Tuesday, May 3, 2022

The Book Woman's Daughter: A Novel (Book Woman of Troublesome Creek, 2) (ADULT)

 This book takes place several years after the The Bookwoman Of Troublesome Creek ended and now the little family finds themselves in big trouble and Cussy and her husband want to save their child, Honey, from being a part of it by sending her to stay with a family friend back in Troublesome Creek and that woman to become her guardian so she can stay out of children's work prison.  But when the older lady dies Honey must do what she can to fight for her own freedom and for a blue in Ky in those days is a uphill battle but Honey finds she has more friends than she will ever know.

Being a librarian in Ky of course we all know of those pioneering woman in eastern Ky that delivered books to people via pack horse, mule, boro, whatever they could get to carry them and the books to their patrons.  But these books bring those stories alive, and it is both a proud and sad time in our Ky history.  Proud of these woman and what they accomplished, and sad how the justice system let down those in their care especially the woman and children.  This book is a awesome historical fiction book and a series I hope we get to see more of to see more of the Lovett family and how things go from here.  I also have to admit I was excited to see Lagrange and Pewee Valley mentioned as that is where I live now and I wish Honey could have seen some of the good there instead of just a quick stop at the prison.

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