Monday, September 20, 2021

Dog Day: An After Z Short Story (ADULT AUDIO)

 Dogs might be invaluable during a apocalypse but what happens when you get separated from your best friend.   Well it seems they work extra hard to get back to you and hope it happens, as they are as confused as ever.  This is Oaklee's story.  

This is a suspenseful, action filled story about Oaklee a German Shepard dog that sets out on a trip of a lifetime, and it just might cost him his life.  This is a wonderful book and a great audio book narrated by Matthew Crow who does a great job on it.  I really enjoyed this short story and will be looking for more  from this author and narrator.

Friday, September 17, 2021

The Demon Inside: Chasing the Dark, Book 1 (ADULT AUDIO)

 Circumstances take a ordinary man and put him out front of a attack on American soil like had never happened before.  Now that man must protect his family and friends from what is to come.  Chase has a demon that comes out when he gets put in situations that just need someone or something to take over and do the motions, and as long as the demon saves his family and friends he doesn't care.  

This book is based on a high altitude electro-magnetic pulse going off and plunging the USA in total darkness.   This was a action packed, suspense filled wonderful book that I was in no way ready for it to end.  The characters are real and it is totally easy to believe yourself there helping the group.  It was a good audio book narrated by Ricky Wolff despite some interesting pronunciations.  I can't wait for more to come so I can hear what happens to Chase and his family.

Thursday, September 16, 2021


Ryan and Victoria have fallen on hard times and it looks like they will lose their business.  On a spur of the moment thought while getting gas they bought a lotto ticket and they find out later they have won.  Victoria wants to save the money but gives in to Ryan so he can splurge some of it, what she doesn't know is what he does with the money will probably save them when money won't mean anything.

This is a great take on the zombie apocalypse and how one family deals with it.  There is non-stop action that will (if you are like me and have the audible) start taking the long way home so you can listen to more, as narrator Matthew Crow brings the book to life in my ears.  He takes this wonderful book and puts voices to the characters, it makes the book that much more special.

Monday, September 13, 2021

Apples Never Fall (ADULT)

 When Joy Delaney, of the famous Delaney tennis school goes missing her four children can't believe their dad is the prime suspect.  But new carpet, new paint, and a bloody shirt do point to him, not to mention the cryptic text message their mom sent just before everything happened about going of the grid for a while see them soon, and the fact that Joy's phone was found under the bed of her house.  But if their dad didn't do it what did happened, how does their one up and coming tennis star fit into this and what about the mysterious Savannah?

This a book so full of suspense and twists and turns you really won't know what happened until the end when all is revealed, if you can wait that long.  This is a book about family and how sometimes you need to see it through someone else's eyes.  This was a good book and had me totally hooked by half way through it just to see what happens.

Generation Manifestation (YA)

 The genetic wars that made waste of our world also changed some kids into superheros that live in Jupiter City and get the best of everything.  The rest of the kids DNA regulars (DREGS) get tested periodically to make sure they are not manifesting some super power and if they are they are taken to Jupiter City to live with the rest of their kind.  If not they get sorted into the jobs that need workers.  Caitlin wants so badly to manifest and be like to superheroes in the comic books she loves so much, but how far will she go to become a superhero?

This was a awesome coming of age in a desolate world story, where one ordinary girl just wants to stand out.  This book is full of action and suspense but it is the twists that you need to watch out for.  This book will not disappoint any reader, young, old, or reluctant, you will find yourself cheering for some of the bad guys.  So give it a try I hope you will like it as much as I did.

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Fallout: Spies, Superbombs, and the Ultimate Cold War Showdown (MG)

 Spending the majority of my life during the cold war years I have to say this book was very interesting.  But hey what book that has spies, and bombs wouldn't be pretty cool.  Those days of duck and cover (like it would really help) are gone and kids today have their own wars they grew up with.  This book picks up after World War II when the US and their ally USSR turn on each other and become each others enemy.  When the U2 spy plane is new and the US thought they had the upper hand.  

This book has plenty of action and suspense galore, but I think the title has much more meaning than just nuclear.  This is a great book that tells the history of that period.

Thursday, September 9, 2021

The Lady of the Lake (The Frannie Shoemaker Campground Mysteries Book 4) (ADULT AUDIO)

 Frannie and the crew are camping at a oldie but goodie place and are having fun at a fair, and even a dance.  But you know the saying all is fun until there is a body.  Frannie is trying to stay out of it but just isn't sure why the police are not looking at more people as suspects, so by now you know where that will lead?

