Monday, August 31, 2015

Voyagers Project Alpha MG

This is a exciting first book of a six part series done in a sty;e becoming more and more popular where several authors join up and each writes a book to be included in the series.  This first book Project Alpha is written by D.J. McHale, whos other works include the Pendragon series, and SYLO Chronicles, just to name a few.
Project Alpha starts the series with the drawing of the four down from eight to make the team that will need to go into deep space and retrieve the necessary source to save Earth from running out of power.  But like any good book there are many twists, turns, and huge surprises to be had.  The characters are awesome and believable tweens that show a wide range of diversity among themselves.  They all have a strong science background, go STEM! Speaking of which there is also a computer interaction side that you can do along with the books, not mandatory, but can be very fun nevertheless.  This book will appeal to anyone who likes action, suspense, and a lot of fun.

The second book, Game of Flames, is set to come out on November 3rd, and is written by Robin Wasserman.


Friday, August 28, 2015

Kinda Like Brothers MG

I liked this book on a few different levels.  I liked it because it showed diversity of several different types, and we desperately need more of this in children and young adult books today.  I also liked the break through of the mental health stigma, people, especially children and young adults need to not only know it is out there, but it is OK and there is help not only for the person suffering from it but the family as well, no one should suffer in silence.  And the biggest reason I choose to pick this book was Jarrett and his learning problems.  You see Jarrett and I are a lot alike.  I spent most of my school years struggling and playing catch up, I didn't even really start to read until half way through my second grade year when everyone figured out I was really good at faking it, until test time that is.  This book is a awesome read for middle grade and young adult guys, however girls will surely appreciate the finer point as well, but I think this book will especially appeal to reluctant readers of all ages or genders, it is that good!
Jarrett's mom is a foster mother for babies, but when a special case comes her way she can't turn down the babies older brother as well, after all it is only for a few days until they find another foster home, so Jarrett is told.  Now Jarrett is stuck sharing his room, friends, and life with the older, cooler, smarter Kevon and it has been a lot more than a few days. Will they ever learn to get along or will Kevon's dad come to get him and his little sister Treasure first?

This really is a awesome book and if you get it through kindle you can pick up the version as well discounted and I must say the narrator John Clarence Stewart Does a outstanding job, well worth it, he was awesome!

5 Stars

Monday, August 17, 2015

Aoleon the Martian Girl part 1 MG

Aoleon is a martian girl that just wants to have fun like any other girl.  She flies her ship and loves to makes crop circles, but her crop circles don't hurt the crops it just bends the wheat, not breaks it so the wheat can continue to grow.  One night while making crop circles in Mr. Johnson's wheat field both Mr. Johnson and Gilbert come out to see what the great light is.  But when Mr. Johnson starts shooting at Aoleon and Gilbert they jump in Aoleon's ship and zoom away.  After some tense action packed minutes of flying, and being chased, Aoleon and Gilbert finally make it to mars just to wind up in a more suspensefully, hold your breath kind of time, while they try and make their way to Aoleon's house.  Which leaves us at the huge cliff hanger before part 2, which I can not wait for now.
This was a highly suspenseful, action packed book, with some awesome illustrations.  It does have some technical jargon in it, but that is easy to get around.  The basic story is well put together and the two main characters work awesomely together.  I really can't wait to see what happens in part 2.


Saturday, August 15, 2015

Lair of Dreams (A Diviners Novel) YA

One word, AWESOME!  This is the sequel to the renown Libba Bray's The Diviners, and it does not disappoint.  Evie is back with all her friends, Mabel, Theta, Henry, Memphis, Sam, Jericho, as well as a new friend, Ling Chan.  This time they must use their gifts to battle a ghost in the dream world that is taking over people and sucking their life force from them while they sleep, killing them.  Can our diviner friends stop the ghost while still chasing their own dreams, you will have to read the book to find out.
This book is set during the time of flappers, prohibition, and vaudeville.  It is wonderful how the author ties in the history of the times with the wonderful story she weaves along with the characters, it made a net that caught me and held me tight until I was finished with the book and I think it may still have a hold on me until the next book comes out with some of the answers to the questions left unanswered.  This book was filled with twists and turns, huge suspense, and secrets galore.  I think this is another awesome book by Libba Bray, pos-i-tute-ly!

5 STARS!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Dogs YA

This book had me hooked before I even got it.  I had seen a early promo for the book and begged the publisher for a copy so I could review it, and The Dogs by Allan Stratton did not disappoint, it is awesome!  It is a well paced book, with twists and turns that will keep you guessing all through the book.  It includes a creep factor that rivals some other famous authors, and one thing is for sure, you will be up past your bedtime reading this book, I was.
Cameron and his mom have been on the run for a long time, every time Cameron's mom thinks his dad catches up to them they have to move again.  But this place is different, it feels different.  Cameron is the one that thinks someone is watching him, should he tell his mom, or is he just creeping himself out with all the stories the kids at school are telling him about the old farm house he and his mom are renting that has his mind playing tricks on him.  But when Jacky the boy who used to live on the farm starts talking to Cameron and Cameron starts investigating the farms history, people start looking at Cameron differently.  Cameron's world starts to fall apart and he feels alone, if his mom is wrong about him maybe she is wrong about his father too.  Can his dad help, can Jacky, can anybody, and how do the dogs fit in?  This is one awesome YA / paranormal / thriller / crime / mystery book, so as you can see it has a little in it for everyone.


Monday, August 10, 2015

Akaela YA

What is a girl (even a girl with special artificial integrated technology implants) to do when her daddy goes missing?  Go find him of course.  That it what Akaela, her brother, and two of their friends set out to do after rescuing Akaela's brother from Mayakean incarceration.  But will the foursome make it to the Gaijin's factory where the think their dads are being held or will there be other more costly obstacles in their way?
This was a great futuristic, spell weaving, fresh, all round wonderful book.  I was really cool with all the artificial integrated technology one can only hope will someday be available to people that need replacement parts.  It was kind of sci-fi meets steampunk, one word awesome especially if you like that technical, mechanical, building things, and I do. 


Sunday, August 2, 2015

Summer Bingo MG

When I first saw this advertised I thought I have to review this for my niece going into middle school this year she will love it.  She will, but this book is so much more than what I thought it would be, it is a great book!  The characters are so believable, at times I felt like I was there and wanted to pull Summer aside to give her some of the advice she seemed to so desperately want.  I felt so bad for her, the story starts out on her 13th birthday and it is Summer, her sister J.C. and their mother Maggie.  Even though they have nothing, Summer's mom is making her birthday cake out of ingredients you can not eat by themselves, they seem very happy to just have each other.  Than they win the money and not everyone is happy anymore.  You would think money would solve all their problems, but in their case it seems to start them, and it gets worse when they move to a new town.  Now Summer needs to find new friends in a new school, and even start over proving herself to a new softball coach.  Even though some things get better for the family toward the end there are still other problems left to be seen, so I am not sure if there are plans for a second book, but it sure would be nice to see how things are going for this little family in a year or so, so how about Summer High (School)?