Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Wild & Chance (MG)

Wild is a dog on the run with no memory of his past, Chance is a boy in a group home waiting  for his mom to get clean so he can go back to her.  But to each other it is best friends, at almost first sight, in a time when neither has a friend. However, when animal control shows up to take Wild it sends them both on the run, and when all seems lost and with no way out help comes from a hacker named Junebug then their duo becomes a trio all on the run and now looking for answers to Wilds past life.
This is a action packed, suspense filled wonderful book.  Calling all animal lovers this book is for you, it fulfills most all your wishes you have had about your furrbabies.  I am really sorry there isn't much more I can say without giving away all the good parts of this book so your just going to have to read it yourself and see how awesome Wild and this book are.  Also I really hope this isn't the last we have seen of our trio of friends.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Sons of War (ADULT)

This is a story of two families, one a Marine Sergent trying to do what is right by his Corps so he can go home to his family.  The other a mob family that moved to Los Angeles to reinvent their empire among the cartels and gangs.  The Marines of Desert Snakes unit have joined to Los Angeles Police Dept in a fight against the rising vigilante force of the new Americas, AMP.  They are working to keep California from falling to a dictator Vice President that had the president murdered.  Meanwhile the Moretti mob is figuring out how maximize the pushing of their drugs to the new encampments while strategically getting rid of their rivals by pitting gang against gang, police against gang, gang against cartel, whatever it takes.  But in the end it is all about families, both men and their families.
 This is a action packed, suspense filled, wonderful book that is filled with excellent descriptions so clear (but not overly word) you will think you were there. This is such a different book, it is not your regular dystopian book,but you will have to wait until fall for part 2.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Shorefall (YA)

Sancia is going to finally take down the robbers of her town, her and her friends have a plan.  But when they find out about what the robbers have been doing behind the scenes, Sancia knows she will be in the fight of her life and it will take all of her sciving if she is to even have a chance against the first hierophant.
This is a interesting book, with great characters that have been well developed.  The book is filled with a new kind of magic, tech magic and that itself should catch peoples attention, as the action and suspense will keep them reading past their bedtime.

Master Class (ADULT)

What would you do if your child was taken from you, sent hours away, not allowed to call home, and you can only visit for 5 hours on days like Christmas, but there are less than a hand full of these visiting days?  When Elena Fairchild's nine year old daughter's "Q" score, that measures her potential, drops below the dreaded number she is sent to one of these state schools.  Elena knows she has to get her out even if means she bombs her own teacher assessment to follow her to this school, but what she finds is a parents worst nightmare, and to know her own husband is a part of all of this is even worse. 
Although this book is a work of fiction a lot of the rhetoric behind the story is true and the hardest part is to know it went on in the U.S. up until 1979, and it is sad to think that the scientist and doctors behind all of this just didn't understand the cruelty they were imposing on people.  The author has another hit on her hands, her first book Vox was also wonderful.  Her characters are strong, there is action and a ton of suspense that will have you holding your breath.  The authors writing style makes it a joy to read even for reluctant readers.

Friday, April 17, 2020

Finneas Grey and the Vial of Nech: The Chronicles of Nesteryia, Book 1 (MG/YA AUDIO)

Finn is finding out how hard it is to be popular, he can't play certain games, or do certain activities, some of which he really likes to do with his best friend Audie.  But he knows she is really mad when he breaks a promise to her to do something more popular.  Best friends don't do that to each other.  But when they are sent to a magical world and separated, all they want is to be back together again, but who will help them navigate this new world. 
 This is a fun book, with lots of action, suspense, and lot of growing up.  It is wonderful in the fact that it points out how not to treat a friend, even though you might be growing apart.  But it is also a great book of bullies from both worlds and how to help during these times.  It is a wonderfully written book with awesome characters made even better by the wonderful narration of Fred Wolinsky, a man of a thousand voices, and he does have a different one for each character.  His voice will also transport you to the land of Nesteryia and you can be there with Finn and Audie as they go through all their trials.  I really can't wait for a book two and a chance to go back to Neseryia.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

The Long Lost War (ADULT AUDIO)

When John 999...oh whatever, Mech or Mech man as John is referred to, since all male clones are referred to as John, is sent to Hell, not that one, this is a planet in a far away solar system to fight a ruthless unwavering opponent.  However his dreams of a woman take over and his life as a lowly clone grunt is about to change a lot.  But can dreams come true, and do they come at a price?
This was a amazing book of love in the time of war, a war between two people that has gone on far to long. The writing is awesome, action packed, suspenseful, and has a few surprising twists, what's not to love.  I had the audio version with narrator Jack de Golia who brings Mech alive and plops you down right in the middle of all that is going on in Mech's world as he paints you such a wonderful picture using his voice.  I hope this becomes a series because I want to know more.