I love these Frannie books, they have everything you could want, action, suspense, even some humor to keep it light.  These are easy books to read/follow even the audio narrated by the wonderful Michelle Babb who to me is now Frannie.  These books are realistic and believable so that makes this world I and many others have fallen into one that is a great escape from our every day lives, and how nice that is right now.

Monday, September 6, 2021

Willodeen (MG)

 This is a awesome book about one lonely girl and the animal no one else loves being hunted to almost extinction and the changes that makes in nature and how it almost ruins a town.

We all know that everything in nature for the most part has a job and if the job isn't done it can totally throw off the balance of everything around it.  This is that story but filled with love and caring from a girl that seemingly has lost hope and finds this hard to deal out.  Mrs. Applegate has another wonderful hit on her hands that will appeal to readers of all ages and abilities.  This would also make a great classroom read for younger students.  I hope you give this book a chance I think you will find it as awesome as I do.

Never Saw Me Coming (ADULT)

 Chloe is not to be underestimated but neither are the other six psychopathy students at her college taking part in a study while getting their school paid for.  But when people start turning up dead Chloe decides she won't be next.  But Chloe is also in this study at this school for another reason one all of her own and she won't be side tracked and won't let this killer get in her way.

This really is a good book, action packed and full of suspense.  It will take you back to your college days and some of the relationships you had with people and and how you interacted with each other, it makes you think, what if? But you won't want to put the book down until you find out who is doing it and why.  You will be up past your bedtime for sure with this book.

Artie and the Wolf Moon (MG GRAPHIC NOVEL)

Not to long after sneaking out late at night, something her mother has always warned her about, and seeing a huge wolf change into her mother, Artie must come to terms with her own wolf side.  Artie gets her mom now to talk about everything she never would including her late father.  

This was a really good book with awesome graphics.  It has loads of action and suspense you could cut with a knife. This will be appealing to many with the paranormal mixed in seamlessly with life as we know it.  I think this would be a good addition to any collection.

Friday, September 3, 2021

Peete and Repeat: The Frannie Shoemaker Campground Mysteries, Book 3 (ADULT AUDIO)

Frannie and the gang are out camping again, this time in Minnesota where they intend to bike all around the area.  But after a canoeing accident that has put Frannie out of commission for a while it only gives her time to think about the two dead bodies that were found and what happened to them.  

I have fallen in love with these Frannie books, to the point I have to ration out the audios to myself, yep I got the audios narrated by the wonderful Michelle Babb.  She does such a great job and her voice is Frannie to me now.  These books have enough suspense and action to go around a whole campsite.  Not to mention Frannie's curiosity would scare a lot of kitties straight.  But there is always a bit of humor thrown in as well, and this all together is what makes these awesome books so special.

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Daddy's Little Girl (ADULT AUDIO)

Misty is the teenage daughter of a serial killer.  Which isn't that bad she has her Bitsy to help her and to keep her company.  

Ramsey's passion is tornadoes and he fancies himself a storm chaser, while dragging his sister along to help him drive or film. But what about the girl they found in the field?

Kate is stuck in small town police department but dreams of becoming a FBI agent.  How is she ever going to get a case that will get her noticed.  

This is really a good psychological thriller.  The author spares no one and throws in a ton of twists and turns on top of the non stop action that is going on including a tornado.  Narrator Allie Piper did a awesome job with this book I can't wait to find more by her.  I am going to leave it at if you enjoy really twisted demented thrillers this is for you and it is good.

Monday, August 30, 2021

Poison for Breakfast (MG)

This is a book both like and unlike other Lemony Snicket books you might have read in the past.  It is philosophical but in a way I think most readers will be alright with.  As the title state he ate poison for breakfast and is now processing and understanding why one would do that and following the clues to who would do that to him and why.  Like I said not entirely the same but not entirely different either, but well worth a try, especially if you are a mystery junky like me.

Three Lines in a Circle (PICTURE BOOK)

 This is a wonderful book on the creation of the now known peace sign.  It has great pictures to help keep children engaged while listening to this story of how one graphic designer  in London made a sign that went international and is still known today.

Enola Holmes and the Black Barouche (MG)

 Enola Holmes, yes of those Holmes', Sherlock and Mycroft's sister is just as good as her brothers if girls only had a chance in these times.  But when Sherlock is indisposed Enola takes one of his cases right from under his nose, it will either bring him out of his funk or it won't and she will help this poor woman whom Enola has taken a liking to right away.  

