Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Young Elites YA

This is a love story of a love that Adelina doesn't even know she has.  But don't get me wrong it is hidden well in a awesome action packed novel. 
Decades ago a blood virus went through the land and killed the adults that contracted the virus and left many of the children that had it with strange marks, these children now called Malfetto's.  But all of these children considered abominations, thus ruining their families and sometimes finding themselves hunted by the inquisitioners, for nothing more than the fact that they survived the blood fever and now have marks but there are a few survivors that are rumored to posses more than marks, they are said to have special and mythical gifts, and their mission is to find others like themselves and join forces to takeover the land so they and others like them can no longer live in fear.  However, one of them lives and feeds off of the fear and is looking for love and acceptance for once in her life, will Adelina finally find the peace with the young elites that she never had in her fathers house?  And where will she find her true love?