Monday, February 23, 2015

The Fifth Vertex YA

Urus has wanted nothing more than to be a Kest warrior all his life, but when he fails  he knows he will be a disgrace not only to himself, but also to his high ranking Uncle/guardian.  But when he tries to commit suicide he only succeeds in awakening a long dormant magic that protects him.  Urus than only sees himself doomed to a life of disgrace and burden upon his Uncle, friends, and people.  Until, the day a stranger shows up in town and they need Urus to translate for them, it is then he finds out more about his gift and how he might be not only his towns savior, but the worlds, along with the stranger; his best friend, Goodwyn, the best warrior in their class; and a mysterious orphan, Cailix, who seems to know and do things that are not possible.  They travel far and face realities that most men never face, but discover more about their gifts and their true courage as they battle for their families, friends, and to overcome true adversity.
This was a great book, at first you feel really sorry for Urus because you know he didn't get to be a warrior because of his deafness, but as you keep reading, watch him grow and battle through everything, you see everything is as it was meant to be, and it could not have been any other way for Urus, Goodwyn, or Cailix.  This book is full of action and suspense, I dare you to put it down for very long, it is just not possible.  With my dyslexia I had issues with some of the names, but there are not that many of them, so it was very doable.  This is a very powerful book you will not want to miss.


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Locksmith (Mindjack) YA

This is a wonderful novella of the mindjack story, that is focused on a mindjacker named Zeph.  Zeph has the unique talent of being able to lock and unlock minds, which comes in handy if there are things you want or need to hide from other mindjackers, especially in a world that doesn't really know of the mindjackers existence, or that they can do special things like Zeph.  For that matter Zeph doesn't even know how he does what he does, he just knows it works, until the day things go wrong.
Susan Kaye Quinn has taken us on another wonderful and exciting roller coaster ride in the mindjack world.  This novella like a roller coaster ride, is also over way to soon, but hopefully it has opened up the doors for more mindjack stories and even more special characters, to come and entrance us in their world, and keep us up past our bedtimes reading far into the night.

Spelled YA

Dorthea, crowned princess of Emerald, is tired of her parents playing matchmaker.  So when Dorthea finds out at the Muse Day Ball she is going to marry Prince Kato, no ifs, ands, or buts about it, it is a done deal, she, like most girls is mad and makes a wish on a star, not knowing this particular star has been cursed by a wicked witch, and of course her wish is not exactly what Dorthea really wanted to happen at all.  Now Dorthea, Prince Kato, and one of Dorthea's kitchen girls, Rexi, must set out to find the spring under the rainbow in hopes that it can change things back before the Grey Witch's curse spells the end for everyone.
This book is really cool!  The use of all the different fairy tales plus a few other myths and legends mixed in keeps you on your super natural toes.  I also loved the pop culture fairy world mix ins, like "Hans Christian Louboutin heels", and there are many others that keep you smiling and interested.  But make no mistake Dorthea gets into plenty of scraps so there is a ton of action in this book, and the group can not always use brawn to get out of their predicaments.  In those cases you find yourself trying to help them think of ideas to help them out as you read, but there are a few times you might not be so sure who to root for, but follow your instincts, you won't go wrong.  There are some great twists, turns, and surprises, but they all work well within the storyline, it is awesome.  The characters are for the most part typical for their parts, but that also works very well within the story. 
This is a book you will get wrapped up in and fast!  You will not be able to put it down and will stay up really late reading because you will be so entranced.  I am not so sure Betsy Schow didn't write in a read until you finish the book spell.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Undertow YA