Thus case book of Enola's is a wonderful read for any mystery lovers and reluctant reader as there is tons of action and suspense all around.  The twists and turns are everywhere but don't be fooled, there is only one straight answer.  SO stay on target and see if you can answer all the questions before the end.

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Sentinel: Deadmen's War, Book 1 (ADULT AUDIO)

 Cole and his squad (Banshee) are to protect some scientists on a frozen planet, but when they are almost wiped out they are given a new role, to jack into to Sentinels that were being studied by the scientist, in hopes they might be able to more protect the scientists.  

This is a awesome audio narrated by the award winning R.C. Bray.  The book is full of action with a bit of suspense thrown in.  As cool as Cole is, my favorite character has to be the kick butt female operator named Tanaka.  She can do anything and do it well.  This book is very engaging and will grab you and not let go until you are finished and even than you will be clamoring for more, at least that is what happened to me.  This is my first book by Melchiorri but I will certainly be looking for more.

Saturday, August 28, 2021

After the End (ADULT AUDIO)

 Being a prepper has really helped Addison but he has decided to leave where he is and seek out his Uncle Izzy, so the plan is to bike his way to his uncles with his bow, a gun or two and some food.  What he doesn't plan on is finding another survivor and not really know if the pregnant girl, Ava, is friend or foe but now she is going with him.  Will they find others, will they be friend or foe?

This book is non stop action and suspense.  The characters, I believe, are realistic for the situation and that might be hard sometimes to get the character where the author wants it to go while keeping it real.  I had the audio version and it was narrated by the wonderful Kevin Pierce.  Mr Pierce can make you feel like you are on the road with Addison cheering him on and trying to help him through the rough spots.  This is really a book for today but will be good for any day.

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Reign of Blood (YA AUDIO)

Somehow April, a 17 year old girl, is still alive after the epidemic swept through a year ago and now the vampire factions are fighting over her blood thinking it holds the key to their freedom.  April living in Las Vegas with her mother and brother has become quite the vampire hunter out of necessity, but once her family has been taken hostage things become, lets say intense.

I don't want to say to much for fear of spoilers, but this book only has one speed and that is fast.  It comes out of the shoots fast and doesn't ever let up even leading into the next book.  Plan to be up past you bedtime or if you are lucky enough to have the audio version narrated by Anne Marie Susan Silvey than plan to take the long way home from work or take some very long walks, as she makes this book so much more wonderful, if that is possible, by her voice.   Either version you choose you won't go wrong.

Monday, August 9, 2021

Rainbow in the Dark (YA)

This is a story of a high school senior, Rainbow, a cat, Goldfish, and how Rainbow got stuck in another reality playing a game with three other teens that may or may not be real, especially when you find out how they have to use the bathroom.  They must complete quests, gain experience and memories to hopefully win and escape the game and go home.  But where does a cat named Goldfish come in and is Rainbows brother in this world too?

This is a very interesting and well sculpted book.  There are so many twists and turns it will keep you ensnared until the end.  The characters are well rounded and the story line is a new one.  I liked this book and hope you all do too.

In the Shadow of the Fallen Towers: The Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks, Months, and Years after the 9/11 Attacks (ADULT GRAPHIC NOVEL)

 This is a amazing book with mind blowing images.  It tells the true story of 9/11 and beyond in a way you have probably never expected.  Not just the story but with pictures you might forget aren't real photographs once you get sucked into the retelling of that day.  Also if you are old enough beware of the emotions this book will stir or bring back to the forefront of your mind.   This book is not for young children despite being a graphic novel, this one is definitely for adults and teens.  But it keeps the event alive so we will never forget.

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Champion's Quest The Die of Destiny (MG)

Lucas' life is about to change just not exactly in the way he thought.  When he entered that game shop he was hoping to ditch his friend and run away from their newest foster home in a line of them.  But what happened was he, his friend, a girl from school, and his foster parents daughter who Lucas is sure hates him get transported into a role playing game and now must fight, think, and work together so they can complete the quest if they want to leave the game.  Sounds easy right?

This is a great book especially with the different role playing games making a comeback.  It shows how with teamwork you can accomplish a lot more than by yourself.  The best part is they couldn't just give up and say its to hard they had to keep going or they would be stuck in the game forever.  I think this will hold the attention of readers young and old and I hope they like it as much as I did.

