Friday, July 31, 2015

Awake YA

This is a great book, it was a little slow to start but than it picked up speed and there was no stopping the story or the reading of it, the story had me hooked like a big old fish at that point.  The characters were a wonderful mix, although I have to admit I found Noah and his family a bit unbelievable at first but as the story developed I saw how his family might have become and acted the way that they did.  This book has a little something for everyone in it, action, romance, cult/paranormal (?), action, oh, did I mention action?  Running, chasing, stabbing, and some kissing too, but I won't tell you in what order, you will need to read how Scarlett, who can't remember anything since before she was four, meets up with Noah.  They fall in love, she ends up back with her real parents and the cult, where Noah saves her, hopefully, before her locked away memories , and her parents secrets, can kill her.  There are some twist and turns that could easily set up a second book, I really hope that happens so it will answer some leftover questions.


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