Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The Wishmakers (MG)

Twelve year old Ace's life changes in a instant the day he makes himself a PB &J sandwich for lunch but doesn't read the warning on  the lid, but who reads the lid of their peanut butter?  Now he is stuck with a genie, Ridge, who will grant him unlimited wishes for a week, sounds nice huh?  But there is a catch, there is always a catch.  Ace, must accept consequences for each wish, and he must save the world during this week of unlimited wishes.
This was such a fun and exciting book, quick to read and funny with a lot of quirky predicaments and non stop action, but it was a great story of friendship, understanding and diversity, and if you give the book a full read you will see it too.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Nexus (YA)

This was a awesome book and the fact I got to read it the week before Mardi Gras made it that much cooler.  Our friends are back in the last of the Zeroes Trilogy books, and the heat has not let up yet. The action is non stop, and the suspense has not slowed up in the least. We do meet a whole bunch of new Zeroes in New Orleans, as they prepare for Fat Tuesday, and one of the big Mardi Gras day parades.  But our friends are split on whether to help this new bunch or not, and what the new bunch of Zeroes true intentions are and how they fit in with our friends way of thinking.  Only time and reading the book will tell, along with a few really cool side stories you won't want to miss, maybe new series spin offs series??? 

Granted (MG)

Have you ever wished upon a star, a birthday candle, a coin thrown into a fountain, or a on a wishbone broken?  Did it come true?  Did you follow the rules?  Oh yes my friend there are rules to wish making, first and foremost is you can't tell anyone your wish, but there are others as you will find out later in the book, and granters (fairies that grant wishes) have to know them all, and  Ophelia Delphinium Fidgets, a young fairy granter does know them all and everything there is to know about granting a wish.  You see Ophelia has been waiting about a year for her first assignment, her very first wish granting.  But when it comes not everything quite goes as planned, and granting a wish is a bit harder than just throwing some fairy dust on something and saying some magic words.
This is another awesome book by author John David Anderson about diversity and friendship despite hardship and differences.  I love how he can bring the eclectic of characters together and have it all workout in the end.  Don't get me wrong there are sad and funny parts mixed in but things seem to work there way out even when they look bleak at times, and that is nice.  Sam had to be  my favorite character and wanted to take him home myself from the beginning, but I am glad I didn't, thank you Mr. Anderson from me for Sam.  This was a great book and I hope it answers a lot of wishes, I hope it answers mine.