Monday, August 2, 2021

Paola Santiago and the Forest of Nightmares (MG)

 Paola doesn't understand why Dante won't talk to her, Emma is to busy with her new friends, and even her mom is busy with a new boyfriend, so there is no one to talk too about her new nightmares that are coming almost every night.  What is worse in the middle of her nightmares about this creepy forest is her dad who she has not seen since she was six.  But when Dante's abuela falls ill and the doctors are stumped Paola knows what she must do with or without her friends, she must find and face that forest and see what her dad is trying to tell her.

This is a awesome second book to the series and has even more action and suspense than the first book.  The story and its addition of the Latino culture really makes this a refreshing read one any age will love.  I think this would also be great for a reluctant reader.  

Saturday, July 31, 2021

The Blue Coyote: The Frannie Shoemaker Campground Mysteries, Book 2 (ADULT AUDIO)

 Frannie and Larry take their grand-kids with them on their camping trip.  But things go crazy a child is missing and Larry has been turned in to social services.  All they can think is will their grand-kids be next and will they ever be able be alone with their grand-kids again.  But Frannie starts to think out the problems logically but will she solve it before it is too late for the little girl? 

These books are tons of fun and if you are lucky enough to get the audios narrated by Michelle Babb than you are really in for a treat.  These are wonderful fun quick mysteries, with great characters, I love the regulars but the new people they meet at the campsite are so true if you have gone camping, but some of the situations are funny.  I hope you love this series as much as I am.

Friday, July 30, 2021

Cursed for Keeps (ADULT AUDIO)

 Robert a Duke has a curse, a frog type curse, he starts everyday as a frog until a lady kisses him.  Of course the princess he loves and was going to marry hasn't written him back in a long time.  In Princess Snow's defense she has her own curse issues to deal with and doesn't think she can love anyone else ever again.  

This is a book that has combined The Frog Prince and Snow White together for a wicked good time.  The action is non stop and the suspense is thick.  I came in on this the second book and was a bit lost at first, but I don't think that had anything to do with order as I think this is as good a standalone as it is a companion.  I think it was me listening (I had the audio) and getting the characters straight.  The Narrator Trista Shaye does a great job with this book.  I hope you give this book a chance no matter which form you prefer because it really is good and I can't wait for more.

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Radar Girls (ADULT)

 This is a awesome story about the women living in Hawaii that found their own purpose and some their own voices during WWII.  It is yet another story of the selfless and courageous women that took care of the home front doing the normal male jobs while the men were overseas.  Some were spouses of those military guys, some girlfriends, and some family but despite the unknown of their own men they came together in a sisterhood all their own.

I loved this book, the characters, the time period, and the historical fiction.  It kept me up way past my bedtime until I finished it and I have been in a reading slump for a bit so hopefully this wonderful book pulled me right out.

Tuesday, July 20, 2021


AI is salvation, or is it?  This is a question that has broken earth into two factions.  The world is in a state of collapse with a  awful disease running ramped through the world called SANDS, Systematic Amyotrophic Nervous Disorder, that kills harshly and quickly and climate change that has ravaged the earth.  When Dr. Jason Crichton puts his sister's  mind into a operating system after she dies of SANDS, he believes she will help him save the world. 

This Japanese influenced book is as exciting and suspenseful as a roller coaster.  Author Nicholas Smith takes us on a wild, action packed, ride as we all hold our breath waiting to see what happens next.  My favorite characters are Okami a mech/wolfdog who helps shadow squad and Ghost who is always happy no matter what circumstances shadow squad finds themselves in.  By the way I had the audio version with narrator R.C. Bray who is as awesome as ever but I really enjoyed his tenor voice doing the singing for Ghost of shadow squad.  I enjoy how Mr. Bray transforms my world into that of the story and makes me feel as though I am really there fighting and surviving,  it is easy to see why Bray and Smith team up a lot. 

Monday, July 19, 2021

Linked (MG)

 When a swastika appears on the wall of their school all anyone is thinking is who could have done this, but then even more appear.  Dana the only Jewish girl in the school wants to know if this against her personally, but still she is now thrust into the spot light.  Link the popular prankster of the school is looked to to figure out who did it.  Now that things are coming out Link finds out he has a Jewish background and is determined to have a Bar Mitzvah even though he has grown up a holiday Christian.  Growing on the Tenn. schools project of collecting a paperclip for every person killed in the holocaust Link and Dana's school has decided to make a paper chain of links, a link for every person killed in the holocaust, they know they may never get all they need but it is in the trying and the personalizing of the links so the kids of their school will fully understand the needless loss.  But still who is leaving the swastikas all over school?

