Friday, September 27, 2019

Gnash: Washington, Dead City, Book 1 (ADULT AUDIO)

This is not your normal zombie book, this is a man made virus(?), nukes included.  The book follows a couple, Emory who is still in the city which turns into ground zero and, Grayson, Emory's fiance, who was on a business trip in the mid-west when everything hits, and their story from there. 
This is a awesome book and audio, the action doesn't even stop in the last chapter.  The narrator draws you into the story and has you staying in your car or whatever to hear just a bit more.  This is a really good book and worth a try, I can't wait to dig into the next book of the series.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Attack of the Aswang: Warden, Book 3 (YA AUDIO)

Errol is back at it and is now being tested for the Wardens job, but because of the stories told about him and what he has done he is to be brought to Apolos and to be questioned by the high warden himself.  But after taking a side trip into the badlands the traveling group thought all the bad stuff was left there but the group could not be more wrong.  But now its up to Errol to figure out how to fix this before it kills him.
This book was just as action packed and suspenseful as the others, I didn't think Errol was going to make it this time.  I also like Errol's girlfriend she won't stop at anything to do what she wants to do, when she whats to do it, I am not sure who is stronger her or Errol.  The characters are well thought out and work so well together.  The story is awesome and I had the audio where the author and narrator work so well together to make this a wonderful audio.  Mikael Naramore is a great narrator that brings this book to life and draws you into it as though you are there a part of their world.  These books are so much fun I hope there are more to come.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

The Beast (The Darkdeep) (MG)

This picks up with our friends shortly after the first book The Darkdeep ends.  Nico, Opal, Tyler, Logan, and Emma just want a calm fun Halloween, without and special responsibilities, if you know what I mean.  But since the problem during the festival the town has gone Beast crazy and so has it tourism.  So now is not the greatest time for the real Beast to show up and with a camera crew in town and all, but the real question is how are the torchbearers going to keep it a secret with everything that is going on, and so much for that calm Halloween. 
I love this series it is great for all (all ages, boy or girl, reluctant reader or not, really everybody).  This is a book that is not always what it appears, what you see on the surface isn't what you might find later on if you keep going in the book, and it might even change a few times, so keep going if you don't like something, I love these twists.  The action will keep you on your toes as well, I realize I  have only mentioned the Beast but do not by any means think he is the only thing (they are not all monsters) out there.  I don't know how these two authors keep their stories so fresh and fun but I hope they have no plans on stopping anytime soon, because I just have to know what happens.

Slay (YA)

Seventeen year old Kiera is an awesome student, with an attentive boyfriend who cares about her and his heritage maybe even more, and she is a queen in the Virtual Reality Game, Slay. She is also one of only three African Americans at her school, where she is often asked to answer for everyone of her heritage, and is always having to act more like the rest of her classmates.  But everything changes when a boy, playing Slay is killed over game coin, and all of Slay's secrets come out including that Slay is only for people like her, African Americans.  Slay is the only place Kiera feels she can be herself and now people are saying the game is discriminating and racist.  Kiera has a huge secret, she made Slay, and now she is scared.
This is such a awesome story line, it is a place I could never go but I would hope if I ever got to have a conversation with Kiera she would entrust me with some codes to hand out at my discretion. I think we all can use a place where we can totally be ourselves without worry or hate.   It was nice to loose myself in this world for a while but there where times I wanted to just yell, "what are you thinking" to some of her friends for some of the questions or things they would say.  This isn't just a thinking book although it will make you do that, it has its fair share of action and a lot of it, as well as suspense, and twists that will take you right up to the end, oh yeah there is some cool tech stuff too.  This is a stay up late at night because you can't put the book down kind of book.  By the way, do you eat meat?

Saturday, September 21, 2019

The Girl Behind the Red Rope (ADULT)

Grace is the good girl until her brother gets her into trouble  thinking that it is safe to go beyond the borders of their town the ones marked by the red rope.  But he comes back traumatized into the strict ways of the town and Grace comes back with all the questions.  Then when her father shows up with a boy he says is her brother and for her to take care of him, well everything goes up in the air than, or I should say on the run.
This was a interesting, and thought provoking book with lots of action, twists and turns, and suspense  so thick you could swim through it.  I can't say a whole lot about it without giving up spoilers, but if you like Ted Dekker you will love this book.

The Hive (YA)

Cassie has always believed in social media so when the Hive came about it seemed natural and right as well.  The hive was the power of the people on social media to police themselves if someone got so many dislikes than they would be doled out a punishment that the Hive (the people of social media) would implement.  The more the dislikes the worse the punishment and the longer it can go on, but most people got a level one or two which would be something small and would have to be done within one to two days. That is until Cassie made a joke on social media and found out a lot of people found it more mean than funny like her and she was the first to get a level six punishment, now she is on the run. 
This was a fun book on so many levels, but mostly I can easily see some form of this coming in the future, it has been the center of many shows and brought up in some books lately, but not to this extent.  This book makes social media  scary even terrifying.  I just read for fun so I didn't read to much into it other than what was there and that was exciting, suspenseful with twists and turns that kept me guessing and that make a great book for me.

