Monday, September 20, 2021

Dog Day: An After Z Short Story (ADULT AUDIO)

 Dogs might be invaluable during a apocalypse but what happens when you get separated from your best friend.   Well it seems they work extra hard to get back to you and hope it happens, as they are as confused as ever.  This is Oaklee's story.  

This is a suspenseful, action filled story about Oaklee a German Shepard dog that sets out on a trip of a lifetime, and it just might cost him his life.  This is a wonderful book and a great audio book narrated by Matthew Crow who does a great job on it.  I really enjoyed this short story and will be looking for more  from this author and narrator.

Friday, September 17, 2021

The Demon Inside: Chasing the Dark, Book 1 (ADULT AUDIO)

 Circumstances take a ordinary man and put him out front of a attack on American soil like had never happened before.  Now that man must protect his family and friends from what is to come.  Chase has a demon that comes out when he gets put in situations that just need someone or something to take over and do the motions, and as long as the demon saves his family and friends he doesn't care.  

This book is based on a high altitude electro-magnetic pulse going off and plunging the USA in total darkness.   This was a action packed, suspense filled wonderful book that I was in no way ready for it to end.  The characters are real and it is totally easy to believe yourself there helping the group.  It was a good audio book narrated by Ricky Wolff despite some interesting pronunciations.  I can't wait for more to come so I can hear what happens to Chase and his family.

Thursday, September 16, 2021


Ryan and Victoria have fallen on hard times and it looks like they will lose their business.  On a spur of the moment thought while getting gas they bought a lotto ticket and they find out later they have won.  Victoria wants to save the money but gives in to Ryan so he can splurge some of it, what she doesn't know is what he does with the money will probably save them when money won't mean anything.

This is a great take on the zombie apocalypse and how one family deals with it.  There is non-stop action that will (if you are like me and have the audible) start taking the long way home so you can listen to more, as narrator Matthew Crow brings the book to life in my ears.  He takes this wonderful book and puts voices to the characters, it makes the book that much more special.

Monday, September 13, 2021

Apples Never Fall (ADULT)

 When Joy Delaney, of the famous Delaney tennis school goes missing her four children can't believe their dad is the prime suspect.  But new carpet, new paint, and a bloody shirt do point to him, not to mention the cryptic text message their mom sent just before everything happened about going of the grid for a while see them soon, and the fact that Joy's phone was found under the bed of her house.  But if their dad didn't do it what did happened, how does their one up and coming tennis star fit into this and what about the mysterious Savannah?

This a book so full of suspense and twists and turns you really won't know what happened until the end when all is revealed, if you can wait that long.  This is a book about family and how sometimes you need to see it through someone else's eyes.  This was a good book and had me totally hooked by half way through it just to see what happens.

Generation Manifestation (YA)

 The genetic wars that made waste of our world also changed some kids into superheros that live in Jupiter City and get the best of everything.  The rest of the kids DNA regulars (DREGS) get tested periodically to make sure they are not manifesting some super power and if they are they are taken to Jupiter City to live with the rest of their kind.  If not they get sorted into the jobs that need workers.  Caitlin wants so badly to manifest and be like to superheroes in the comic books she loves so much, but how far will she go to become a superhero?

This was a awesome coming of age in a desolate world story, where one ordinary girl just wants to stand out.  This book is full of action and suspense but it is the twists that you need to watch out for.  This book will not disappoint any reader, young, old, or reluctant, you will find yourself cheering for some of the bad guys.  So give it a try I hope you will like it as much as I did.

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Fallout: Spies, Superbombs, and the Ultimate Cold War Showdown (MG)

 Spending the majority of my life during the cold war years I have to say this book was very interesting.  But hey what book that has spies, and bombs wouldn't be pretty cool.  Those days of duck and cover (like it would really help) are gone and kids today have their own wars they grew up with.  This book picks up after World War II when the US and their ally USSR turn on each other and become each others enemy.  When the U2 spy plane is new and the US thought they had the upper hand.  

This book has plenty of action and suspense galore, but I think the title has much more meaning than just nuclear.  This is a great book that tells the history of that period.

Thursday, September 9, 2021

The Lady of the Lake (The Frannie Shoemaker Campground Mysteries Book 4) (ADULT AUDIO)

 Frannie and the crew are camping at a oldie but goodie place and are having fun at a fair, and even a dance.  But you know the saying all is fun until there is a body.  Frannie is trying to stay out of it but just isn't sure why the police are not looking at more people as suspects, so by now you know where that will lead?

I love these Frannie books, they have everything you could want, action, suspense, even some humor to keep it light.  These are easy books to read/follow even the audio narrated by the wonderful Michelle Babb who to me is now Frannie.  These books are realistic and believable so that makes this world I and many others have fallen into one that is a great escape from our every day lives, and how nice that is right now.