Monday, January 18, 2021

Magic's Most Wanted (MG)

Mason's life was going great than all of a sudden BAM, his dad is sent to prison for bank robbery, which Mason knows wasn't him.  Mason's grades are falling, and when he blows off a book report his mom gives him a music box to use as a visual to hopefully get him through a book report on a book he has not read but has a music box on the cover.  But that is when his life changes for the second time and sends him on the run with only a Magix Jr detective and a crotchety bunny. 

This is a fun book with loads of action and plenty of suspense.  The characters are awesome and it is just a cool book that even reluctant readers are going to love.  Despite the seriousness of all the events around Mason that is going on there is still much humor to find in the book and not all of it is supplied by the bunny, who I thing is just curmudgeonly enough for everyone to fall in love with.  This is going to be a hit among middle graders, and I hope we see more of Mason's adventures in the future.

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