Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Zenith (YA)

Androma, riding her awesome spaceship around doing odd jobs and acting like a space pirate all the time hiding from her own people,  until the one job she runs into the one person that should be impossible to run into, because he is dead, she killed him herself, is he a ghost? She will not go back to her people no matter what will she?
This was a action packed, non stop suspense, all round wonderful book.  Even though most of the main characters are girls there is plenty of fighting and blood from the Bloody Baroness to make any guy happy.  This is a great diverse book for all and it had me all the beginning and now I just can not wait for the next to see what happens next.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Before I Let Go (YA)

Corey and Kyra are best friend Corey helps keep Kyra grounded and Kyra helps Corey see the world.  But the people of their small town of Lost Creek Alaska doesn't understand Kyra and her bipolar disease and they are afraid of her  sometimes.  So when Corey has to move away they promise to see each other in a few months over winter break, so they just need to wait until then, just wait.  But just before Corey's visit Kyra dies, when Corey goes back for the funeral things are different very different.
This is a wonderful diverse book, also very suspenseful and has action as well.  This book is exciting as well as haunting at times.  It is a book you won't want to miss, so don't let it go.  You will  always be  rooting for Corey to help tell Kyra's story.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Supergifted (MG)

Donovan is stuck between a rock and hard place.  He did something pretty cool but can’t tell anyone or he will get into trouble, but his friend, genius nerd, Noah was there and decides he will say he did it so people will stop looking for the superkid that saved head cheerleader Megan’s house.  But when Noah lets all the superkid go to his head what can Donovan to do?
This is a really awesome book on so many different levels about friendship, cliques, and acceptance.  It is a book that is good for all kids in the middle grade age group, as there is a wide range of kids in the book there is bound to be one to pretty much fit anyone reading the book.  This book brings a lot to the table from bullying to the pressures that kids put on themselves to perform at the top grade wise and athletically, and these are just middle scholars (I was not thinking of what college I wanted into in the 7th grade, not seriously at least).  I really enjoyed this book and hope everyone gets the chance to read or listen to it at some point, whether you are a Noah, Donovan, Megan, Hashtag or someone else in the book hopefully you see yourself and can figure out what you might change to be a better friend or to help someone become a better friend.

Potion Master: The Eternity Elixir (MG)

Twelve year old Gordy might be the best elixirist ever when he grows up, but first he needs to save his world from the enemies of B.R.E.W. (Board of Ruling Elixirist Worldwide) or at least hold them off until his Mom gets home.
This was a really good book full of non stop action, lots of suspense, and of course plenty of potion magic.  I am sure there will be many references made between Harry Potter and this book but if you ask me, I don't see it, apples and oranges.  I guess you could make a case for anything but I think this is different and refreshing.  It's eclectic list of characters, including Doll, will make this a hit for boys and girls of a wide age range and especially reluctant readers.  This is a really good book and I can't wait to see what happens next! 

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Trusted: Dragons' Trust Book 1 (YA AUDIO)

Renick, Lainey, and Thane find themselves scrambling to prove worthy to live after rescuing a baby dragon and delivering it back to its family.  Just teens themselves and far from home they never expected to be in this predicament, but here they are mining for nothing in the dragon mines awaiting their sentence.  But when a cave in occurs and they stay behind instead of escaping like the others, will that help their case or just prove to the dragons more of their stupidity. 
This was a really good action packed, very suspenseful, dragon/human book.  I was touching at times and infuriating at others, but so good you don’t want it to end and when it does you cannot wait for the next book to see what happens.  If you like dragons you will like this book, it is not like all the others but is a really different wonderful change that is well worth the time and will have people looking for the next book, and if you are lucky enough to have gotten the audio version narrated by the awesome Fred Wolinsky than you are in for a treat as he must have a million voices, as he has a different voice for every character in the book, he is such a talented voice actor he transports you to Helath Forrest so you are right there with our friends and all of those dragons, it is so worth it if you can get the audio. I for one will be waiting for the next one to come out on audio, if you can’t wait the book and ebook forms are out now.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Night Society (ADULT AUDIO)

Worst game ever! It was just supposed to be something kind of spooky for the three guys to get together and do, and the old abandon house on the outskirts of town was a great place to meet, but when things started appearing during the week in their everyday lives it wasn’t much of a game anymore.
This was an exciting, spooky, action packed, and very suspenseful book, with twists, turns and pitfalls everywhere.  Oh my gosh I loved it, and with narrator Joe Hempel lending his expertise to the audio it was awesome.  Mr. Hempel takes you there so you can see the sight, smell the smells, and fell what is to be felt.  This is not a book for the faint of heart but if you indulge, it is a fast and furious ride one you won’t forget anytime soon

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Olento Research Box Set (ADULT AUDIO)

This is a great series merging Sarah Noffke's awesome world of dream travelers with a world of twelve genetically altered men to make them dream travelers slash werewolves.  Sounds outrageous, not so much when you read or listen to this series, this author can make anything happen and have it all sound perfectly normal.  Not forgetting all the action and suspense that is also going on at the same time, oh and if you are already familiar with the dream travelers, yes Ren sort of makes a appearance, if you could call it that, he never could leave well enough alone.  I really like all of these books, and can not wait to see what is coming next, this has become a world that I really enjoy escaping too, and narrator Elizabeth Klett has really spun a vision for me of the institute and each of the characters so that I feel as though I am there and a part of the Lucidites, and I would thank them both (narrator and author) for the escape time, it is awesome.