us that are young at heart too.  The characters will grab your heart and have you cheering and crying right beside them through thick and thin, they are that well rounded and believable.  The story is full of action and is a stay up late reading kind of book, or since I had the audiobook it was a sit in the garage a little longer so I could hear just a bit more.  Narrator Elizabeth Klett was awesome and made the book wonderful.  She was so good, at times I felt lost in the Lucidite world, and times I didn't want to come back but then Ren always showed up.


Friday, June 17, 2016

The Amber Project: The Variant Saga Part 1 (Audio)

At age 7 children of the underground city go to the academy.  After several years of education they also start some military training, at least Terry's group did.  Than they were exposed to a strange gas, finally, everything was explained, before they were sent to the surface after two of their group that ran away.  They were told that they had been genetically modified with both the human and the variant strains.  They were the last hope that one day people could one day live and repopulate on the surface of the earth again. Meanwhile, Terry's mother is fighting for, and starting a revolt for, the rights of those children and their mother's. 
This is a great science fiction book, between the two storylines this book will keep you hopping and cheering for the small guys.  The characters are awesome, even the bad guys.  I had the audiobook version and I have to give kudos to Alexander Trefethen, he is awesome!  His different voices for the different characters really set them apart, he gave this book heart and left me asking, how far would people really go to save the human race?


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Contryside: The Book of the Wise (MG)

Luke Ryan's summer just got a lot more interesting when weird things start happening to him and with his father being recalled to a one year deployment the only safe place for Luke and his family is his grandparents house in Countryside.  This is place like Luke has never seen before.  Luke is use to cars and busses, in Countryside it is carriages and tunnel travel, in the city there are homeless and thieves, in Countryside there are centaurs and wraiths.  Luke gets drawn into a quest for a old book when the soulless keep showing up around him looking for it.  With his new friends by his side the race is on to see who finds the book first the darkness or Luke and his friends or if it even exists.
This is a great book especially if you like Harry Potter type books.  The plot moves along at a great pace that keeps you reading, you really won't want to put the book down,  There are a lot of great twists and turns that you won't see coming, but keep things very interesting and surprising.  The action is unbelievable how it keeps moving at the pace it does and never slows down.  Luke is one special character and with his friends by his side I am not sure if the darkness has a chance.  But we will see what happens now because the book leaves you ready for the next Countryside: The Tears of Adina.


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Ghost Box (Adult Audio)

Ashley and Michael don't even know each other but are bound by one common thing that haunts them now through their families history, the ghost box.  Now it is up to them to stop this terrible ghost before she destroys them, everything, and everyone they love.
This story is one of survival, and I don't exactly mean the living, but to understand that without spoilers you really have to read the book (or listen to the audio).  Larry Rosebio Jones does a awesome job narrating this story, his different voices for the different characters, (just be aware of the cell phone ringing it isn't yours, it is in the story) is wonderful, even did the creepy old civil war guy's voice is really cool.  It is well worth the listen if you are a audiobook fan like I am, and I loved it!  I will definitely look for more audiobooks narrated by Mr. Jones.
If you like ghost/paranormal stories that have a bit of everything in them, creepiness, scariness, convoluted plot, history, and hey a big plus for me, part of it happens in Kentucky, so it is home for me, than you will love this book in whichever form you choose, so give it a try.  But you might want your juju near and your lights on.


Friday, June 3, 2016

Genius: The Game (YA)

Trust: no one
Every camera: is a eye
Every microphone: an ear
Find me and we can stop him together

This is supposed to be a game, and maybe it is for the other players, but for 3 (Rex, Tunde, and Painted Wolf) it is a game for their life.  Welcome to the revolution whether you wanted to be part of it or not, you are now.  Rex needs to find his brother, but he needs a quantum computer to do it.  Tunde has to build a GPS jammer for a warlord in his country that is in essence holding his family and village hostage.  Painted Wolf is there to help her friends but I think she is the game makers trophy.
This was a really good book for the techy kid.  It has everything from coding, engineering, to video and audio manipulation, it really does have something for every techy, not to mention reader.  The action, and twists are amazing and will keep you up past you bedtime.  The characters were all well put together and worked awesomely together as well the plot.  They also left the ending so it looks like there will be a book two, and I really hope there will be, because I can not wait to find out what happens to our three friends.


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Leaving (YA)

Six leave, five come back, but none of them remember anything, absolutely nothing of the last eleven  years.  Sometimes it seems they catch glimpses of memories of one another, but nothing substantial.  How can six children go missing for eleven years and no one see or hear anything during that time?

This book is one that is hard to describe, but it has many twist and turns in the plot, that will leave you breathless and reading to find out more.  This is so suspenseful and the characters are not exactly complex but I guess well thought out, well, one it to harsh and one is not quite enough.  Either way don't let that scare you off these characters are awesome, fun and you get to find out about them as they find out about themselves.  I really liked the psychology of the book as it is there but not too deep, this book has a fun quality about it, it is easily a book made for young adults but that a adult would love to read.