Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Defender (YA)

This is a good book about a girl growing up in the projects who finds a mummified girls body in the wall.  When she tells her dad about it he goes to look being the super of the building, like his dad before him, and comes back and tells her she was seeing things.  But she can't drop it she knows what she saw, and she discovers her father has moved the body, but why? And, what is he hiding?
This is a story you won't see the ending coming.  This story has so much action, and as many twist and turns it is like being on a roller coaster.  Perfect for fans of dark mysteries, CSI, type genre.

4 1/2 STARS

Monday, May 30, 2016

Soldier (YA)

This the third book in the Talon series, and it is just as exciting and fast paced as the first one.
Everyone is back in this book, Garrett is in the UK spying on St. George, and secrets he does find.  Ember and Riley are regrouping after their last run in with the Talon assassins, after all being a rogue is dangerous and tough work.  Meanwhile, Ember's brother, Dante, and Talon protégé has gone silent since being reassigned, and that is just the where the book picks up.
Like I said this book is just as exciting and fast paced with lots of twists and turns.  You won't want to put this book down even when you are finished.  You will want to know when the next one comes out and have it marked on your calendar well in advance, I can't tell you the date but rumor has it the name will be Legion.  This is a awesome series , it is one dragon story you won't want to miss.


The Nostradamus File (ADULT AUDIO)

In book six of the Project series Nick, Selena, and the team are back and they are searching for the Arc of the Covenant this time, using some lost quatrains of Nostradamus, and ancient secrets of the Templar Knights.
I really like how the characters in this series have very real problems and have to wrestle with how to solve  them in the same ways the rest of us do, I realize it is fiction but it is nice to see even fictional veterans are not left unscathed.
I had the audio version of this book as I have grown very fond of the narrator Jack de Golia , I think he does the most wonderful job portraying all the characters.  He has given each of them a voice and a life of their own.  It is well worth a listen if you have never tried a audio and if you have this one will not disappoint.


Saturday, May 28, 2016

Treemakers (YA)

Joy builds mechanical trees for Bygonne so their world can breath even if its not the best of air.  But while seeking a few comforts the Superiors won't provide Joy and her boyfriend go poking around in the underground tunnels where they find light sticks, clothes, books, and something even more special than anyone could believe.  The story really starts from there.  This book is really great with tons of action and even more twists and turns than the tunnels under Bygonne, so don't say I didn't warn you when you too are screaming for book two (The Soultakers) like some of the little ones alone in the tunnels.


Thursday, May 26, 2016

Time's Mirror (YA AUDIO)

This CHRONOS File novella follows Prudence's story.
Pru just wanted to the attention of her violin teacher, what teen wouldn't want the attention of a older guy?  So sneaking out of the house all dolled up and sporting one of her mom's medallion's she stole from the attic, she knew her mom would kill her if she knew, but as she and her dad left that afternoon for her lesson one she would never make it to.  Pru finds herself in the future, under a pile of rubble, of what is left of the CHRONOS headquarters and everyone is blaming her mom for the destruction.
This is another wonderful tale by Rysa Walker.  I have no idea how she keeps all of these people and each of their lives , times and places straight, but she does and it is wonderful!  I love these novellas that give a look farther back into some of the main characters of the books that otherwise we would never learn more about.  First Kiernan in Time's Echo and now Prudence.  It has truly been wonderful and they have so much insight that help make the whole series mesh together so much more tightly.
Again Narrator Kate Rudd has knocked it out of the park, she even, after all the other books, made me feel bad for Pru, but I suppose only time will tell.  Ms. Rudd does a great job on the different voices she brings to the different characters, it really makes the book even more awesome than it all ready is.


Monday, May 23, 2016

True Born (YA Promo Post)

true born le sterling

  true born
Book Title: True Born
Author: L.E. Sterling
Release Date: May 3, 2016
Genre: YA Sci-Fi Fantasy

Your fate is in your blood…   Welcome to Dominion City.   After the great Plague descended, the world population was decimated…and their genetics damaged beyond repair.   The Lasters wait hopelessly for their genes to self-destruct. The Splicers pay for expensive treatments that might prolong their life. The plague-resistant True Borns are as mysterious as they are feared…   And then there’s Lucy Fox and her identical twin sister, Margot. After endless tests, no one wants to reveal what they are.   When Margot disappears, a desperate Lucy has no choice but to put her faith in the True Borns, led by the charismatic leader, Nolan Storm, and the beautiful but deadly Jared, who tempts her as much as he infuriates her. As Lucy and the True Borns set out to rescue her sister, they stumble upon a vast conspiracy stretching from Dominion’s street preachers to shady Russian tycoons. But why target the Fox sisters?   As they say in Dominion, it’s in the blood.  

Copy of TB13

LE Sterling
 About the Author: L.E. Sterling had an early obsession with sci-fi, fantasy and romance to which she remained faithful even through an M.A. in Creative Writing and a PhD in English Literature – where she completed a thesis on magical representation. She is the author of two previous novels, the cult hit Y/A novel The Originals (under pen name L.E. Vollick), dubbed “the Catcher in the Rye of a new generation” by one reviewer, and the urban fantasy Pluto’s Gate. Originally hailing from Parry Sound, Ontario, L.E. spent most of her summers roaming across Canada in a van with her father, a hippie musician, her brothers and an occasional stray mutt – inspiring her writing career. She currently lives in Toronto, Ontario.
  Author Website: le-sterling.com
Author Twitter: @le_sterling