This is such a good book and again Mr. Korman makes us think, and in our world right now we need to think of others which is what these kids learn to do.  The wonderful characters in this book that are so full of life and can teach us all a bit of compassion for each other.  This book also has its action parts but it is so full of suspense and twist and turns that I think even reluctant readers will lose themselves in this book.

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

The China Pandemic Graham's Resolution (ADULT AUDIO)

A bird flu has ravaged the earth, only 2% of the population has lived.  Graham has no family left and decides to he for his families cabin in the woods.  On the way he picks up a few stragglers and they become his new family.  When Graham and one of the girls run into some preppers in a town on a restocking mission they give him a boy to take care of as well since the preppers have not been exposed to the flu they do not know who is susceptible and who is not so they can not keep the boy.  What Graham does not know is who the preppers are led by and how much the preppers are helping Graham and his new family, especially when the bad guys come.

This was a great story I would love to hear more and someday I might get to.  But it is really good and narrator Darriel Driml really brought it to life.  I really liked the story line and the characters they worked well together, but you do need to remember this is fiction so what always works may not always be real, but still a great story.

Monday, June 14, 2021

Cursed Luck (ADULT AUDIO)

Kennedy is a curse weaver like her sisters and family before her.  But what they really do now is unweave curses on peoples items after those people sell her the item, Kennedy gave up a long time ago trying to explain to people about cured items.  But when tall, cute and rich walks in wanting her to do a remodel on part of his office it is a offer she can't refuse that is until her sisters go missing.  Does Connolly have anything to do with it, he did say something about her sisters, or will he help her get to the bottom of it all?

This was a great book with strong characters and a awesome story line that might take you for a loop toward the end.  But this book or audio which ever you choose are both wonderful and will keep you entranced until the end.  The audio narrator Carly Robins does a excellent job spinning the magic of her voice to transform you into the story like you are there and can help Kennedy.  So whichever medium you pick I hope you love this story as much as I did.

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Zombie Crusade: Still Alive, Book Eight (ADULT AUDIO)

Everyone is back and there are a bunch of new characters and bunch of characters are now gone.  But Mo and his buddies are still cruising on the boat looking for a cure to this problem.  While his Cuz, Benji, and the rest are fighting on many fronts, the ones trying to take their island and the crazy church people.  Not to mention everyone is fighting against the peeves.

If you think this will be just like his other books same story different day, that is not how Javan works.  His books are action packed with twist and turn that will make you feel like your on a roller coaster, not to mention his way with all the blood and gore scenes that will leave your mind blown.  The narrator S W Salzman does all the voices for the audio and is so good at it that you will lose yourself in the story and it will feel as though you are really there with everyone.  This book moves fast so don't get left behind, but it will still be here if you need to catch up from the beginning.  Oh, I also hear he is working hard on book nine, and I can't wait.

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Thrive (The Overthrow) (YA)

The survival of earth is dependent on three teenage hybrids.  It is what they believe and who they trust that will determine if we as humans will live or die.

This is a great book that truly is like no other and will captivate you through all the action, suspense and have you up reading well past your bedtime.  This was such a good book I can't wait to read the first two books and see how it all started.  I hope you all give it a chance this book is well written and is totally written for everyone to read and enjoy.

Monday, May 3, 2021

The Last Fallen Star (MG)

 Hattie is turning thirteen in a few days and will be initiated into her clan, she will receive her Gi bracelet and will than be able to cast spells on her own.  But Hattie is determined to have her adopted sister Riley follow in her path despite her lack of magic.  This story is what happens next.

I wanted to leave this without any spoilers, but this action packed, suspense filled book with lots of Korean lore is hard not to tell everything about it to book talk this and get everyone interested in reading this book.  I have loved everything Rick Riordan Presents has put out and this is no exception.  I hope you give this book a try I don't think you will be disappointing.

