Wednesday, December 12, 2012

First post

This blog will feature books that I read and like a lot or don't like as much, trust me I will let you know.  I am a tween/teen librarian in a small county in Kentucky.  I read a lot of these books so I can make better choices and make our budget stretch farther, so my co workers have suggested that I start this blog, so here I am blogging.  I have written reviews for classes, newsletters, and our website before but this is a first for me.  You will find I tend to write the same way I would hold a conversation, I am dyslexic and a little ADHD, I didn't learn to read until I was in the second grade and even now I am a slow reader.  I will understand you reluctant readers very well as I was one, but I am very good at matching books with children, that is the part of my job I love best, because I know even a reluctant reader can learn to love to read and even someday become a librarian if someone takes the time and knows the books to help them find one they will like.  My mission!