Monday, August 31, 2020

The Silver Arrow (MG)

 For Kate's 11th birthday she writes her Uncle Herbert a letter asking for a present since he has never sent her anything before.  What she gets will shake her, her brother Tom, and her parents world to the ground.  Uncle Herbert gives her a train, not a toy train but a real life size train named the Silver Arrow.  Kate and Tom's parents want the train off of their property, but the children and the train have other plans.  That is when Kate and Tom go on the coolest train ride of their lives.

There is a whole lot more to this wonderful story, but you know me and spoilers.  However, I have to admit I was drawn to this story because I have like other of Mr. Grossman's books, but this is totally different and I still couldn't turn it off, I have the audio version narrated by the wonderful voice of Simon Vance which was a great fit for this story.  This is definitely a book you will not want to miss.

Gold Wings Rising (A Skybound Saga book 3) (YA)

 In this the third and last book  of the series the war on the ground is done now but now it is Kylee and Brysen turn to fight for the sky.  Everyone wants the ghost eagle for its glory and power.  When a ghost eagle egg appears and Brysen finds it he knows he must take it where it will be safest, the blood birch forest and the owl mothers, and he will need all of his friends and his sister to help him get it there because others have found out what he has. But when Brysen and Kylee uncover the whole story it only confuses things more.
This was the perfect end to the series, it might not be what you expected but it is none the less perfect.  The action hasn't stopped from book one all the way through to the end and the suspense will have you up reading past your bedtime.  This is a great series and one easily overlooked.

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Greenfire: A LitRPG Series: Sky Realms Online, Book 4 (ADULT AUDIO)

Just as Hall and his group are settling in to their new life, the rules change and now they must figure out what that means to them as they move forward.  Now that things have settled Hall is tasked with moving his town along in that journey.  They are just far away to make most things hard so Hall decides to see what he can do.  He looks into adding a post office, and maybe even joining the cartographers guild (it seems he is needed more than he needs them) but still negotiating for the things the town needs come first and foremost.
This installment of the Sky Realms series is one of change, that is to not to say that there  aren't loads of action and suspense because there is especially when he meets a demon, and there are new friends to met and of course quests galore, so take a trip with me into the lands of Sky Realm and see where you fit in.  Of course if you want the full immersion feeling of being there and a part of the group than try the audio narrated by the wonderful voice of Pavi Proczko you won't be disappointed.

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Soul Riders: Jorvik Calling (Volume 1) (MG AUDIO)


This is a book of the four riders chosen by destiny to face a demon and try and defeat him and his group of riders.  Lisa has just moved to Jorvik and despite all her friends being horse crazy she is not to sure.  Lisa is still coming to terms with her mothers death in a riding accident.  But when one special horse takes to her, her destiny is sealed along with three of her friends.

This is a really good book based on a game named Star Stables.  It follows Lisa the last of the four girls to discover her horse and ability.  If you are a horse lover or just a animal lover you will love this story.  It will keep you up past your bedtime with its action and suspense.  For a real treat try the audio narrated by Jennifer Jill Araya you will fall in love with Starshine and the others as I did.

The Sword: The Project Book 19 (ADULT AUDIO)

Nick and the team are back in action after some idiots threaten his and Selena's twins.  The Job looked like a straight forward easy money maker for the team, Selena translating some old papers about a sword but once she is done this powerful Japanese guy hires the team to find the sword mentioned in the papers.  Easy right?  Not for this team there are always unknown obstacles to hurdle.

This is a wonderful addition to the Project series and stands up to the high standards brought about by the other books in the series.  It is action packed and full of suspense like the other books but I love the different history brought in by each book.  If you are so lucky to have gotten the audios narrated by the wonderful voice of Jack de Golia than you too will feel like you are there along with the team and helping them.  This team has become family and I so love hearing of their  exploited like you would after seeing a cousin and catching up after a year or so.  

