Friday, July 31, 2015

Awake YA

This is a great book, it was a little slow to start but than it picked up speed and there was no stopping the story or the reading of it, the story had me hooked like a big old fish at that point.  The characters were a wonderful mix, although I have to admit I found Noah and his family a bit unbelievable at first but as the story developed I saw how his family might have become and acted the way that they did.  This book has a little something for everyone in it, action, romance, cult/paranormal (?), action, oh, did I mention action?  Running, chasing, stabbing, and some kissing too, but I won't tell you in what order, you will need to read how Scarlett, who can't remember anything since before she was four, meets up with Noah.  They fall in love, she ends up back with her real parents and the cult, where Noah saves her, hopefully, before her locked away memories , and her parents secrets, can kill her.  There are some twist and turns that could easily set up a second book, I really hope that happens so it will answer some leftover questions.


Sunday, July 26, 2015

Max the Brave (Picture Book)

“Are You My Mother?” meets “I Want My Hat Back” in the hilarious new picture book, Max the Brave (Sept. 8), by author and illustrator Ed Vere. Follow fearless Max as he encounters every other creature except the one he’s searching for…mouse. Check out the trailer!
“A cat-and-mouse game to be laughed at and reread.” – Kirkus
“Full of playful humor...enhanced by the humorous text, character expressions, and a not-scary monster to boot. Highly recommended.” – School Library Journal
“Both the punchy text and illustrations command attention, and plenty of readers will get a kick out of feeling superior to Max.” – Publishers Weekly

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Jerry's Magic MG

This is a good book, especially for reluctant readers and those still being read too.  It is the first of the Jerry's Magic series.  Jerry Shore is ten years old, and since he lost his dad in the Great war, WWII, five years earlier, he has been learning to be the man of the house.  To help him with this and some anger issues, The Wondermaker, Wilcox, a homeless man in the area has been giving Jerry magic items and teaching him the Look, which can put people under your power, but only if your intentions are good.
This is a great book, it is a wonderful story while at the same time teach some awesome life lessons without it being so, in your face, toward the reader.  Some things are a little dated since the book is set in the 50's but maybe kids would enjoy learning and hearing about radio broadcasts and kid superheroes from their grandpa's time.

5 Stars

For a review of the second book Jerry's Madness please go to May 2015

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Daughter of Dusk YA

This was a great book and the second in the Midnight Thief series.  It is action packed but what do you expect when the main character, Kyra, is a thief, assassin, and a demon rider.  In this sequel to the Midnight Thief, Kyra must not  only battle her own feelings between her human and demon rider blood, but also her allegiance with the Forge, with their leadership problems, and the Makvani and her own problems there.
This book moves as fast as a demon rider, and will leave you behind if you let it.  The excitement is contagious and you will find yourself holding your breath while cheering on Kyra during all her exploits.  You go girl!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Wild Cats Volume 1 MG

This is a very interesting and interactive book in the way that you are supposed to feel as though you are on the expedition with Suki and Fitch to count the wild cats in the wilds starting in Canada.  So as you trek through Canada looking for their three native wild cats and counting them you also learn a lot more about Canada and the wildlife there but in a high tech very fun way.  The images are fun and very high resolution and realistic looking.  This is a very fun and interesting book, it would be awesome for reluctant readers or a wonderful book for a crossover from non-fiction to fiction book.  The illustrations look sharp and awesome in the copy I had, I can only guess how awesome it is going to look in the final release. I don't want to ruin the book but the friends they make along the way are just the best and as you can see from the cover can be a bit entertaining.


Chasing Secrets MG

This is such a wonderful book on so many different levels.  Ms. Choldenko makes the historical part so interesting even a non history lover will love the story, with its secrets to be figured out and the diversity that is taught throughout the book all I can say is, doh je Ms. Choldenko, we need many more books just like this.  However, with the non stop, high paced action the reader will not always realize that they are learning all this wonderful and colorful history of our country that is an important part of our past.
Lizzie along with her brother, Billy, and her friends Noah, Gemma, and Gus, race to get Lizzie and Billy's cook Jing out the Chinatowns (San Francisco) plague quarantine.  But in doing so they find secrets, lots of secrets, is there even really a plague outbreak, did the monkey die, why would a Chinese servant girl jump out of a third story window to avoid a immunization against the plague?  Will Lizzie and her friends find the answers in time? This is action packed, fighting, run through Chinatown in the middle of the night, book.  It was so much fun to read, not to mention so interesting at the same time, it was just a plain awesome read!