Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Ham Helsing #2: Monster Hunter (MG GRAPIC NOVEL)

Ham has been left with he job he never wanted, hunting vampires and other monsters.  The job should have been his fearless brothers but he died, twice now.  He and his friends have been invited to camp Fish Head as guests of honor only to find campers showing up and no staff in sight.  Each camper has their own fears, one is bugs, one is its own shadow, and so on.  As Ham tries to make it camp like for the campers he soon finds it hard with their fears, not to mention the campers are disappearing.  Ham and his friends must get the kids back before their parents come, but where are they?

This is a cute series and this book teaches in its way about growing up.  I liked this story and series a lot and hope everyone else will too.  This book is great for everyone and even reluctant readers will find Ham and his friends fun.  I can't wait to find out where they go from here.

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