Monday, April 13, 2020

Doctor's Dilemma (ADULT AUDIO)

Tyler Gentry, fresh out of med school and looking for his first job, thinks he has it all locked up until his parents die and everything falls apart.  But out of the blue he is offered a awesome job with great benefits, that it is just too good to turn down.  But once he gets there and starts working he starts to hear things about the practice and can feel the trepidation build.  When the main doctor of the practice dies that is when all the fun begins.  Should Tyler leave or stay at the practice with all its wonderful perks, that 2ould be a dilemma for anyone.
This is a very exciting, fast paced, suspenseful, medical drama, only you do not need to know anything medical to love this book.    Dr. Mabry's writing is well paced and the characters work very well together.  He doesn't throw a lot of medical jargon at you so everyone can enjoy his books.  I listened to the audio version of the book and Mr. Nevitt narration is wonder, he makes you feel a part of the story there with Tyler throughout the whole story.  The audio will not disappoint it was real good, but what ever format you decide on I think you will enjoy this book.

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Legendarium The Wrath of Bob (ADULT AUDIO)

Three years after saving the Legendarium Mombo Dawson, a wonderful writer, and Alister Foley, a Goodreads troll, find themselves asked to save the Legendarium again.  This time it is from Bob, a radical who is trying to save people from horrible books by burning them, sending Mombo and Alister through time and books trying to save them all and stop Bob forever.
After listening to the first Legendarium, I could not wait for the second book to come out after I heard of the writing, and this one is just as good if not better.  I love that you can get a snippet of the classics, and some not so classic.  The characters are so cool too but I will only say that Mombo and Alister are polar opposites and that leads for some interesting and unpredictable times, the rest of the characters make this book with Mombo and Alister.  Narrator Robert Rossmann lends his voice to all of the characters and what interesting characters he makes them, he also sends you the listener traveling to places such as Russia and the wild west to name a few. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Greystone Secrets #2: The Deceivers (MG)

This the second book of the series starts with the Greystone kids and Natalie trying desperately to find a way to bring their mothers home.  Their mothers happen to be trapped in another world one in which the truth can be deadly. 
This is a suspense filled book with lots of twist and turn so don't get lost down a rabbit hole or you just might miss the action of which there is plenty.  I hope the kids can hang on as well and get their mothers back in this book of two worlds, and never knowing who you can trust. I hung on and loved every second of this book and can not wait to see what Margaret Peterson Haddix has in store for the kids in the next book.

The Lucky Ones (YA)

May is a lucky one, but she doesn't feel like one, every since her brother, the genius, was a victim of a school shooting.  She feels responsible for what happened, and doesn't see how anybody else can possibly feel the way she does.  Zach became a social outcast the day his mother decided to represent the shooter, his friends are ghosting him, and his girlfriend left.  Than Zach and May meet each other when their schools are joined and hit it off, but they don't find out each others roles until later, can their friendship weather the biggest storm of them all?
This book has a refreshing and realistic take on school shootings, it that it is though the eyes of a survivor,  May should have died that day but was spared, and this book takes you though all her grief, panic attacks and all the symptoms of PTSD and survivors grief.  It is obvious the author did her homework and got it right , and her notes at the end are also well worth the read.  I really liked this book.

Chosen Ones (ADULT)

Some years back five teens were picked, after they fulfilled a prophecy, to fight the dark one, they fought and won but at what cost.  Slone has given much and what the other have called her PTSD may be more.  Now on the tenth anniversary of the dark ones death they find out that the dark one is still alive and in another parallel universe trying to come back and kill everyone he see fit.  Do the heroes, especially Slone have what it takes to fight him again.
 This wonderful book was packed with action, suspense and twists and turns that will leave you holding your breath.  This book had me captivated and I know I stayed up way past my bedtime until I finished the book.  Ms. Roth has another hit on her hands.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

A Good Girls Guide to Murder (YA)

Everyone in town knows the story, but is it the real story?  That is the question Pip is going to answer but re investigating this closed case as a senior project.  Pip knew Sal as a child and knows there was no way he killed his girlfriend than himself, and she is going to prove it with the only other person that believes her, Sal's brother.
This was a great action packed, suspense filled story that will hold any amateur sleuths attention.  The characters could come from anytown USA, and that helped me insert myself right in the story and was willing to help the kids.