When Lyric Walker's, migraine suffer, and half human and half secret Alfa, school is to be integrated with the Alfa race that has come to America's Coney Island shore, for what purpose no one knows yet, but it is clear they are feared and unwanted by most.  The government has found most of the original 20 Alfa sent and have taken them to a secret camp in the desert to experiment on them and their families.  But the government hasn't found Lyric and her family yet.  But Lyric's new principal knows her secret and if she helps him he will help her get her mom the identification papers they so desperately need to get out of the zone.  But to earn those Lyric must make nice with the Prince of the Alfa, Fathom.
This was another awesome book by Michael Buckley and I am sure it will prove to be another hit series as well.  It is full of non-stop action, and twists and turn, no one is spared.  But the young are the future and can be much more understanding and forgiving despite the diversity thrown at them at times, and that is a point we need to remember now in our own lives.  We should let the children be with others that are different.  Parts of this book reminded me of when the African Americans were integrated into the all white schools and that worked out all right.  So we need to take time to understand people that are different than ourselves because in the end, like this book they found themselves all fighting for the same thing.
The characters whether human or Alfa all acted like typical teens and interacted in their relationships well together.  Lyric, Fathom, Bex were the best.  If everyone could have someone like Lyric and Bex have each other , this world would be so awesome, no one would have a worry.
This book will keep you up way past your bedtime to find out what happens next and you won't regret a single minute of that lost sleep either.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Alliance Cavy #2 YA

First if you haven't read Gypsy, the first book in the Cavy series, STOP now!  Really stop, and read that one first, so A) I don't mistakenly spoil anything for you, although I don't think I will, but B) It is a great book too and you might not understand what I am talking about if you haven't read the first book.
Ok, now that we have that taken care of, Alliance, the second book in the Cavy series, picks up right where Gypsy left off and is even more action packed and exciting than the first book, if that is even possible.  All your favorite, and not so favorite characters are back with Gypsy of course at the center of it all.
The Cavy are with the Olders, but are not so sure that is the best choice for them, along with the drug, GRH-18 they are being given.  Even though the drug seems to help them control their gifts, why won't the Olders tell what it is and why won't they tell them they really have Flicker in a coma upstairs, instead of planting a impostor (spy) with them?  It seems everyone wants to use them and they don't know who to trust except themselves.  So when they find one Older who really will help them with Flicker, they run, with only slight trepidation for their friend Flicker.  Only to find themselves back with the CIA and Dane Lee, trying to help save the world from a mind scrambling computer virus.  But when a new twist is thrown into the mix and things get intense we will see who comes out on top.
These characters mesh together so well, it seems they have been together forever, which I suppose in some respects they have.  They still act like teens in most respects even though they have these special capabilities and always need to be one step ahead of everyone else.  The whole story is put together in a way you just are sucked in and can't get out of it is just to exciting.
For a sequel this book does not disappoint, if anything it is better than the first and only promises a better third book.  You will be on the edge of your seat the whole time and clamoring for more!  You just can't put this book down so prepare for some, please do not disturb reading in progress, time.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Zodiac MG

Zodiac by the renown Stan Lee, along with Stuart Moore, and illustrated by Andie Tong, is a really good book!  This book packs action from the start to the very end and there it promises more as the series is advertised as a trilogy, and thank goodness, because you will be yelling for more, just as I am.  I can't wait to find out what happens to Steven, Jasmine, Carlos, Roxanne, Liam, Duane, and Kim, not to mention Maxwell and his goons.  But I am ahead of myself, let me start a bit earlier in the story.
Steven is just a ordinary kid on a once in lifetime school trip in Hong Kong, when in a strange Chinese heritage museum he slips away from his group, following the strange guide down into the basement (of sorts).  While down there Steven and the strange guide (Jasmine) are hit and infused with the power of their Zodiac signs while trying to stop Maxwell from hatching his evil plan, and unfortunately also releasing four rogue Zodiac powers into the wild.  Now Steven, Jasmine, and Jasmine's friends must join to track down the people infused by the rogue Zodiac powers before Maxwell as his group of paramilitary goons get to them first.
The characters in this book (even with their Zodiac powers) are still believable, they still have the same fears, insecurities, and joys as the rest of us.  It is refreshing to see that it didn't get lost, and that maybe things like this can happen to plain everyday people like you and me.  It is also nice to see how four kids from very different walks of life and are very different from each other can come together and learn to work as a team.  This is also a great book on diversity in so many ways, the weak and the strong, the male and the female, and the different backgrounds and types of people that come together, it just melds together, it's so nice to show that no matter who you are you matter.  This is a great book for all the middle graders, boy and girl alike as the two main characters are a boy and a girl and both will make awesome role models and are both strong very capable characters.  This book will keep you on the edge of your seat and glued chapter after chapter until you realize you are at the end and you too will be yelling for more.