Sunday, November 29, 2015

BOTS Emergent Behavior YA

Robotics prodigy Edmond West creates the first Artificial Intelligent being that people can not tell the difference between man and machine.  But after hiding her for so long the government finally finds out and wants Edmond to mass produce more like her, however, Edmond knows this will just lead to the AI's enslavery, and that is when the action starts.  This I believe might be a book before its time, I am hoping it is not to advanced in the science part (especially for this opening book) for teens, because I think the idea and background for the book is awesome and so much can be done, so I guess we will just have to see where the author goes from here.

4 Stars

Friday, November 27, 2015

Child Soldier: When Boys and Girls Are Used in War MG

This is a awesome retelling of the story of Michel Chikwanine's boyhood.  Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, his first real experience with his countries civil war was when he was five years old and was kidnapped and forced to be a child soldier, and do things no child or adult should ever have to do.  He did manage to escape and make it back home.  Michel's father was a political activist who had troubles too, most of the family finally fled to a refugee camp.  From there Michel, his mother and one of his sisters finally fled to Canada, later another of Michel's sisters was able to join them.  This book is Michel's retelling of his life with wonderful, colorful, illustrations, so all children can understand the problems that other children face in other parts of the world.


The CLay Lion YA

The Clay Lion in my opinion is one of the best time travel books for young adults ever!  The well thought out process of not only the theory of time travel but of the consequences of changes in time lines and the understanding the difference between fate and destiny and why things happen for a reason even if we don't understand what it is.  The author goes through major issues of fate, destiny, love, loss, personal choice and grief, all twisted together.  Brooke, the main character, must figure everything out for herself in her life through her trips and grow enough to learn when to let go.  I still don't have the proper words to describe how I feel about this most wonderful book it just kind of left me with my mouth open.  However, this is also another of those awesome books that is hard to talk about for fear I might give something away.  But I will say the audible version was GREAT, the narrator Lorelei King worked magic and really brought the book to life with her wonderful use of voices and obvious love of the book.  She really put some life into the audio, you might not want to get out of the car.


Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Game of Lives (The Morality Doctrine Series) YA

Michael is a gamer who loves to game, but what happens when the game becomes real.  When the game you where once playing was fun is now a race for humanity and you are not sure who your friends are anymore.  You only know that you are the only one that can save humanity from that which has escaped from Pandora's proverbial box.

Like the other two books in the Mortality Doctrine series this one is no different, James Dashner will keep you up way past your bedtime reading his face paced, action packed, suspenseful, twist around every corner, thought provoking, page turning book. Written in true Dashner style this book and the others in this series will quickly become favorites of young adults and adults alike just as his Maze Runner series did.  This book will keep you wondering what will James Dashner think of next.


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tails of the Apocalypse

This is fourteen short stories about animals in a dystopian, post apocalyptic worlds, all written by awesome writers, in which part of the proceeds of each book will go to Pets for Vets, so please what is not to love?  These are amazing stories, yes I will be up front, sometimes the animal dies, but it is worth it, being a veteran myself and helping with the working dogs on my base may have skewed my perspective  a little on how much I feel  and love the way these animals interact with the human aspect of the stories, but these animals are all heroes.  This is book is for all those hero animals that didn't come home or the ones that help the two legged heroes that come home not quite whole.  So give it chance I think you will love it as much as I did, but keep the Kleenex close.


Athel (Mayake Chronicles Part2) YA

Athel is a back with his sister, Akaela and friends and they are on a hunt to find things to help defend their city from the Gaijin.  But in doing so they get wrapped up in a puzzle to find the lost entrance to the underground city of Astraca.  Either way it is a race to save the Mayake people.

In this book you find out more about both races of people as thee is a extra added character that adds a twist to the book.  It is fascinating to watch the characters grow especially Metal Jaw.  Everything blends so wonderfully, these books are so great with all the action and suspense, I can not wait for part three.  If you find yourself like me and can not wait more don't over look Giorgi's two short stories that are set in this world, The Gaijin Girl, and the Tails of the Apocalypse in which the there is a short about Athel's falcon Kael.