Thursday, July 16, 2015

Jerry's Magic MG

This is a good book, especially for reluctant readers and those still being read too.  It is the first of the Jerry's Magic series.  Jerry Shore is ten years old, and since he lost his dad in the Great war, WWII, five years earlier, he has been learning to be the man of the house.  To help him with this and some anger issues, The Wondermaker, Wilcox, a homeless man in the area has been giving Jerry magic items and teaching him the Look, which can put people under your power, but only if your intentions are good.
This is a great book, it is a wonderful story while at the same time teach some awesome life lessons without it being so, in your face, toward the reader.  Some things are a little dated since the book is set in the 50's but maybe kids would enjoy learning and hearing about radio broadcasts and kid superheroes from their grandpa's time.

5 Stars

For a review of the second book Jerry's Madness please go to May 2015

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