Saturday, March 9, 2019

Dragon School Episodes 1-5 (YA)

Welcome to the world of Amel Leafbough cripple and dragon rider initiate.  Instead of being a strain on her family she decided to go to Dragon School where best case she will become a dragon rider worst case a servant to dragon riders.  First main test is picking your dragon, but did Amel pass or fail that test as her dragon actually picked her, as it seems purple dragons do, however, the secret of the purples is that they talk to their riders in their heads.  Dragon and riders talking to each will become immensely important in the near future with all that is about to come and Raolcan teaming with Amel gives Amel the confidence she needs to be the purple rider she wants to be despite her disability.
This is a wonderful book with action galore.  The characters are awesome,  Amel is my new hero, and Raolcan is totally awesome, other character to keep you on your toes are  Leng, Hubric, Rakturan  and Savette, they all have their roles and they are all important but it will be interesting to see where their roles take them.  I was  lucky enough to have gotten the audio narrated by Jigisha Patel and let me say it was great I can't recommend it more she has the relationship you would imagine Amel and Raolcan down and takes you to their world.  Her voice shapes everything in way that takes you to their world and makes you fell as though you are a part of the action going on there.  It was enough I shed a tear when it was done knowing I didn't have the next set yet and would have to wait to get it to find out what happens. I also love that this is a diverse book and we all know we need many more diverse books in our world today.

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