Tuesday, May 31, 2022

City of Hooks and Scars (City of Villains, Book 2) (YA)

 Mary Elizabeth is still investigating the disappearance of her friends and what exactly is going on in her city all the while battling the voice in her head.  Her best friends and boy friend disappeared after the battle of Miracle Lake to plot their next move, but Mary decided not to go with them and has now changed her mind and wants to be be with them however, she can't quite figure out where they are or how to get there.  Meanwhile kids from all over the Scar are disappearing and her villainous friends are being blamed for it all.  

I love this book, isn't there always a like devilish voice inside of us wanting us to do the thing we wish we could do if we only knew we could get away with it.  That is Mary's voice and it keeps things exciting especially every time the Red Queen shows up, off with their heads!  This book has a lot of action but even more suspense and I can not wait to see what happens next.

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Academy of Shifters: Witches and Wolves (Book 6) (YA AUDIO)

 Remi has to go back to place that has brought her so much pain.  But when she meets Meena things start to come together in the story.  This is a story of pulling everything together before the final book, however since I started in the middle to end of the series it has answered a lot of questions for me, and I enjoyed it a lot.  I and being pulled as the end comes near I can't wait for the next book but don't want they story to end either. 

Brimstone: Mech Force, Book 2 (ADULT AUDIO)

 Captured by his, well Nate primes, best friend looking for information to bring down the government.  At the same time Broken Arrow is a mess thinking the worst, and the only thing they can do is find a old warrior that can explain or maybe why even help find Nate so they can rescue him and finally get the whole truth.

This is a great action packed book full of suspense and twists.  The characters are awesome as is the story-line.  The audio was made that much better by the wonderful voice of James Patrick Cronin who did the narration of the audiobook.  He was able to take what the author wonderfully wrote and transfer it to a awesome listening experience.  I loved it a lot and can't wait for more.  I really hope you will love it too.

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Answers in the Pages (MG)

 When Donovan leaves his copy of the Adventures, a class reading assignment, on the kitchen counter he never thought what would happen next would ever happen.  His mom reads the beginning and the end of the book, it is a paragraph found at the end that has Donovan's mom in the principals office, and will have the school and community in a uproar before it is all over.

This was a awesome book and came in such a timely period when book bannings are at there highest numbers ever.  This book should be on every librarians (school and public) to be read list. I am sure I will personally be buying copies to hand out.  The character are wonderful and the whole book is wonderfully thought out.  I loved this book and hope you all do too.

Friday, May 6, 2022

The Zee Brothers: Zombie Exterminators: Curse of the Zombie Omelet! (ADULT AUDIO)


The Zee brothers Jonah and Judas along with JJ and her dog Xanadu are just trying to keep their area of Arizona from being overrun by zombies and the zombies unleashing their curse of the town. So the funny and danger prone trio go about their business of exterminating the Zombies.

This was a very different kind of zombie book and I really enjoyed it.  The characters, location, and plot where all wonderful.  Narrated by Ian McEven who I think made it even that much funnier and fun to listen too.  This is the first of the series I have gotten to listen too and I certainly hope not the last. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

When Women Were Dragons (ADULT)

 This is the story of Alex Green who lived a hard and extraordinary life.  She lived through the mass dragoning of 1955 when thousands and thousands of ordinary house wives and women suddenly turned into dragons and left to live among their own.  Her mom seemingly disappeared when she was a girl and her aunt came and took over the cooking, cleaning and seeing to Alex.  But her mom came back and said she didn't want to see her sister anymore until she changed her ways, for the sake of their relationship the sister changed, got married (to a abusive husband) and had a baby only to disappear later and the husband found dead.  Everything after that shapes Alex and her cousin for the rest of their lives, and wow what a ride.

This is a great book, one my synopsis doesn't do justice to for the sake of not giving anything good away.  This book has action but more suspense.  The characters are awesome and show wonderfully that women can not be silenced and pushed down forever.

