Thursday, January 10, 2013

Seven Wonders: The Colossus Rises

First I would like to thank Peter Lerangis for allowing me to read this book, the first in his new series Seven Wonders, for that you are my first blog post.

This is a rush to your library and check out kind of book.  Seven Wonders : The Colossus Rises
The main character Jack McKinley is the kind of kid everyone wishes they could be, or do you?  It seems Jack suffers from a rare genetic disease and will die soon, unless he can find seven magical items.  One problem, they are hidden all over the world and no one has seen them in thousands of years.  But Jack is not alone on this quest; he has friends all with extraordinary talents, Marco the jock, Aly the computer wiz, and Cass the human GPS, who all have the same disease.  They are also joined by a strange doctor that has found a treatment that helps the teens manage the symptoms of their disease and will hopefully buy them enough time to find the relics and a cure.  Full of action and adventure it reminds me of Percy Jackson and Indiana Jones all rolled into one.  This book is set to be released 2/5/2013 but if you can't wait there is a prequel at and other activities at check this book out or you will regret missing out on this, oh my gosh I can't put it down, book.