Saturday, March 23, 2019

Valhalla Station: A Space Opera Noir Technothriller (The SynCorp Saga: Empire Earth Book 1) (ADULT)

The duo of Bruns and Pourteau have a certain hit on there hands as Valhalla Station takes center stage in a very up and coming genre.  SynCorp has saved the people from earth when it failed and now takes care of every aspect of these same peoples lives, health, food, entertainment, and work.  Some say SynCorp is  a savior others slavers, but the five factions that make SynCorps rule are forever pushing and pulling for power.  But what happens when a group gather together and decide they no longer want to be under SynCorps rule and want it for themselves, do they have what it takes to over throw five factions by themselves, can they gain the support they need, or do the people even want this?
This was such a exciting book from the start, full of action and suspense, with some surprises built in to keep  you on your toes,  The characters are very well defined and interesting and some will surprise you as they come out of their shell.  But the story is solid and will race to the end it will keep you up well past your bedtime to finish and find out what happens.  Valhalla Station will definitely keep you eagerly waiting for Masada's Gate the next book, because I can't wait!

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