Tuesday, June 15, 2021

The China Pandemic Graham's Resolution (ADULT AUDIO)

A bird flu has ravaged the earth, only 2% of the population has lived.  Graham has no family left and decides to he for his families cabin in the woods.  On the way he picks up a few stragglers and they become his new family.  When Graham and one of the girls run into some preppers in a town on a restocking mission they give him a boy to take care of as well since the preppers have not been exposed to the flu they do not know who is susceptible and who is not so they can not keep the boy.  What Graham does not know is who the preppers are led by and how much the preppers are helping Graham and his new family, especially when the bad guys come.

This was a great story I would love to hear more and someday I might get to.  But it is really good and narrator Darriel Driml really brought it to life.  I really liked the story line and the characters they worked well together, but you do need to remember this is fiction so what always works may not always be real, but still a great story.

Monday, June 14, 2021

Cursed Luck (ADULT AUDIO)

Kennedy is a curse weaver like her sisters and family before her.  But what they really do now is unweave curses on peoples items after those people sell her the item, Kennedy gave up a long time ago trying to explain to people about cured items.  But when tall, cute and rich walks in wanting her to do a remodel on part of his office it is a offer she can't refuse that is until her sisters go missing.  Does Connolly have anything to do with it, he did say something about her sisters, or will he help her get to the bottom of it all?

This was a great book with strong characters and a awesome story line that might take you for a loop toward the end.  But this book or audio which ever you choose are both wonderful and will keep you entranced until the end.  The audio narrator Carly Robins does a excellent job spinning the magic of her voice to transform you into the story like you are there and can help Kennedy.  So whichever medium you pick I hope you love this story as much as I did.