Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Chasing Secrets MG

This is such a wonderful book on so many different levels.  Ms. Choldenko makes the historical part so interesting even a non history lover will love the story, with its secrets to be figured out and the diversity that is taught throughout the book all I can say is, doh je Ms. Choldenko, we need many more books just like this.  However, with the non stop, high paced action the reader will not always realize that they are learning all this wonderful and colorful history of our country that is an important part of our past.
Lizzie along with her brother, Billy, and her friends Noah, Gemma, and Gus, race to get Lizzie and Billy's cook Jing out the Chinatowns (San Francisco) plague quarantine.  But in doing so they find secrets, lots of secrets, is there even really a plague outbreak, did the monkey die, why would a Chinese servant girl jump out of a third story window to avoid a immunization against the plague?  Will Lizzie and her friends find the answers in time? This is action packed, fighting, run through Chinatown in the middle of the night, book.  It was so much fun to read, not to mention so interesting at the same time, it was just a plain awesome read!


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