Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Artemis (ADULT)

Artemis is a city on the moon, and Jazz the not so perfect, or depending on how you look at it perfect lunar girl.  Jazz grew up in Artemis and became the go to person for those items that shall we say are most difficult to find in the Artesian stores.  Jazz can think on her feet and stay one step ahead of most of the people around her, until they start dying.
This was an awesome book, if you are looking for a continuation of The Martian stop now this one is totally different book and great in its own way.  The characters are cool and diverse but come together, the surroundings are great and add just that much hardship and sciency funness to the book, and his space facts are actually realistic.  I really enjoyed this book and can’t wait for this one to hit the silver screen as well or to see what Mr. Weir has up his space sleeve next.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

HA! HA! HA! A Supervillain Anthology (ADULT)

Twelve authors have come together bringing their "A" game of villainy to this book and they did not disappoint. Some stories include:

Supervillainy 101 by Chris Pourteau - Chris Pourteau also has two anthologies out that benefit Pets for Vets that are really awesome so if you find you like this format for finding new authors be sure to look for his Chronicle Worlds: Tail of Dystopia and Tails of the Apocalypse. - His story is about Professor Death and his last day and reporter Sheryl Stone and how the Professor (he was a real Professor) want to give his only interview to local reporter Sheryl.  The rest you'll have to read to find out why and what happens.

Tick Tock by Christopher J Valin - Chistopher Valin is the author of the renown Red Raptor series and if you have not tried those you should if you like superhero books they are awesome -  His story is about a villain trying to catch a hero by holding his sidekick hostage, again you will have to read to see how things turn out.

Ghosts of the Flame by Hall and Beaulieu - this duo has many credits to their name and occasionally you might find one without the other but not often they do a lot of these anthologies but what caught my attention was a full length novel they did called Brother Dust The Resurgence, it was so good - their story is about some kids scavenging after the apocalypse for what ever is useful in some buildings when in one building they find some ghosts, sorry from here you have to read to find out what happens.
Steve Beaulieu also has another story in this anthology called POW - It is about a reporter that is being falsely imprisoned with some villains and now he is determined to tell their story, or will he, read and see.

Finally, so I can leave you to discover some on your own, there is Counter Clockwise by Ed Gosney - author of Prometheus Stumbles, the story of how one little plastic turtle can change the world, no not really just seeing if you were paying attention, but it is a pretty awesome story - Counter Clockwise is the story of a baseball pitcher with anger issues, but he finds if he wishes really hard he can turn back time and get a do over, but with power comes great responsibility.

This is just a small part of what you will get inside HA1 HA! HA! so if you think this sounds pretty good please give it a try and find some new authors for yourself.