The Mouse Watch Underwater (MG)

 Move over Rescue Rangers, Bernie, Jarvis and the mouse watch are here.  While the rest of the watch are called away to a big emergency, Bernie and Jarvis are stuck doing menial stuff until a message comes through about the SS Moon, a old submarine that was sunk, that had some awesome tech called the Milk Saucer that the mice want back very badly, and the only ones left for the job are Bernie and Jarvis.  Can the two friends overcome their fears to save the milk saucer?

These books are so much fun with all their adventures, and cool tech down to Jarvis' special hoodie.  The book is very exciting with fast paced action from cover to cover.  Not to mention the suspense that will hold you captive until rescued by the ending of the book.  This is a great book for even the reluctant of readers as well as a classroom read as the plot and cliff hangers will hold anyone's attention.  No matter where you read it this is a great book that you won't want to miss.

Willa of Dark Hollow (Willa of the Wood, 2) (MG)

Willa is back and now there are loggers near her fathers house.  While out one day Willa ends up saving a bear after the a logger shoots its mother.  But than these horrid dark things come and they make everything cold and when they touch a logger they kill them.  Willa has never seen anything like this in her woods before.  Soon her father is arrested for killing two loggers and Willa and her Cherokee sister must save him.  

Willa is Faeran a very old race of forest dwellers.  Willa has helped people her whole life but while helping rescue children from the Faeran's old ruler her home and the home of all her people was burnt.  Now in this exciting new Willa book, Willa is very busy.  She is taking care of a bear cub, helping her father, helping her people (even if they do not want her help), and trying to figure out the wheat hair colored girl.  This book has not stop action from front cover to back, and lots of suspense that is sure to keep every reader from 8-108 up past their bedtime.  Willa is the person we all kind of want to be on the inside and it would be pretty cool to have her camouflaging power on the outside as well.

The Timepiece: The Traveler's League, Book 1 (MG AUDIO)

 The Timepiece: The Traveler's League, Book 1     

On Hoops way home from school one day a strange kid gives him a old pocket type watch and a note and tells him he can't open either until he gets home.  Once home the note is some weird message and the watch won't set to the correct time but once he tries a time in the note he finds himself in a strange world and now he must figure out how to get home before he is killed.  But he is also intrigued by the watch and decides to keep exploring, but what does this all mean?

This is a fascinating book that will have you on the edge of your seat rooting for Hoop and also, despite all the action, trying to figure out what this all means for Hoop as well.  Even though most of the characters in this book are boys trust me girls will like this book as well especially once they get to the end.  Even though this is a middle grade book people of all ages will be drawn to this wonderful story-line, even those reluctant readers out there will enjoy this awesome book.  If you are lucky enough to get the audio version narrated by Kevin Rineer you are in for quite a treat as he, with his wonderful voice, transforms you and your world to that of Hoops and you seem to be right there with Hoop helping him at every turn.  Which ever version you pick I think you will enjoy the book and I can't wait till I can get more.

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Project Hail Mary (ADULT)

 You are humanities last hope, but right now you are stuck to a bed in a space craft of some kind and you can't even remember you name.  This is where science teacher Ryland Grace finds himself. He also knows he has been asleep for a really long time and that there were three of them on this mission, because the other two bunks have corpses in them.  As things start coming back to him very slowly he finds he is in a race against time.

This book will give The Martian a run for its money, and keep the reader on their toes with all the suspense.  The action is high octane and doesn't let up until the end.  This is the kind of book that will keep you up past your bedtime just to see what happens next.  I loved the book and think others will too.

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Prince of Authia: The Dragons of Apenninus, Book Two (MG AUDIO)

 Prince of Authia: The Dragons of Apenninus, Book Two 

King Furius is dead and his son has fled with only his father's sword and a pendant of the dragons.  He thinks it might be OK when a older dragon rescues him, but poor Dagan hurts a young dragon accidentally and nothing he can do will win the dragons back.  But Dagan refuses to give up and proceeds on the most dangerous trip anyone, human or dragon, might undertake.  He is going to find a way to heal the young dragon if he dies trying and that is a definite possibility.  

This is such a wonderful book and series, with the never ending action and stay up late with a flashlight under the covers reading to find out what happens next.  If you are lucky enough to get the audio narrated by the wonderful Fred Wolinsky than you are really in for a treat, and it is well worth the money at 18 and a half hours long that will go by in a blink.  Mr. Wolinsky can transfer you right in to Authia and you can be part of Dagan's small group, all with his voice, oh and what voices he can come up with for each character.  This is such a wonderful story no matter which format for you choose, and I hope you love it as much as I do.

