Monday, May 3, 2021

Willa of Dark Hollow (Willa of the Wood, 2) (MG)

Willa is back and now there are loggers near her fathers house.  While out one day Willa ends up saving a bear after the a logger shoots its mother.  But than these horrid dark things come and they make everything cold and when they touch a logger they kill them.  Willa has never seen anything like this in her woods before.  Soon her father is arrested for killing two loggers and Willa and her Cherokee sister must save him.  

Willa is Faeran a very old race of forest dwellers.  Willa has helped people her whole life but while helping rescue children from the Faeran's old ruler her home and the home of all her people was burnt.  Now in this exciting new Willa book, Willa is very busy.  She is taking care of a bear cub, helping her father, helping her people (even if they do not want her help), and trying to figure out the wheat hair colored girl.  This book has not stop action from front cover to back, and lots of suspense that is sure to keep every reader from 8-108 up past their bedtime.  Willa is the person we all kind of want to be on the inside and it would be pretty cool to have her camouflaging power on the outside as well.

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