Saturday, July 25, 2020

The Music Box Enigma: A Silas Quinn Mystery Book 7 (ADULT)

Sir Aidan Fonthill has no shortage of people that don't like him, so when he turns up dead before the Christmas concert that was sure to  draw so very important people.  But do any of these people dislike him enough to kill him?  That is what Detective Chief Inspector needs to find out and fast, before any more people are killed. Can the answer be found in the music box delivered to Sir Aidan before his death.
Despite the backstory being a bit wordy and long this book really picks up speed and never slows down once DCI Quinn arrives on the scene.  That is when all the action and suspense starts and there is more than enough to keep everyone reading this book to find out what happens.  Hang in there and you will like this book too.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

War Stories (MG)

This is a great story of a World War II veteran and his great grandson who idolizes his great grandpa and everything World War II.  GG or great grandfather is the last soldier alive of the liberation of a small town in France and is asked to come for their 75 anniversary of this liberation to receive a medal and be recognized as a hero, but is he really a hero or a killer (the one war story GG has never told Traver).  GG at 93 has decided he will go to France and retrace  his steps all the way there from boot camp at Fort Benning Georgia to Sainte-Regine France, the city of liberation.
This is a action packed, suspenseful, real war book.  This book will not make war look glamorous, but tells the stories as they happened in a way OK for middle graders.  I want to recognize the author for doing this, to many war stories don't show the way it really is/was, thank you Mr. Korman.  I think this book will even suck in reluctant readers.  As much as I liked this book I am sure kids of all ages will love it as well.

Thursday, July 16, 2020


Poor Marty is having the worst day of his life and it is all happening at work, a job he hasn't had very long at all.  After eating his normal hang over cure of nachos, jalapenos, and hot sauce Marty needs a bathroom and fast.  This is the story of Marty's epic journey across the office and all of the obstacles that are working as the dark force against him.
This is a crude but extremely hilarious book if you are ok with bathroom humor, it is a story that everyone can probably relate to at least some parts.  If you happen to get the audio version narrated by S W Salzman than it really will have you rolling on the floor laughing, so be careful if your listening to this while driving.  This is truly a funny book and I am glad I waited till now to listen to it, as I really needed funny right now.   

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Reckless (YA AUDIO)

Water has covered all the lands of earth, and the syndicate now wants to make people better equipped to live this way by genetically modifying them, but first they need to test the mods on little kids as they will take to the new changes much easier.  Some of the kids now in their teens break free and are now being hunted by the syndicate. 
This is a suspenseful and action full book, with wonderful characters just waiting for their story to be devoured by readers.  If you happen to get the audio version you will love the tag team performance by narrators Aimee Smith and Nicholas Cain, they transform you to the world of water and you become one of the hunted with Sela , Jack and their friends trying to help them at every turn.  Reckless is a rebrand book but to those of us new to the world of water this I hope is just the beginning.  

Monday, July 6, 2020

Zombie Perdition (ADULT AUDIO)

Mo and the rest of his party plus new friends are on the Viva Ancora still looking for a cure that is said to be near the sea.  Mo's cousin is on his own type of rescue mission with a helicopter made for many.  While back in Guntersville AL, they are still looking for the missing children, and eating lots of meat and not of the fish variety, and how did the new pastor get all this meat?  So guard yourself well because the blunatics might not be the worst thing coming for you.
Mr Bonds keeps his story going in this the 7th installment of the Still Alive Series, and I am still waiting for more.  This action packed wonderful book has not lost its zing since the first book.  While the story is still happening on different fronts I still find it exciting and new.  The audio version narrated by the wonderful S W Salzman, allows you to lose yourself in the story, I love Mo and I bet Smokes is a site to behold, I feel as though I am there with them on the Viva Ancora in my Ironman best, helping them as much as possible. Really which ever form you get you won't be sorry the protagonists and peevies can have you laughing loudly.  But be aware of the language there is quite a bit so if that bothers you this series isn't for you.