Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Marvel's Black Panther: Sins of the King (YA)

 This is a awesome book on the Black Panther and Wakanda and how T'Challa has moved his area forward and can now help those around him protect their land and people.  But when T'Challa decides to help a neighboring area that is moving away from oppressing their people many don't understand and that is when the trouble starts.

This is a wonderful book and also includes some the Avengers in the action.  But the mystery will really hold you and not let you go until you finish the book and figure out everything behind what is going on.  The part I am not going to ruin for you.  Have fun and enjoy the book.

Monday, January 25, 2021

We Could Be Heroes (YA)

 Zoe is trying to find out about herself, but in her spare time delivers fast food and beats up a occasional bad guy.  Jamie uses his gifts of reading and deleting peoples memories which comes in handy when he needs things like money.  They both meet in a support group and when they see a threat their friendship might be in trouble, but they need to team up to face this threat.

This was a good book on friends and how fragile a friendship can be, and how hard it can be to trust someone, but at the same time needing to put trust somewhere.  The characters are wonderful and I loved the plot I hope Zoe and Jamie show up again some time soon.

The Good War (MG)

 When Ironville middle school looses its football team they replace it with a esport club.  The kids choose The Good War, a computer game based on World War II.  But no one ever expected the division it would cause.

This is a fun book that also makes kids aware of internet safety and what can happen if they are not practicing it while using the internet.  The kids also learn a lot about bullying, hate crimes, and they way they see each other.  All in all this is a fun book that also sneaks in some learning, I really liked it a lot.

City of Villains (YA)

By day Mary Elizabeth is a high school student and friend, but other than that Mary Elizabeth works as a intern for the Monarch City police department.  But when her friends start disappearing the chief lets her partner up and work on the case.  But who knows what they may find.
 This book is full of excitement with a massive serving of suspense thrown in for good reading.  As you are reading keep in mind there is always more than it seems in this book and I think that is what I liked so much about this book.  I really hope there are more books to this so I can find out what happens next. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

CHRONOSCAPE: The future is flexible we can change it (ADULT AUDIO)

Physicist Martin Riley discovers a way to send news stories back two weeks.  He understands the need not to mess with history and what can happen if one does, but when different governments (UK and USA) make his discovery very secret and start telling Martin what can be changed and what won't be changed.  What historic events will the governments decide to change and which ones will they let happen and will Martin ever get the recognition he deserves or will the governments slowly edge him out and take it over themselves?

This was a wonderful audio narrated by the wonderful voice actor Craig Bowles.  I loved the characters as they where both realistic and very believable.  There is some action but the suspense is incalculable.  This is so much more than your typical time travel novel it is more of the inception and early stages of just sending information not the sending people back in time kind of book, which I think makes it more believable and I liked it.  I hope there are more to the series and we can follow what happens next.

Monday, January 18, 2021

Magic's Most Wanted (MG)

Mason's life was going great than all of a sudden BAM, his dad is sent to prison for bank robbery, which Mason knows wasn't him.  Mason's grades are falling, and when he blows off a book report his mom gives him a music box to use as a visual to hopefully get him through a book report on a book he has not read but has a music box on the cover.  But that is when his life changes for the second time and sends him on the run with only a Magix Jr detective and a crotchety bunny. 

This is a fun book with loads of action and plenty of suspense.  The characters are awesome and it is just a cool book that even reluctant readers are going to love.  Despite the seriousness of all the events around Mason that is going on there is still much humor to find in the book and not all of it is supplied by the bunny, who I thing is just curmudgeonly enough for everyone to fall in love with.  This is going to be a hit among middle graders, and I hope we see more of Mason's adventures in the future.

Remote Control (YA)

 Fatima has lost the memory of her name so she goes by Sankofa.  Sankofa is the adopted daughter of death, she walks the lands (she can not ride in a car somehow, she kills them), her name is known by all so she is given food and clothes when she wants it.  But it is when she comes to Robotown when things change.  She has protected these people and is ready to settle down there and go back to school when the unthinkable happens and sends her on the run again with her best friend Movenpick the fox.

This is a wonderful book and one that will certainly, leave you thinking.  Thinking about all the different people you meet and the chapters of their stories they don't always want told.  Everyone has issues but to condemn them for them before you even understand is hard on that person, even if they have not told you of their troubles.  This is a book I will love and cherish for a long time.

Monday, January 11, 2021

City of the Plague God (MG)

Another different book by Rick Riordan presents, that includes more mythology this time from Mesopotamia .  Sik a boy who just wants the slow life working in the family deli in the evenings  going to school during the day.  But that all ends when Nergal comes to town and blows up the deli, and Sik is saved by the daughter of Ishtar.

This was a wonderful book that showcases another wonderful, diverse, culture.   This book is full of action and suspense with a few surprises thrown in for good measure.  Author Sarwat Chadda is definitely a author to watch, and I really hope we see Sik and Belet come back in another book.  

Gone to the Woods: Surviving a Lost Childhood (MG)

 This is the story of a little boy who was sent from his barroom mom in Chicago to his kin in north woods at the age of five.  He knew immediately he had a love of the woods and that was helped by Sig who showed him the way of the woods, I mean really showed him the way woods the way that lives in you.  In his teens, thanks to a librarian, he became a voracious reader and later found his calling as a story teller one that has helped many of children looking for adventure and risk to take up reading as well after reading Hatchet, yes reader, this is the story of our beloved Gary Paulsen's life.

This is a awesome memoir featuring the wonderful author Gary Paulsen.   This book is action packed with adventures from the minute he leaves Chicago until the end of the book.  What he sees and lives through has given him a unique view of the world and has shaped his great story telling into books we all clamor for.   There is not much I can say but this is really good, don't miss out.

Ancestors: The Binding, Book 3 (ADULT)

 Sybella Rose has found out she is half fae and is really starting to know all of what it means (not only to her but to others) what the binding means, and she is set to end it one way or another.  As Sybella Rose looks for a way to abolish the binding she finds out her friends are not all they have seemed to be.  No one ever said life in the big easy was easy, and Sybella Rose is going to find out exactly how hard it can be.

This is another wonderful book in The Binding series, and I hope we get more and more stories of this circle of friends.  These characters are fun and very interesting, the book has action and a lot of suspense.  The knowledge of New Orleans and their way of life is really good and always makes me homesick for my small apartment in New Orleans and the crawfish shack down the street.  This is a good book and a great series if given a chance.

Monday, January 4, 2021

Unplugged (MG)

 Jett is a spoiled rich kid and when daddy's jet drops him off in the middle of nowhere and he is forced to give over his phone and do all these weird things he would never do.  But as the time goes by he gets used to it, but what happens next?

Unplugged is another awesome book from Mr Korman.  The loss of being plugged in is not the end of the world and you will live through it but watch out for the meditation.  The mysteries and humor Korman puts into his books always draws me in and I love it and this book doesn't disappoint either.  This book is great and I can't wait for the next.

Unleashed (MG)

When Lacey wakes up in a hospital with no memory of how she got there and the one thing that can tell she isn't allowed to see, her baku cat Jinx.  What is worse is she soon finds out he is missing and without him she is forced to use her level 1 baku and forces her out of her cool school back to her neighborhood type school, not helpful when you want to learn to develop your own baku.  Lacey must find out what happened and try and get her baku jinx back.  

This is a exciting, action packed, suspense filled book.  It is a tech infused, pet loving book that will have young readers asking for more.  While I could read this book fine I wish I had read the first book Jinx first, it would have answered some of my questions I thought would be answered in time before I found out there was a book 1.  But I still loved this book and I hope you all will too.