Tuesday, May 3, 2022

When Women Were Dragons (ADULT)

 This is the story of Alex Green who lived a hard and extraordinary life.  She lived through the mass dragoning of 1955 when thousands and thousands of ordinary house wives and women suddenly turned into dragons and left to live among their own.  Her mom seemingly disappeared when she was a girl and her aunt came and took over the cooking, cleaning and seeing to Alex.  But her mom came back and said she didn't want to see her sister anymore until she changed her ways, for the sake of their relationship the sister changed, got married (to a abusive husband) and had a baby only to disappear later and the husband found dead.  Everything after that shapes Alex and her cousin for the rest of their lives, and wow what a ride.

This is a great book, one my synopsis doesn't do justice to for the sake of not giving anything good away.  This book has action but more suspense.  The characters are awesome and show wonderfully that women can not be silenced and pushed down forever.

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