Sunday, July 30, 2017

Out of the Soylent Planet (A Rex Nihilo Adventure) Book 0 (ADULT)

This is a story of a futuristic con man (Rex) and a robot assistant (Sasha) that is stuck with Rex since Rex was conned into buying Sasha, so Sasha tries her best to help Rex the best she can.  But after being sent to the planet Jorfu to atone (or die) for some errant con and money owed to one king pin.  Rex and Sasha find themselves on the run for their lives and the only thing that will save them is the take over of the company Ubiqorp.
This is one action packed, suspenseful, funny, book, and when in their two other friends than it will really get you laughing.  These two find friends in odd places but get caught by Ubiqorp in the most predictable places.  It can be a comedy of errors and with Sasha's shutting down and rebooting at the wrong time issue it can just be a fun book, but the question still remains is soylent people?

Friday, July 28, 2017

Real Life Evil A True Crime Quickie Book One (ADULT AUDIO)

This is a audiobook for true crime book lovers that don't have the time to listen or read a full length book.  This first book centers on two stories, the first being, "Hiding in Plain Sight" that focuses serial killer Jack Unterweger and his most dangerous but clever, simplistic methodology to lure and kill his prey.  The second, "A Message From the Grave", still haunts Long Island New York, it is the Gilgo Beach murders in which they still to this day have not caught the person responsible.  Both stories are told very well and  with the right amount of detail, book narrator Jason Fella keeps it professional but pleasing with a wonderful voice for these stories there is a creep factor but one that is supposed to be there not one that is added to spook you.  The crime scene details and other technical aspects are explained well so everyone can understand.  This is really a outstanding quick book for the true crime lover in your life.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Light of Reason The seekers Book 3 (YA AUDIO)

Orah and Nathaniel are back from their travel in hopes of bringing new and better things but what they find is chaos.  They hoped to bring a great light what they instead brought was darkness and war, but what can they do, and how can their new tech help them to avoid the bloodshed?
This is a wonderful series it can be fun in so many ways but also deep and make you think, and narrator Erin deWard plays the different parts so well you will find yourself lost in their world. There is a lot of action, and suspense for sure.  But three young adults who will lead their world into peace or war, depending on how things work out but are ready for each, as I teen I was ready to go to war but I never had to make the decision to send people to war and I know I could not have made that decision.  But in their world they have already seen and endured so much, it is a story not to be missed.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Marcus A Death Knocks Story (YA AUDIO)

This is a awesome novella on the back story of Marcus and what happened during that blank time when he became a BEK (black eyed kid), even though his turning did not exactly go as planned, and now he still doesn't want to be BEK and is resisting.  Despite the urges Marcus, with Astid there to help, isn't going to bend to Level Six's will and be what he knows he is not.  But he will use some of his new found abilities for good, like scaring his little brother and his friends into not using drugs. 
This was a really good back story, and you got to learn a lot about Marcus, his dreams and what he was really like, not just what he portrayed on the outside and that was special.  Jeff Simpson the audiobook narrator does a awesome Marcus and that made this book the much special.  This novella still had the action and suspense that you are used to from this series so no worries, the BEK's never disappoint.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Dark Knight Wyrd book 2.0 (ADULT AUDIO)

The Dark Knight is the sequel to the The Red King.  It picks up from the end of The Red King, where Frank and Holiday are still at it and the new people are still fitting in.  But one night Ash goes out to rescue a special needs kid, Cory, maybe not a kid anymore as he has had to grow up fast especially after the future he has seen.
A really amazing, thought out book with awesome characters and the jump in time with Cory was  pretty cool.  Cory is a strong kid and maybe that is what I liked most about him he can get through anything, he is vengeance, he is the night, he is Batman, I think he is my hero right now and I can't wait to see how his story ends up.  This is really a cool story and I can't wait for the next one especially with narrator Guy Williams reading, the audiobooks have been spectacular.  Mr. Williams has wonderful voices for the characters and he sucks you into their world as though you are there, he is a great narrator definitely one not to be missed.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Flense part 3 (ADULT AUDIO)

Angelique has more pieces to the puzzle including the only survivor from the train, but if Angelique doesn't do something fast the girl won't be a survivor much longer.
Again, Mr. Tanpepper and Mr. Greene have brought this story out front and alive for the listener of this audiobook.  It makes you wonder if all of this could really happen in real life right here, right now.  Mr. Tanpepper's story makes you think and his story's is filled with all the action and twist and turns of a super roller coaster ride.  Mr. Greene brings the book alive with his awesome narration and storytelling abilities, he puts you right there in the middle of the action and everything that is going on and he might even put you in some spots you do not care to go.  This serial is so great I can't wait for more, really I can't  wait more, really please hurry.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Tales From the Haunted Mansion Vol II: Midnight at Madame Leota's (MG)

This was a really cool book about a man who came to the mansion looking for the famous Madame Leota so he could talk to his dead sister on last time, instead he encountered the mansions librarian (what a awesome job if I do say so myself) and was made to listen to several hair raising tales, (and I assure you reader, some are very creepy).
This book is really good for those middle grade readers looking for the creepy tales like goose bumps, but these come with a Disney twist as this mansion is the one of fame from the Disney park.  This book will make a awesome addition to any library even the haunted ones.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Flense part 2 (ADULT AUDIO)

This is part two of the twelve part serial and it picks up right where the last one left off, with Angelique trying to put all the puzzle pieces together even though she doesn't have all the pieces yet, and she has a gun to her head. 
This story is one to suck you in and never let you go until it feels like it.  With Narrator Doug Greene reading it, it is even worse, he has all the characters down pat and he is so good at this you just loose yourself between his voice and Mr. Tanpepper's story you don't have a chance but to get sucked in and want more and more like a audio junkie.  All the action and twist and turns, who is spying on who and working for who.  All I can say is thank goodness there are twelve of these to keeps us going for a while, because you will want the next one before you finish the one you have.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Time Sniffers (Shadow World Book 1) (YA)