Under the Mountain: Into the Outside, Book 3 (YA AUDIO)

Isabella and her family and friends are held prisoner in the lowest levels of Mt Weather and are slated to clean up some of the highest radiated areas without any protection.  Luke has also made it to Mt Weather and has made friends with others that are rebels and hate what the higher ups are doing to the mutants and are ready to help Luke free his sister and friends. 
This is the last book in the trilogy and probably the best.  It has so much action and suspense you just can not stop reading or if you are lucky enough to get the audio narrated by Ann Bumbak you can't stop listening.  Ms Bumbak is wonderful she draws you into the story and makes you feel as though you are there fighting along side everyone sometimes as a rebel sometimes as a mutant, but you will  have to stay and see what happens all the way to the end.  This was a great series and one you should give a try if you like post dystopian books but not as rough as others.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Shatter City (Impostors, Book 2) (YA)

Rafi and Frey are still working to untangle their lives, but if daddy can't have one the other is just as good as long as there is one for the people to see and to do his bidding.  So with bomb strapped to Frey's neck she waits and plots till she can escape and turn the tables on her murderous father. But plans change when she escapes to the city of Paz than what seems to be a giant earthquake hits the city and she is caught helping and surviving, until she discovers  surviving is going to become much more.
Wow the twists  and turns and suspense in this book are never ending and huge, as is the action.  I  love the characters and how they are realistic in what they want and what they will do in order to get it, no fake stuff here.  This is my favorite YA world since the Ugly days and it just keeps on getting better.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Extinction Shadow: Extinction Cycle: Dark Age, Book 1 (ADULT AUDIO)

Several years after the humans thought they got the upper hand on the variants and are starting to rebuild; team Ghost is back on the job to flush out and kill improved variants, while Kate works her magic in the lab to try and figure out ways to keep the humans safe and help rid the world of the monsters she helped create.
If I say this book is full of action that would be a understatement.  The suspense is so tense even the frostiest of warriors will find themselves holding their breath.  If you are lucky enough to get  the audio narrated by R.C. Bray than you are in for a treat as Mr. Bray is so awesome capturing the right tone and emotion of each character, not to mention the world around and making you feel as if you are a part of the story, part of team Ghost.  This is a wonderful book and I can't wait for more from all three of these wonderful guys.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Tiger Queen (YA)

Old desert rules force Princess Kateri to fight prospective husbands for her right to rule and not to marry them.  For one day she wants to run the desert boys out of her land so her people can have all the water they need. Until she finds out the last man she is to fight is probably the one man she can not beat and will also be the one who cares the least for her people.  Kateri will do anything not to break her promise to her now dead mother, to take care of her people, even if it means asking the enemy for help, but can the enemy be a friend?
This book has high speed action galore, and more twist and turns than a pretzel.  The author paints a great picture of everything going on and around, but isn't to wordy in the process.  This is definitely a book that will have you up past your bedtime, it did me.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Tunnel of Bones (City of Ghosts #2) (MG)

Cassidy's parents film a paranormal show on ghosts and places that have that type of activity.  Unbeknownst to them that their daughter, after a near death experience, can see ghosts and even has one as a best friend, Jacob.  In book two Tunnel of Bones we find the family has moved on from their first location in Edinburgh, City of Ghosts (Book 1), to Paris and something very new that won't be sent away with a simple mirror and saying.  But Cassidy's parents are also keeping a much closer eye on her after the incident in Edinburgh, so how will she and Jacob not to mention Grimm get out of Paris without a family or international incident?
These are such wonderful books for those middle graders looking for a scary but a not too scary book.  The non-stop action, and suspense will keep even a reluctant reader reading.  The characters are great and work so well off of one another, I just love the ying and yang of Cass and Jacob, I hope they stay together for many more books to come. 

Saturday, September 7, 2019

The Trouble with Tabbies (The Love & Pets Romantic Comedy Series Book 2) (ADULT)

Bea has a problem she has promised the local cat rescue money to build a new building that she doesn't technically have yet, and to get it she needs a guy, preferably a fiance.  Seb unsuspecting answers a ad for a hiking partner, being a nature photographer he is all up for that.  Even when when Seb hears Bea's odd plan for her father's birthday party and him being a stand in fiance for the long weekend, of which she will pay him well for he is still game for the worthy cause.
This was a very fun book from the start, light and funny at times.  I don't think most people have met anyone quite like Bea, or ever will.  This romance book actually has some action in it, but has many more twists and turns, some you will not see coming.  I am not much of a romance reader but I like cats and that is what got me started on a book I could not put down and ended up reading straight through.  I love this tabby treasure.

Friday, September 6, 2019

Dead Voices

Coco, Ollie and Brian are on their way to a nice winter break at a resort skiing and relaxing with Ollie's dad, and Coco's mom.  But a snow storm hits on their way up and doesn't let up.  They find they are the only ones to make it up to the resort and decide to make the best of it because, you know, it can't snow forever can it?  Than a strange man shows up with a story he is from the press to cover the ghost stories from the old building and Ollie's watch starts going off, never good.  Than the weirdness really begins with a big smile on its face.
This is a great middle grade/any grade/age creepy story.  I actually said something at work about this book and found several adults that read it and were upset I already read it, as they had borrowed ahem, ahem  Small Spaces from their kids (now I am jealous as I missed that one).  The action is non stop, the suspense keeps you holding your breath, and there are twists and turns all throughout the book that will keep you guessing right up until the end.  It had me reading non stop and up late.  This is a book that reaches out and grabs you and will not let you go until the end.  I really hope there are more and that I don't miss out ever again.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

The Fire Keeper (A Storm Runner Novel, Book 2) (MG)

Zane and his friend are back in this fast paced sequel to the The Storm Runner.  This time Zane has created havoc among the Mayan world.  His call to the other godborns has not gone unheeded, but as they are a threat to some gods they are also a blessing to a certain god,  Zane will need all his friends, and new friends as well, to help try a save the godborns and his father  from certain death but he must remember that there is a traitor among them. 
This book is just as wonderful as the first, so full of action, suspense, Mayan lore, as well as some Mexican heritage. Very refreshing but nail biting at the same time.  It is the type of book that will have you reading late into the night under the covers by flashlight just to see what happens next to Zane and Rosie (oh yes, I love Rosie the hell hound that is so much more than a hell hound). So if you liked Middleworld by Jon Voelkel you will definitely like this.