Monday, May 4, 2020

Dragon Ops (MG)

This is Ian's dream come true his favorite computer game is now a amusement park.  It uses augmented reality so people can come and play the game as their favorite character.  Ian is in heaven but his sister Lily and cousin Derek see this as a nightmare and could careless, even though Derek's dad help program the world and that is how they are now getting to play it before the park opens for real guests.  But once they enter the game they find themselves trapped by a rouge AI dragon that sends them on a quest they should not be able to do at their level and threatens to eat Derek if they don't do it. And thus begins the adventure of a lifetime.
This book is a wish come true for any gamer to read, it is full of suspense, twists and has action galore, there is even a mysterious player that shows up.  I thought this book blew the cool-o-meter right off of the chart, but if you know me you know I love these kinds of books, and I hope you will too.  Boy I hope there is more to come like this from the author, maybe even see Ian and the Dragonslayerz again.

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