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Zylphia: Ice & Ashes (ADULT AUDIO)

 This is Zylphia's story and she is a very old vamp living in New Orleans.  But her old ways are being disrupted by faeries.  Some faeries are disappearing and that isn't good  especially when Zylphia is the one left in charge when her vampire king and queen go on their honeymoon.

If you thought that author Victoria Clapton would leave her binding world behind you would be very wrong.  This is the same wonderful world we have grown to love, but told from another Vampires view, and not just any vampire but one of the creepy twins.  This is a wonderful book with loads of action and heaping bowl of jambalaya from Gumbo gris gris.  If you like audio books this one will not disappoint as narrator Matthew Lents transforms you into their world and you get to live there for a while.  So which ever form you like best this is a great book and I can not wait for more.

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Dragon and Mr. Sneeze: Witches of the Horseshoe Book 3 (A Southern Coming of age Fantasy Story)


Famka is determined not to let her best friend die at the hands of another time traveler (time hogger) she is in a race, not only to save her friend but to get into the guild as well.  Famka finds out finally what has happened to her family all those years ago and must decide if she can save them as well.  

This book wraps up the Witches of the Horseshoe series and if you don't have book one and two you should start there as it is a tale woven through time and a skeleton. We can also only hope that this series goes on in another section of Famka's life and how it deals more with Charli and what happens next in this story that is waiting to be told.

Monday, April 19, 2021

Of Kindness and Kilowatts (Nothing is Promised Book 3) (ADULT)

 This is a awesome book perfect for our time, of global warming and pandemics.  It shows one mans struggle to do his job but still find the evil behind those who are willing to put themselves first even if it means others die a horrifying death.  There is some science in this book but it will all become clear the further you go.  I can not wait for book four and hope the same characters come back and be added too as this book three did for the ones before it.  I love the characters they are so genuine and kind, they seem to really care about the people they serve.

Monday, April 12, 2021

The Prison Healer (YA)

 Kiva is a prisoner at the worse prison in the lands, Zalindov.  But a note comes after the so called queen rebel is brought in very sick, we are coming, keep her alive.  So when this rebel is taken for sentencing Kiva knows what she must do, she must do the trials for her and now both of their lives hinge on Kiva making it through.

This is such a exciting book, Kiva the wrongly imprisoned girl, the dashing new guy inmate, the guard who doesn't act like any other guard at Zalindov, a plague that is sweeping through the inmates killing them faster than the work they are meant to do, and the rebel queen who lays unconscious.  What more can you ask for? This book is packed with non stop action and suspense that will keep you up past your bedtime.  I can't wait to see the next part of the series.

Monday, April 5, 2021

War and Millie McGonigle (MG)

 Millie is a young girl with big  responsibilities, and a huge grief in her heart.  Millie has lost her best friend and confidant, her grandmother.  Her family doesn't have much money but they live in paradise, San Diego.  But when the war starts coming for the US her fear also rises, but her parents have finally found jobs, but that also leaves Millie to watch her younger sister and brother.  

This is a awesome book about a young girl coming to gripes with what life has given her.  I have to admit I love books that take place in places I have been stationed it makes me homesick for my friends I left in those places but it is still fun.  So that is what drew me to the book but the story caught my interest and kept me captivated until I was finished, and I hope it does the same for you.

Monday, March 29, 2021

Finn and the Time-Traveling Pajamas (MG)

Finn is rescued from the time rangers by his older self, but than finds he must help get rid of Paradox to save the ones he loves even if it means losing them as well.  But when his special cowboy pj's get a hole in them Finn and his friends time travel all over time.

I enjoyed this book so much the wonderful places the little group gets to see and the history they learn and recall from all these cool places, despite the danger they encounter in each spot it would still be cool to see these places. The characters work well each other and the book has so much action and suspense it should keep anyone's interest and reading past their bedtime.

Sunday, March 28, 2021

The Rose Code (ADULT AUDIO)

 This book starts in Bletchley Park and the addition of women into the super secret ranks of the enigma code breakers.  This book takes you through the lives of three of these women and the trial and tribulations they must all face during the time of war, where each just wants to make a difference.  