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Traitor (YA)

This story takes place during the Soviet liberation of a town in Poland that had just been in German hands.  The story of a boy half polish half Ukraine, a mix that is the most undesired at his point.  But Tolya does what he must to stay safe and feed.  Until the day comes that changes everything and sends Toyla on the run, not sure who he can trust if anyone.
This is a powerful book about a place you don't hear much about when World War II is talked about.  The children left behind when parents are imprisoned or killed.  Most of the children are smart enough to know who they can trust but some have no one and must do what they can to survive.  The history in this book is awesome and the characters are perfect, this is a book you will not want to miss, non stop action and suspense that will have you holding on to your chair, so be careful.  I hope the author does more books like this as it was such a good book and I hope you all will like it as much as I do.

Kind of a Big Deal (YA)

When her money comes to a end Josie has to put her dream of being on Broadway on hold and take a nanny job.  She has a hard time with not being on Broadway after everyone told her she was so good in High School, so good in fact she left high school early to go to a call and never went back because she was so embarrassed she didn't get the part or any part.  When her job takes her to Missoula she doesn't know what to do.  when she takes Mia, the girl she nanny's for, to the playground she passes a book store on the way and gets a book and reading glasses.  When she starts reading the book she finds herself literally in the book.
This is a cute book with twists and action, not to mention a talking teddy bear.  The plot is new and refreshing among young adult books.  The characters are the best really, who doesn't like Josie Pie and the books she jumps into are great, I hope everyone will like this as much as I do.

Geeger the Robot Goes to School (EARLY READER)

Geeger's job is to eat.  Eat, eat, eat, he is to eat all kinds of trash and recycle it into energy for the town.  But Geeger is board and decides to go to school.  There he finds out quickly there are things at school that look like the trash he is suppose to eat but can not as they are needed for learning.
This was such a cute book and what kid doesn't like robots especially robots that need to learn things they already know.  I really liked this book and all it teaches (of course in a way a child doesn't realize).  I like this book and I hope  you all do as well.

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Through My Eyes: CSI Memoirs That Haunt the Soul (ADULT AUDIO)


 This is a book not for the faint at heart, it is a true accounting of what one CSI has seen in her years doing the job and can be graphic but honest.  Not to mention the trauma that is left behind after years of this job.  If you have ever thought of becoming a CSI you should read this book and see what it is really like than think long and hard because it is nothing like a TV show. 
This job is something you are called to do, like any type of police work from officers, to homicide, to CSI, to the dispatcher that usually deals with the reporting party first, all experience trauma and shock during their days doing this job may follow them the rest of their lives.  It is no secret our family in blue is in a crisis right now and hopefully this helps non LEO's to understand a bit more of what is endured.  I hope that this book helped the author heal in some way by telling her story I now the narrator, Tia Johnson was awesome in the audio book.  This is one not to be missed if  you are the kind of person this book calls too.

Monday, August 17, 2020

Black WIngs Beating (A Skybound Saga Book 1) (YA)

A book of a boy and a girl bound together by birth and bird.  Twins Brysen and Kylee are opposites so together they are at their most complete.   Brysen wants to be the best falconer and have glory, while Kylee wants nothing to do with it and just wants out.  But war has come to their home and now both must embark on a treacherous journey to save each other.
This is a wonderful and action packed book.  The magic doesn't stop from the start until the end and will leave you wanting more.  The first few chapters set up the book but once you get past that it is full steam ahead and no slowing down.  The author has created such wonderful characters including the ghost eagle.  This is a a great YA series, one that should not be overlooked.

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Paola Santiago and the River of Tears (MG)

Paola Santiago is a scientist and logical thinker, she believes all the old stories her mom told her are just that stories so scare Pao into not doing things.  Pao, Dante, and Emma are the inseparable trio they are always together and have all been told to stay away from the Gila river, and even more so when a classmate drown there a year ago.  But the Gila is the best place to watch the stars from Emma's telescope.  Pao and Dante must fess up that that is where they where going the night Emma disappears.  Is it the kidnapper from 4 towns away, or is it one of the bad ghosts from Pao's mom stories.
You will need to read this awesome book filled with Hispanic lore, action everywhere, and suspense big enough to fill Emma's house to find out.  This is a fun book especially if you want to be scared but alas it does not take place on Dia de Muertos.  But the characters are fun and true to themselves, their friends, and their families.  This is such a wonderfully diverse book that our shelves so desperately need these days and I can't wait to see what Pao and her friends are up to next.