In the future when our world is in need of a alternative source of energy and scientist are desperately looking everywhere for one, one set of scientists are looking at harnessing black matter for a new energy, but they don't fully understand the consequences of doing that until the day they disappear.  It is just assumed that they blew up.  But the daughter (Bria) of one scientist knows her mom didn't blow up, she knows her mom is alive somewhere and when she sees a strange sign everywhere she knows she must do something to find her mom.  That is when K-Six comes into Bria and her Autistic brother Dylan's life to help them, and their friends sniff out the time her mom and the other scientist are trapped in and to close the rip. 
I don't want to say much else and give anything away.  I will say that the first couple of chapters are kind of science laden but once you get through that it is so good, action packed and full of twists and turns and I really hope there is more to come because there are certain things I need to find out what happened with as I am sure you will too if you read the book.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Death Knocks (YA AUDIO)

Who knew that a simple knock at the door could change ones life forever?  Unfortunately, Maverick knows that all to well now that everything he has known and loved has changed, his world is figuratively and literally upside down, and he doesn't even know where to start to try and put some of the pieces back together, but he knows he has to do something or the black eyed kids will tear some other kids world up like they did his.
I don't want to say to much for fear of giving to much away but this is a really awesome book, and the narrator, Jeff Simpson, really makes the book come alive with his voices for every different character and the way he pulls you into the story you are there living it with Maverick and his friends.  This is a really awesome action packed, twists and turns, kind of book by Ms. Hardy and I can't wait to see what happens to Maverick and his friends, because there must be more?

The Age of Innocence (ADULT AUDIO)

Mostly a documentary of culture of the elite rich in New York in the 19th century.  The love they had for each other but the life they were not allowed to live together.
This was a fascinating historical book  by Ms. Wharton and it really shows the reader all the ins and outs of the way things where back then.  It is the wonderful voice of narrator Elizabeth Klett that really brings New York and all the characters alive in the book, I don't think it is a  book I would have ever read but listening to Ms. Klett narrate this book brought me into New York like I was a bystander, watching it all happen that was so cool, thank you!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Traveler (ADULT AUDIO)

This is a story of a daughters love for her father and the fact that it is so strong it can transcend time.  It isn’t exactly a sad sorry at all, but a very powerful and uplifting story as her (Tee a 12 year girl) father left her a project (they worked closely together in his blacksmith forge as Tee was his apprentice) to get her through the rough part of his death.  It was as if he knew he was going to die, but how?  Like I said a very powerful and uplifting story of a love stronger than most.  Even though this is actually a short story it packs quite a punch in its small size, it is well worth every page, Thank you Stefan Bolz and your most awesome narrator Arden Hammersmith for bringing this story alive for me it truly was the best hour spent in a very long time, thank you again.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Silence: The Six Series Book 3 (YA)

When Adam joined the pioneer program he became part of a team, they were to protect the world from digital threats.  Now Adam has more power and he's not sure how to use it , but his new girlfriend, and newest pioneer, Amber is helping him try to figure it out, only Adam's friends keep trying to warn him that her ideas are not in his best interest, only Adam won't listen.  Adam feels more more alone and isolated.
This is a very exciting action packed and suspenseful book with many twists and turns,  It asks many very real questions about very real science and beliefs going on today and will leave you thinking what if?  If you are in any way interested in computers and the digital world you will love this series, it is not written over anyone's head but takes you on a wild ride through the digital world and spits you out on the other side asking questions even scholars are asking now.

The Siege

The Six

Monday, July 3, 2017

Serafina and the Splintered Heart (MG)

So how to write this without giving anything away, even the awesome plot?
Serafina is back with all of her friends and they must work together to find a way to beat the nastiest, darkest, toughest, mysterious threat yet to them and to the Biltmore estate.
I love this book, as I love the other two Serafina books.  The Blue Ridge Mountains and their lore as well as the Biltmore hold special fascination for me, so sometimes it is as if Author Robert Beatty is just filling in some gaps for me.  He uses the most exciting characters, Serafina (of course), Braeden, Waysa (the Cherokee Indian), Serafina's mother (the Catamount), and so many more good, bad and some that are not sure which they are yet.  Mr. Beatty's use of short, exciting chapters make his books appealing to all readers, young, older, reluctant, and well versed.  These books are truly books for everyone.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Bleak December (ADULT AUDIO)

They knew it would be a bad winter, but not bad like this, this was supernatural bad. 
And only author Kevin Summers and his awesome narrator George Kuch could get me to keep on listening to something that goes from bad to worse and to worse still yet, but hey it was all to those New Englanders, Ayuh!
This really is a awesome book that keeps your interest to the very end no matter what and the audio narrator George Kuch really is wonderful, he did such a great job with all the characters and is just a talented narrator. 

Saturday, July 1, 2017

E-Sports Competitions (MG)

This is a book on E-Sport competitions, how to find them, enter them, rules, structure, and compete in them.  The book starts out with some history and moves into types of games a person might compete in.  I have to admit I found the first part of the book almost a ad for Call of Duty since the name was mention so often, and that is sad since there are so  many other games out there that where not even touched on, I suppose first person shoot is most widely know but there are so many other types of games.  I was excited to get the book but felt let down there was so much more that could have been included, the was a pro or no book.  The best part about E-Sports is there is so much more the betas and the rest, you need to be a pro to have a sponsor.