I have always loved stories  of this time period but this book comes with such a different perspective, one of civilian women just wanting to do something for the war effort, something that makes a difference.  The three main characters could not be more different if they tried, but at the same time they bond in ways only they could.  Even when things go really bad they might be mad but still have each others backs.   Even after they defeat the Nazis and the Japanese during WWII their biggest adversary might just come after the  war.   This is a great book that is full of suspense some twists you will see coming, other will be a surprise.  If you happen to get lucky enough to get the audio narrated by Saskia Maarleveld than start it up, and you won't want to get out of your car anytime soon it is that good.  All in all  I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did.

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Firekeeper's Daughter (YA) (audio)

 Daunis is a 18 year old who feels she doesn't belong in either world, the Ojibwe world and the rest of the world.  Her one set of grandparents would not allow her Ojibwe fathers name on her birth certificate but she still has learned the way of her people so not quite fully in either other world.  When a new kid comes to town, plays hockey and manages to get on Daunis' brother Levi's team, she starts to fall for this new guy, until at a party one night she sees her best friend get shot and killed, by her meth head ex. Now Daunis finds herself undercover and looking for a new meth.

This is a exciting full of action, and suspense book with a awesome behind the scenes look of the Ojibwe way of things.  Isabella Star LaBlanc is a great narrator of this book, she keeps it going and makes you feel like you are there helping Daunis get through all of the negative to help show her there are positives things to look forward too as well.  This is a book you just can't put down so I hope you all will like it as much as I did.

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Double Black Diamond: A Nicole Rossi Thriller (YA)

 What kind of body guard do you want?  Ex-police?  Ex-military? Big goon, scary guy?  Not Veena, who is a Olympic hopeful in snowboarding, she can get big air and do amazing tricks, but she wants someone close to her age and a girl to be her body guard.  In walks Nicole Rossi (Nic), who is young, and a girl but also inexperienced and if she blows this job she can kiss her career goodbye.  Can she keep up, avoid burnout, and pass chemistry, and what is with the vegetable references?

This is a fast paced, action packed, suspenseful book.  I love the characters, they all had great stories of their own.  This story had me  hooked at the beginning and I read it straight through and the finish came all to soon, and left me asking for more.

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Golden Gate (2) (City Spies) (MG)

 Our favorite tween spies are back and at it again.  Sydney and Brooklyn are undercover on the marine research vessel the Sylvia Earle keeping a pair of high level girls safe.  But even after that mission comes a even bigger mission but can Brooklyn and the teams friendship withstand this mission and the tests it brings?

This book is just, if not more exciting than the first book, full of action and suspense these books will keep everyone up late and happy.  The characters are awesome together and their talents blend really well.  This is a book of MI6 agents, double agents, and moles.  You won't believe who is who.  This is a wonderful book and I can't wait for number 3 to come out.

This mission is hot! So go get your today.

Monday, March 8, 2021

When We Were Infinite (YA)

 Beth's world is crumbling apart and so all she wants right now is for her small group of friends to be tighter than ever.  However, after seeing something she and a another friend shouldn't have seen at a third  friends house this now threatens the groups close friendships too.   

This book is ok, I will be honest, I was not in the right mood for reading this book at this time.  However, I think teens will find themselves in one of the groups teens, and be able to relate to the problems these kids are facing and that will make this book popular.

Monday, March 1, 2021

Bridge of Souls (City of Ghosts #3) (MG)

Cass and her best friend Jacob (a ghost) are in New Orleans with Cass' parents The Investigators.  But in this city known for the paranormal, death has found Cass and death feels cheated and is trying to rectify this wrong.
 This is the third book in the City of Ghost series and it doesn't disappoint.  This book portrays New Orleans as the city is and the people the way they are.  New Orleans is a city like no other and this book is like no other, the characters in the book are awesome and play their parts well.  I love this series and hope there are many more books on the horizon because they just keep on getting better.

Monday, February 15, 2021

Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead, Vol. 1 (ADULT)

 Akira gets his dream job until the end of day one when he finds out it is not a 9-5 job but he must stay for days on end.  He grows to hate his job but also doesn't leave it because he knows his friends still stuck there will have to do his work as well.  But then one day he is confronted with zombies as he goes to talk to his landlord.  Now he doesn't have to go to work, he can clean his apartment, watch tv, and do all the things he has been dreaming about, which is what prompts him to right his bucket list of things to do before he is turned into a zombie himself.

This was a interesting book, it makes you think of all the things you want to do maybe on your days off or before you turn a certain age.  Akira is a wonderful character, one I think most of us would like to be like in this situation.  This is a great manga series that is very different from all other zombie story's that you won't want to miss.