Sunday, May 9, 2021

Zombie Crusade: Still Alive, Book Eight (ADULT AUDIO)

Everyone is back and there are a bunch of new characters and bunch of characters are now gone.  But Mo and his buddies are still cruising on the boat looking for a cure to this problem.  While his Cuz, Benji, and the rest are fighting on many fronts, the ones trying to take their island and the crazy church people.  Not to mention everyone is fighting against the peeves.

If you think this will be just like his other books same story different day, that is not how Javan works.  His books are action packed with twist and turn that will make you feel like your on a roller coaster, not to mention his way with all the blood and gore scenes that will leave your mind blown.  The narrator S W Salzman does all the voices for the audio and is so good at it that you will lose yourself in the story and it will feel as though you are really there with everyone.  This book moves fast so don't get left behind, but it will still be here if you need to catch up from the beginning.  Oh, I also hear he is working hard on book nine, and I can't wait.

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Thrive (The Overthrow) (YA)

The survival of earth is dependent on three teenage hybrids.  It is what they believe and who they trust that will determine if we as humans will live or die.

This is a great book that truly is like no other and will captivate you through all the action, suspense and have you up reading well past your bedtime.  This was such a good book I can't wait to read the first two books and see how it all started.  I hope you all give it a chance this book is well written and is totally written for everyone to read and enjoy.

Monday, May 3, 2021

The Last Fallen Star (MG)

 Hattie is turning thirteen in a few days and will be initiated into her clan, she will receive her Gi bracelet and will than be able to cast spells on her own.  But Hattie is determined to have her adopted sister Riley follow in her path despite her lack of magic.  This story is what happens next.

I wanted to leave this without any spoilers, but this action packed, suspense filled book with lots of Korean lore is hard not to tell everything about it to book talk this and get everyone interested in reading this book.  I have loved everything Rick Riordan Presents has put out and this is no exception.  I hope you give this book a try I don't think you will be disappointing.

The Mouse Watch Underwater (MG)

 Move over Rescue Rangers, Bernie, Jarvis and the mouse watch are here.  While the rest of the watch are called away to a big emergency, Bernie and Jarvis are stuck doing menial stuff until a message comes through about the SS Moon, a old submarine that was sunk, that had some awesome tech called the Milk Saucer that the mice want back very badly, and the only ones left for the job are Bernie and Jarvis.  Can the two friends overcome their fears to save the milk saucer?

These books are so much fun with all their adventures, and cool tech down to Jarvis' special hoodie.  The book is very exciting with fast paced action from cover to cover.  Not to mention the suspense that will hold you captive until rescued by the ending of the book.  This is a great book for even the reluctant of readers as well as a classroom read as the plot and cliff hangers will hold anyone's attention.  No matter where you read it this is a great book that you won't want to miss.

Willa of Dark Hollow (Willa of the Wood, 2) (MG)

Willa is back and now there are loggers near her fathers house.  While out one day Willa ends up saving a bear after the a logger shoots its mother.  But than these horrid dark things come and they make everything cold and when they touch a logger they kill them.  Willa has never seen anything like this in her woods before.  Soon her father is arrested for killing two loggers and Willa and her Cherokee sister must save him.  

Willa is Faeran a very old race of forest dwellers.  Willa has helped people her whole life but while helping rescue children from the Faeran's old ruler her home and the home of all her people was burnt.  Now in this exciting new Willa book, Willa is very busy.  She is taking care of a bear cub, helping her father, helping her people (even if they do not want her help), and trying to figure out the wheat hair colored girl.  This book has not stop action from front cover to back, and lots of suspense that is sure to keep every reader from 8-108 up past their bedtime.  Willa is the person we all kind of want to be on the inside and it would be pretty cool to have her camouflaging power on the outside as well.

The Timepiece: The Traveler's League, Book 1 (MG AUDIO)

 The Timepiece: The Traveler's League, Book 1     

On Hoops way home from school one day a strange kid gives him a old pocket type watch and a note and tells him he can't open either until he gets home.  Once home the note is some weird message and the watch won't set to the correct time but once he tries a time in the note he finds himself in a strange world and now he must figure out how to get home before he is killed.  But he is also intrigued by the watch and decides to keep exploring, but what does this all mean?

This is a fascinating book that will have you on the edge of your seat rooting for Hoop and also, despite all the action, trying to figure out what this all means for Hoop as well.  Even though most of the characters in this book are boys trust me girls will like this book as well especially once they get to the end.  Even though this is a middle grade book people of all ages will be drawn to this wonderful story-line, even those reluctant readers out there will enjoy this awesome book.  If you are lucky enough to get the audio version narrated by Kevin Rineer you are in for quite a treat as he, with his wonderful voice, transforms you and your world to that of Hoops and you seem to be right there with Hoop helping him at every turn.  Which ever version you pick I think you will enjoy the book and I can't wait till I can get more.

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Project Hail Mary (ADULT)

 You are humanities last hope, but right now you are stuck to a bed in a space craft of some kind and you can't even remember you name.  This is where science teacher Ryland Grace finds himself. He also knows he has been asleep for a really long time and that there were three of them on this mission, because the other two bunks have corpses in them.  As things start coming back to him very slowly he finds he is in a race against time.

This book will give The Martian a run for its money, and keep the reader on their toes with all the suspense.  The action is high octane and doesn't let up until the end.  This is the kind of book that will keep you up past your bedtime just to see what happens next.  I loved the book and think others will too.