Copy of TB4

Read below for an excerpt from True Born:
“Isn’t it a little weird that we have to do our tests again? Was there some kind of mistake with the first one?” Margot says it innocently enough, a slight twang to her voice to match the nurse’s rabble-like twang. “Well, hon, sometimes they get mixed signals, you know? Like when you think a boy likes you but then he goes all hot and cold?” She winks. Margot’s fingers tighten on mine. “Uh huh.” Margot nods. “So there’s a problem with your machines? Or with the staff?” The nurse frowns. “Not this staff. They’re five-star amazing. Must have just been a bad sample or something. Try not to worry about it, sweetie.” She pats Margot’s arm just before she shoves the needle in my sister’s vein. I squirm on my seat. The skin on my arm crawls from the sharp pain originating in my sister’s arm. Relaxed beside me, Margot doesn’t move a muscle. She knows what I’m feeling even if she can’t do anything about it. This is just how it is with us. “How much are you going to take this time?” My voice shakes as our coltish nurse comes around to me and drives a needle into my arm. It doesn’t hurt nearly as bad as Margot’s did. Our hands stay folded together. There’s a note in our file about letting us. One of the perks of being born us. “Oh.” For the first time she looks a little dismayed. “I’m sorry, hon. Didn’t they tell you? We gotta go through the whole protocol again. The whole shebang.” My twin and I did know. We’d been told. Still, it bothers us. A full day’s worth of giving blood, going through tests, having your organs measured and documented. Urine samples, more blood samples, hair samples. We’d already been through this two times in the last two months. We no longer believe they’d gotten “bad” samples—not that we’re going to let on to the nurse. And funny thing is, each time we come, the Protocols Nurse is new. This is the third we’ve had, each as clueless as the last. We know better than to ask our parents. The deepening silence and constant rounds of testing and lies must mean the news is the worst. Late at night we lie together, holding hands and whispering under the deep canopy of one or other of our beds. We’ve thought about what it will mean if one of us turns out to be a Laster. We’ve talked until dawn about what we’d want, what we’d do. I tell Margot I’d want to go with her, but she’s against the idea. “One of us needs to survive,” she said to me, her gray-green eyes as serious as I’ve ever seen them. “What if it’s not that?” I asked her. “What do you mean?” “What if we’re, you know,” the words mere whispers, “True Born?”

Copy of TB7
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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Clones: The Anthology (ADULT)

A awesome compilation of authors brought together to weave some of the most beautiful and wonderful tales of cloning, and the world surrounding it.  This is a book that you will want to reread time and time again because each time you do you find something different or a new perspective to see a story in and it will be totally different and new each time.  I love these anthologies and chronicles, sure I buy them because some of my favorite authors have stories in them but the best part is the new and equally wonderful authors I find each time read one of these awesome books.  If you have never tried one and are in any way interested or curious in cloning I know you will find these stories fun and interesting as I did.


Thursday, May 19, 2016

Time's Edge (YA AUDIO)

Kate a 17 year old time traveler must fight her grandfather to keep the time she is used to from disappearing and turning into one of a new world order, the Cyrist Order.  All the while balancing her real world teenage issues of liking two guys at once, albeit they are from two different time periods, and one suffered a time shift and hardly remembers her.
Kate's grandmother is there to help her as we all know time travel can be quite tricky and if not done with the proper care can really mess things up as Kate is learning, that is why there are the CHRONOS rules.
This is a book not to be missed if you have been following the series, it picks up right where Timebound left off and carries you right along.  Since I enjoyed Timebound as the audio so much I stuck with that format for Time's Edge and Kate Rudd did not disappoint with her narration.  She did a beautiful job as narrator on the awesome journey Rysa Walker takes us on through time.  the voices for all the characters are just great, she will suck you in to this wonderful story and keep you listening until it is over, and leave you wanting more.  I suppose that says a lot for both the narrator and the author, great book all the way around.


Friday, May 6, 2016

Ren: The Man Behind the Moster (Adult Audio)

This is a book on its own plane, I truly do not think I have read/listened to a book like it before.
Ren is a dreamwalker, and not just any dreamwalker but a very powerful, pompous, self-centered dreamwalker.  Sometimes almost monstrous, but with his mothers half human side his feelings, even though Ren would have you think he has none, do show through, and for the most part he does so the right thing in the end.
This is my first book (audiobook) by Sarah Noffke and it was great.  All the characters were well defined and put together in a way everyone can relate too.  The story line was awesome and action packed, it left me wanting more, and evidentially that is not a problem as it seems there are several more books in the series, so I can see where this takes Ren and the others.  Even though I have no idea what will happen I do know it will be a wild ride.
What can I say about narrator Tim Campbell except he will be Ren for me now.  He played the part so well I just don't think anyone else could ever do that part justice.  I also enjoyed all the other voices he utilized for the other characters in the book it was wonderful.  I will be sure to look for more books narrated by Mr. Campbell as he sure brought this one to life for me.
So which ever format you choose Ren will be a distinct winner for anyone liking the paranormal fiction genre.


Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Red King (Adult Audio)

This is not you typical zombie book.  This is a Nick Cole zombie book, and if you don't know the difference than you have never read a Nick Cole zombie book and you should stop right now and read or listen to one (as Red King is now a audio), you will be hooked.  Nick Cole can weave the tale and plot  the strategy in a way the reader will only figure out when the reader reaches the end of this action packed awesome journey.
Holiday, the main character, is a alcoholic and a screw up, but he is still alive.  When he teams up with a man sown the street and a girl they come across, they find out they all have secrets, but they all work well together.  Until the night Holiday just has to go to the liquor store and leaves the gate open.
This is a fast paced, action packed, awesome, and I can not wait for the next one to come out, I know The Dark Knight is out, but I had the audio and would really like to continue that way since it was so good.  The narrator Guy Williams is so good, the voices for the different characters was phenomenal as was his skill to draw you into the story just like you were there fighting and running from the zombies as the bullets were flying.  He was so great that why I want to wait and I hope he will continue to do more of the Wyrd series.