Saturday, March 23, 2019

Valhalla Station: A Space Opera Noir Technothriller (The SynCorp Saga: Empire Earth Book 1) (ADULT)

The duo of Bruns and Pourteau have a certain hit on there hands as Valhalla Station takes center stage in a very up and coming genre.  SynCorp has saved the people from earth when it failed and now takes care of every aspect of these same peoples lives, health, food, entertainment, and work.  Some say SynCorp is  a savior others slavers, but the five factions that make SynCorps rule are forever pushing and pulling for power.  But what happens when a group gather together and decide they no longer want to be under SynCorps rule and want it for themselves, do they have what it takes to over throw five factions by themselves, can they gain the support they need, or do the people even want this?
This was such a exciting book from the start, full of action and suspense, with some surprises built in to keep  you on your toes,  The characters are very well defined and interesting and some will surprise you as they come out of their shell.  But the story is solid and will race to the end it will keep you up well past your bedtime to finish and find out what happens.  Valhalla Station will definitely keep you eagerly waiting for Masada's Gate the next book, because I can't wait!

Monday, March 18, 2019

Whiskey Devils (ADULT AUDIO)

Powers finally quits his cubical, time clock job to go to work for his best friend and roommate Nick.  But is the grass really greener on the other side of the grow lamp?  When Nick's secrets come out things get complex and Powers is stuck in the middle.
This book is full of action, twists and turns that will keep you in suspense and hanging on to your seat with both hands at times.  Audio narrator Jack de Golia will make you feel as if you are there and a part of Nick's group.  This book was wonderful and would have you up past your bedtime to see what would happen next to the guys or in my case with the audio sitting in the parking lot a bit extra before work or at lunch listening to see what happened next.  I will be looking for more books by this author and narrator as both were awesome. 

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Dragon School, Books 6-10 (YA)

As the gang is back and the story continues from the the last book Dragon School 1-5.  Amel and Hubric are now student and teacher and Savette and Rakturan are together even with Savette's condition, and they have a dead but not dead dragon. So between these four humans, oh and don't forget the Dominar, and the three dragons, some of which have secrets of their own,. Things are certainly becoming interesting and maybe very important in the future for their worlds.
This is a awesome series that is jammed packed with action and and suspense.  The twists and turns will have your head spinning at times in a good way, and you will stay up late reading or in my case take the long way to and from work to listen more to the audio version that was so good as narrator Jigisha Patel does such a wonderful job transporting you into the world with Amel and Raolcan.  This is a great series and I can't wait to hear more.

Monday, March 11, 2019

When Spring Comes to the DMZ (PICTURE BOOK)

This is a very interesting book, it describes the Korean demilitarized zone not only in the spring but through all the seasons through a little boys eyes.  He see what the animals do, what the soldiers do, even what his Grandfather does but the worst is what he can not do. 
This was a good book, very informative for teaching how others live, very diverse.  I loved how it was seen through the little boys eyes as he had grown up with it with all this, because even as he mentioned things  like the barbed wire, it was  done in passing like it was just part of life, always been there always will be.   The illustrations are out of this world and the surprise at the end of the book is wonderful, truly artistic.  Do not forget to read some of the author notes at the end those have some really good things to talk about especially the one about the animals on the DMZ.  Although I am not to crazy about their target age group preschool - 3 (it might work), I think it would work better for younger elementary schoolers, but that is just me.  I still loved the book and its diversity.

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Dragon School Episodes 1-5 (YA)

Welcome to the world of Amel Leafbough cripple and dragon rider initiate.  Instead of being a strain on her family she decided to go to Dragon School where best case she will become a dragon rider worst case a servant to dragon riders.  First main test is picking your dragon, but did Amel pass or fail that test as her dragon actually picked her, as it seems purple dragons do, however, the secret of the purples is that they talk to their riders in their heads.  Dragon and riders talking to each will become immensely important in the near future with all that is about to come and Raolcan teaming with Amel gives Amel the confidence she needs to be the purple rider she wants to be despite her disability.
This is a wonderful book with action galore.  The characters are awesome,  Amel is my new hero, and Raolcan is totally awesome, other character to keep you on your toes are  Leng, Hubric, Rakturan  and Savette, they all have their roles and they are all important but it will be interesting to see where their roles take them.  I was  lucky enough to have gotten the audio narrated by Jigisha Patel and let me say it was great I can't recommend it more she has the relationship you would imagine Amel and Raolcan down and takes you to their world.  Her voice shapes everything in way that takes you to their world and makes you fell as though you are a part of the action going on there.  It was enough I shed a tear when it was done knowing I didn't have the next set yet and would have to wait to get it to find out what happens. I also love that this is a diverse book and we all know we need many more diverse books in our world today.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Seventh Grade vs. the Galaxy (MG)

  Seventh Grade vs. the Galaxy by [Levy, Joshua S.] 
PS 118 is your typical school, in the future, except it is a bit run down.  But it is still the school of Jupiter's orbit, at least until it gets attacked, than all the weird and strangeness happens, and it is somehow left to three of the students to try and make everything right.  This book is set at warp speed and never slows down I think Mr. Levy has a great book and I can not wait to see what happens in the next book.