Sunday, May 9, 2021

Zombie Crusade: Still Alive, Book Eight (ADULT AUDIO)

Everyone is back and there are a bunch of new characters and bunch of characters are now gone.  But Mo and his buddies are still cruising on the boat looking for a cure to this problem.  While his Cuz, Benji, and the rest are fighting on many fronts, the ones trying to take their island and the crazy church people.  Not to mention everyone is fighting against the peeves.

If you think this will be just like his other books same story different day, that is not how Javan works.  His books are action packed with twist and turn that will make you feel like your on a roller coaster, not to mention his way with all the blood and gore scenes that will leave your mind blown.  The narrator S W Salzman does all the voices for the audio and is so good at it that you will lose yourself in the story and it will feel as though you are really there with everyone.  This book moves fast so don't get left behind, but it will still be here if you need to catch up from the beginning.  Oh, I also hear he is working hard on book nine, and I can't wait.

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