Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Ghost Station (ADULT)

Germany, Berlin 1961 to be exact.  The wall is there and it just closed.  But we are going to follow one CIA cryptographer, Wally Reed.  Reed is the one decoding the messages from a operative called Longshore, but when a message is missed its up to Reeds office to find out where and what it is. When Reed and his girlfriend (who works in his office) figure out where the message is they go to get it, across the closed wall.  Once they  get the message they end up separated with Reed on the run on the wrong side of the wall.
This book is filled with espionage, spies, and lots of codes.  The book is action packed and has so much suspense it will have you on the edge of your seat.  The narrator Jonathan Davis brings this story to life and puts you right in the middle, next to Reed.  This is a wonderful book that brings that time period to the forefront and lets you see it through the eyes of people that where there when it happened what they were able to do about it.

Friday, February 7, 2020

Extinction Ashes: Extinction Cycle: Dark Age, Book 3 (ADULT AUDIO)

Our friends are back and the race is on.  Dr Lavato and her team is working to break the web code, Beckham and Fitz are out in the bush to find out more about the collaborators.  Fisher and his team are deploying their tech to detect Variant attacks.  Team Ghost is working on convincing allies to join the fight, and Timothy is on the run for his life and to save the lives of others, believing he will never see his friends again.
The authors have done it, they have maintained if not exceeded the action and suspense level in this their third book in the series.  If you are lucky enough to get the audio version narrated by the awesome  R. C. Bray than you really are in for a treat as he can transport you into the story so you think you are right there with our friends ready to help.  This is a series you need to put on your to do list.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Pippa Park Raises Her Game (MG)

Pippa has a lot on her mind, but first and foremost is to bring up her math grade so she can get back to being the star player on her schools basketball team. While being tutored by a rich kid from the Lakeview Private school, she receives a offer to go to school there and play basketball, as long as she maintains a good GPA.  Pippa is first generation Korean in the States and lives with her sister and her husband, her sister thought basketball took to much of Pippa's time and kept her from getting good grades, but when the offer of free private school comes she changes her mind about basketball, but often nags Pippa about the grade condition.
This was a great book portraying the Korean lifestyle and pressures that go with it, as well as normal teenage life. I really liked this book a lot it had action and some huge twists, along with  some very interesting characters. It is a book that will keep even reluctant reader reading, it is nice to see a diverse book in the middle grade category.  A real Woke book.

18 Tiny Deaths: The Untold Story of Frances Glessner Lee and the Invention of Modern Forensics (ADULT)

This is a biography of Frances Glessner Lee.  She brought about the more modern era of forensics, and some of her techniques are still used today.  Her ambition in this field in a time when women being in this field was non-existent. She had to fight everyone for everything she got and got to do.  She is best known for her little dioramas that depicted violent deaths, as they called homicides than, and using these dioramas to teach crime scene investigation to police officers.
This was a very interesting book it took me right back to my crime scene investigation class, where we still did crime scene mock ups.  This book was well written and come at a time when woman are finally being  credited with all the things they actually did back when it wasn't spoken of.  It was a really good non-fiction book.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Highfire (ADULT)

Squib Moreau is a fifteen year old boy just trying to do for his mom any way he can, out in the bayou of the west-bank of New Orleans Parrish.  But the sheriff has a thing for Squib's mom and sees Squib as a obstacle in his pursuit.  The sheriff is also dirty as a Marie Laveau's magic and when Squib catches him in the act that sets off the events that bring Squib and Highfire together whether they like it or not.
This book was great I loved it so much it took me back to my days when I lived in New Orleans, and the authors setting and facts about it are well researched.  I don't want to give any spoilers so I won't go into particulars but this is a action packed, funny at times, suspense ridden, not your normal dragon book, it is so much more. This book is well worth you time especially if you are not a purest about dragons, because Highfire is a modern dragon.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Race to the Sun (Rick Riordan Presents) (MG)

Nizhoni Begay is having a tough time in seventh grade, her old normal school she was different for being Navajo.  Her new reservation school she is different for being different.  Than when her dad brings home his new boss, Mr. Charles, Nizhoni see that he is a monster something only she and her brother know she can do.  But when Nizhoni sneaks home the next day to get her forgotten lunch she see Mr. Charles and his henchman kidnapping her dad, that is when Nizoni, her brother and her best and smartest friend Davery decide to go after him by way of their Navajo ancestors. 
This is such a good book, especially if you like hearing different lore, this book is Native American Indian lore, and if you read carefully you can catch several different stories in there.  I love these diverse, woke books we need many more of them or the stories will die as you hear Nizhoni talk about.  We can all be keepers of the stories we just need to listen first, and hopefully you do to this book as it has a lot to teach us all.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

The Last Mystic (Singularity Series Book 4) (ADULT)

Eli is back from the dead and Kamali is ready to be the next offering to hopefully bring about the second Singularity.  But the more times Eli goes in to get others out and save others from death, he figures out what is meant by him being the bridge, and there is possibly another way to bring about the Second Singularity than just offering up Kamali his girlfriend.
This is the last book of the Singularity series and it is just as action packed and philosophical as the others in the series.  Mrs. Quinn will keep you on your toes throughout this book as there are twists and enlightening around every corner. This is a great book and a wonderful series it is one that can take you places you never expected to go.