Saturday, May 30, 2020

Murder in Helvetica Bold (ADULT AUDIO)

Ruth Townsend moves back to her hometown in hopes of reviving the towns newspaper, and starting a new chapter in her life.  But what she really got was a murder, that she feels compelled to solve. 
I really enjoyed this book on a cool rainy day it just seemed appropriate.  There is plenty of action and suspense with a slight sprinkling of humor.  This book was a lot of fun to listen too and narrator Kate Rudd is just a awesome narrator, and brings books to life and pops you right there in the middle so you can help Ruth and her friends try and solve the case.  This book/audio is a wonderful read/listen on a cool rainy day with some tea or maybe as you sit on a warm beach with a nice drink.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Blood of Tyrants: The Free State of Dodge Saga Book 1 (ADULT AUDIO)

The United States is in trouble, the Senate has been attacked, someone is dead set on taking down the power grid and the government has all but collapsed the economy, and now believe it or not the National guard wants a form of Marshall law.  But there is one place in the United States that will not sit still and have their rights taken away, Dodge.  Cliff and Redstone, long time friends, will do what it takes to protect their little Alabama town.
This isn't Javan Bonds normal Zombie book so don't get it confused. but it still a awesome read and you won't be disappointed. His plot and characters are well developed and the book still has Bond's humor.  There is plenty of action and suspense to keep you up late reading or in my case listening to the audio, narrated by SW Salzman.  Salzman has a way of paining the picture in your head of the story so well you can loose yourself in the book, as if you are part of the story, helping out.  Both author and narrator make a great duo and I can't wait for book 2.   

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

The Enigma Game (YA)

When 15 year old Louisa took a job caring for a elderly woman she had no idea what a adventure it would be.  Louisa having lost both her parents to bombing wants desperately to do something, anything to help fight back against Germany but she is not sure how to do this as a a 15 year old.  When Louisa and her charge reach the small village of Windyedge in Scotland, Louisa meets some friends (if you have read other books by Ms. Wein, but not necessary) that will help her on her way.
Like I said if you have read Code Name Verity, and some of the other books, you will be reunited with some friend, if not don't worry you can read them after this book.  You will find all Ms. Wein's books are wonderful.  I really with I could have learned history this way.  While the book is fiction some of the facts are based in history.  I love all of her books where the main character is female, but the action and suspense is strong enough to hold anyone's interest.I really loved this book and hope you will too.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Titanborn (ADULT AUDIO)

Malcolm Graves is a type of futuristic bounty hunter and he works alone, always alone, until now, he has been assigned a Spockish cyborg augmented partner, Zahaff.  They need to go and find who was responsible for the terrorist attacks between Earth and Titan.  But will they like what they find?
This was a wonderful well put together book.  It is full of action and suspense the characters are so good you be able to paint interesting pictures of each in your mind.  If you are lucky enough to have listened to this book performed by the awesome R.C. Bray then you can just sit back and loose yourself in the worlds that Graves lives in.  Either format, I hope you will love this series as much as I am. 

Sunday, May 17, 2020

The Brightest Fell (ADULT)

This was a wonderful story about a man, a drug he created and the depths he would go to to make sure it never fell into the wrong hands, the hands that would abuse it and weaponize it.  Even though his ways might seem very brash to start, like any genius there is more than meets the eye. Not to mention all the people and their lives he draws into his plans.
This was a well written fast pace book, it jumps right into the thick of it and never comes back out until the end.  The characters are believable and what seems like a bunch of misfit people all come together in ways you might not see until you get there.  The suspense is thick in places so make sure you keep breathing.  This really is a awesome political thriller, one that might even have you up past your bedtime reading as it did me.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

The Juniper Wars: Armageddon Girls Part 1 (YA AUDIO)

Following the Sino-American wars, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Montana, and New Mexico have no power and are now collectively called the Juniper.  There is 1viable male for every 20 females.  This is the story of one family and what they must do to fulfill their debts that there mother has left them upon her death.  The only way they see to make that much money is to drive their cattle across a very dangerous land to sell to different people, people that will give them what they are worth, if they make it.  The three sisters take off and shortly in to the drive find a boy, one sister wants to sell him, one just wants him gone, but the third has fallen in love with him, what they don't know is who he is and the danger he is going to bring.
This was a exciting book from start to finish, there was non-stop action and suspense around every corner.  If you are a audio person this one is a must as Angela Rose Masi's performance is awesome.  She takes you to the dusty, gun slinging Juniper, where you can go on this adventure with Cavatica and her sisters.  You can be a part of their friends that is helping them on this drive.  Whether you are a audio person or a book person you won't be disappointed with this book.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Throwback: The Chaos Loop (MG)

Since Corey figured out he is the first throwback, he has started to go back in time a lot.  To help his sister not to get mugged on the train on the way home from school for one now he obsessed with changes he can make in time, addicted even, and he has his eyes set on Hitler.  But can all these trips in time change Corey in unintended ways?
This is a awesome historical fiction book, one where you learn a lot and don't know it.  At the same  time this book is jammed packed with action and suspense so even the reluctant of readers won't mind the sneaky learning.  The characters in the book are well formed and try their hardest to point Corey in the right direction but Corey doesn't always listen.  I really can not wait to see what Corey and his friends and family are up to next.

Not Your Idol Vol 1 (YA)

I don't usually go for Manga but this being a physiological suspense about a idol names Nina that gave up her idol career after being sexually assaulted at a event.  She has moved to a new town, has a new name and wears the boys uniform to her new school, where she gets teased a lot, if they only knew, but one boy does know.
I really like the book with all the suspense, however I felt like they just cut it off and now I have to wait for Vol 2 to come out, it just wasn't a smooth stopping place.  But I also can't wait for Vol 2 now so please hurry.

Monday, May 4, 2020

Dragon Ops (MG)

This is Ian's dream come true his favorite computer game is now a amusement park.  It uses augmented reality so people can come and play the game as their favorite character.  Ian is in heaven but his sister Lily and cousin Derek see this as a nightmare and could careless, even though Derek's dad help program the world and that is how they are now getting to play it before the park opens for real guests.  But once they enter the game they find themselves trapped by a rouge AI dragon that sends them on a quest they should not be able to do at their level and threatens to eat Derek if they don't do it. And thus begins the adventure of a lifetime.
This book is a wish come true for any gamer to read, it is full of suspense, twists and has action galore, there is even a mysterious player that shows up.  I thought this book blew the cool-o-meter right off of the chart, but if you know me you know I love these kinds of books, and I hope you will too.  Boy I hope there is more to come like this from the author, maybe even see Ian and the Dragonslayerz again.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Dragon and Mr. Sneeze: Witches of the Horseshoe (A Southern Coming of age Fantasy Story) (YA)

In a little town in Texas two witch friends will meet another witch that will change their lives forever.  While Famka and Ophelia have been friends and in training to be witches forever, it is poor Milly that just doesn't have much knack for the tuning.  However, she does have a old ghosty that she thought was her friend but isn't and is now after the three girls to get the original book of tuning.
This is a fun and action packed book that isn't like any other,  There are so many twists and turns and please don't turn as blue as a skeleton holding your breath through the many suspenseful parts. I will follow the author Blue Skeleton to the other side of the graveyard any day.  As you read this it will take you to a land like no other and one you can't wait to get back too.