Sunday, August 2, 2015

Summer Bingo MG

When I first saw this advertised I thought I have to review this for my niece going into middle school this year she will love it.  She will, but this book is so much more than what I thought it would be, it is a great book!  The characters are so believable, at times I felt like I was there and wanted to pull Summer aside to give her some of the advice she seemed to so desperately want.  I felt so bad for her, the story starts out on her 13th birthday and it is Summer, her sister J.C. and their mother Maggie.  Even though they have nothing, Summer's mom is making her birthday cake out of ingredients you can not eat by themselves, they seem very happy to just have each other.  Than they win the money and not everyone is happy anymore.  You would think money would solve all their problems, but in their case it seems to start them, and it gets worse when they move to a new town.  Now Summer needs to find new friends in a new school, and even start over proving herself to a new softball coach.  Even though some things get better for the family toward the end there are still other problems left to be seen, so I am not sure if there are plans for a second book, but it sure would be nice to see how things are going for this little family in a year or so, so how about Summer High (School)?


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