An Unreliable Magic (A Hundred Names for Magic, 2) (YA)

 Alex, Tala and the rest are safe for now but the Snow Queen is still out there and no one knows what she is planning next, but they need to be prepared.  So the Banders train.  They also go on missions but the last few Ryker has showed up and while it might be nice he is there to fight the ice wolves, they might not have had to fight them if he hadn't showed up and now have refugees to deal with.  Will all of this help them in the end fight the Snow Queen?

This book is a mash up of ever fairy tale and kids story you have ever heard.  From the pirate ship in Peter Pan, to Rapunzel, to  the sword in the stone, and many more for you to discover, but that makes the book even more fun.  This book is 100 percent action and a really fun read that will have you up way past your bedtime. 

The Book Woman's Daughter: A Novel (Book Woman of Troublesome Creek, 2) (ADULT)

 This book takes place several years after the The Bookwoman Of Troublesome Creek ended and now the little family finds themselves in big trouble and Cussy and her husband want to save their child, Honey, from being a part of it by sending her to stay with a family friend back in Troublesome Creek and that woman to become her guardian so she can stay out of children's work prison.  But when the older lady dies Honey must do what she can to fight for her own freedom and for a blue in Ky in those days is a uphill battle but Honey finds she has more friends than she will ever know.

Being a librarian in Ky of course we all know of those pioneering woman in eastern Ky that delivered books to people via pack horse, mule, boro, whatever they could get to carry them and the books to their patrons.  But these books bring those stories alive, and it is both a proud and sad time in our Ky history.  Proud of these woman and what they accomplished, and sad how the justice system let down those in their care especially the woman and children.  This book is a awesome historical fiction book and a series I hope we get to see more of to see more of the Lovett family and how things go from here.  I also have to admit I was excited to see Lagrange and Pewee Valley mentioned as that is where I live now and I wish Honey could have seen some of the good there instead of just a quick stop at the prison.

The Marvellers (MG)

For many years the Marvellers only came from the sky cities but this year is the first that the school will admit conjurers, although only one accepted the offer and that was Ella Durand but right from the start she is met with mean discriminating classmates.  But soon Ella becomes friends with her new room mate and a nice boy that was to show Ella around but they have secrets of their own.  But when their favorite teacher goes missing the trio won't stop at anything to find him even being kicked out of school.

This book was really good, Ella never gives up when she knows she is right she will stop at nothing to prove it, despite all the road locks thrown her way and there are many.  I think most of us would like to be that brave, and it is refreshing to see a girl accomplish all Ella does.  I hope we can follow Ella and her friends all through school and beyond.

Skandar and the Unicorn Thief (MG)

 All Skandar has ever wanted was to be a unicorn rider, but on the day of his test he is turned away without even taking it and he feels his chance is gone forever.  Until a woman comes at midnight to collect him to try to open the hatchery door, if he can open it he will be given a egg to hatch.  He is confused since he didn't take the test but his desire to ride a unicorn wins and he goes with the woman.  This is when everything he even knew about the unicorn riders changes and he is fear for his unicorn for he is different than all the rest and it is a secret that is harder to keep as time goes on.

This was a awesome book with non stop action and twists and turns from start to finish, this author will keep you on your toes.  I loved all of the character especially Red the unicorn with his special trick.  I
 can not wait to read more about Skandar and his friends. 

My Own Lightening (MG)

 Returning to Wolf Hollow we find young Annabelle on her way home from helping to clean the schoolhouse, when a storm brews up fast and catches her out in the open and Annabelle is struck by lightening.  All she remembers is being stung by thousands of wasps all at once than a pounding on her chest and her daddy picking her up and carrying her home.  She is fine but can now feel what animals are feeling.  Other than that there is also the new man that moved in down the road, a bully across the road from Annabelle's family farm that has a lot more to his story than people know, and the missing dogs, what do all of these have in common.

It is a lot going on a one time but as a reader it is not confusing at all, all the pieces fit together nicely.  There is more than enough action and a lot of suspense.  Whether you have read the first book or not this is a great book to read.  I hope we get to see Annabelle again soon.