Sunday, July 8, 2018

Willa of the Wood (MG)

Willa a child of the night forest, has always believed what she has been told, that the day folk are mean and dangerous and she should stay far away from them, but at the same time she must steal better things to stay top thief and keep the approval of the padaran.  But Willa's curiosity might have taken her a bit to far this time and now she doesn't know who to trust other that the animals of her beloved Smokey Mountains.
I don't want to say to much for fear of giving away some part of this awesome book, but let me say if you are expecting Serafina, than you won't find her here, but you will find another wonderful girl wrapped in Smokey Mountain lore and maybe a bit of history, just a bit, along with new and colorful friends to make along the way.  If you think Mr. Beatty might have left out any of his hold your breath suspense or cheer the characters on action well don't worry, there is absolutely no shortage of either as Willa takes you on this whirl wind adventure of hers.  This book is a beautiful tale sure to win the hearts of many readers, especially those of  us that live  near the Great Smokey Mountains, and who knows maybe it will inspire  many more readers to visit this great National Park someday.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Korean Road (ADULT AUDIO)

Alan just needs to hear a war story from a Veteran for his boy scout badge.  Dickie, a dying Korean war Veteran, has a part of him still in Korea with his friend and sons namesake,  Ronald.  Poor Alan never knew what he was in for when he picked Dickie out of all of those Veterans. 
There is not a whole lot left I can say without giving a bunch away, so I won't, you will have to find out for yourself.  But I can tell you there is a bunch of action, there is suspense, and maybe some blood involved as well.  This is a wonderfully spun tale Brian Scott has written for us and narrated so gracefully by S W Salzman, who kept the reverent parts just that and the exciting part revved up it, was a joy to listen too, Salzman is truly a master at his craft. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Mama Graciela's Secret (Dyslexic Font Picture Book)

This is really cute very diverse book about a Mama Graciela and her love for the stray kitties that came by her little restaurant La Bahia.  Her other love was making her bacalaitos fritos that people came from miles around to eat, but she kept the recipe was a secret.  But the kitties also loved her bacalaitos fritos and came by the hundreds to get some, and as you can imagine both lots of people and hundreds to thousands of cats all wanting Mama Graciela's bacaliatos fritos every day became a  problem, but you will have to read the book to see how Mama Graciela fixed it.  
the book was really good and diverse, I really liked it, of course I am a cat person but I am pretty sure dog people will find it in the hearts to enjoy it as well.  I have the dyslexic print copy, I am dyslexic so I found that nice.  I wasn't sure at first how I felt about it since this is really the first time I have seen it, but I found some books on my kindle that I could change the font to this type and I think it does make it easier to read.  I think it is awesome that they are printing books in this font, maybe more schools are doing more for the dyslexic kids, and it would be nice for libraries to have print books for dyslexic kids as well.  I hope this publisher and maybe others will start offering this as a option.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Zombie Lake Still Alive Book One (ADULT AUDIO)

Mo Collins sailed all over as part of the crew of a replica pirate ship but now that there are blue skinned zombie things everywhere and he is anchored close to home, the great state of Alabama, he is trying to do his best by his people, and this is his log book as told by Mo himself (especially if you get the audio version narrated by S W Salzman, who does such a awesome job, I wanted to be there with this crew).  It was so funny at times and I know that was made better by the narration I don't think it would have been half as funny in my head, some of the situations they got into and then how they got out of them was even better, this book does have cussing in it, but if you can get past that it is a awesome book that has action and laughter all round, especially the audio.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Zombie Theorem Aces Mortis Book Four (ADULT AUDIO)

While  Lt Chun and his SEALS where out on a training mission the rest of the world went nuts and now the SEALs have to pick up the pieces and make things right, at least for now in their part of the world.  It is up to them, it is what they do, it is what they were trained to do. 
This is not your typical zombie book and it is also not your typical SEAL team six book, it is a survival book, and a do what is right book despite what you are told, and that is what the military is supposed to be, not following blindly.  I think James Wallace  has caught the Navy spirit well in this book and I loved it through and through, I was cheering for those SEALs the whole way, as there is no shortage of action or suspense with this team.  As for his narrator he could not have picked a better one than S. W. Salzman who is an awesome voice actor, he does great voices for all the characters and makes you believe you are a part of the team, there with the guys.  I loved this audio and hope I can go back and get the rest soon.

Friday, June 29, 2018


It is 2061 and solar flares have forced the government and scientists to find new ways to survive.  Dr Sophie Winston signed on to help, she signs up to be part of a project to test a biosphere that will eventually lead to a position  on Mars.  But just a few days into the project things start to go wrong, and when they find just how wrong the nightmare begins.
This book is filled with action and suspense.  The author could not have pick a more diverse group of characters to play out this story and they work so well together, I can not wait to see who else he can pull into this group and what they bring with them.  Narrator Bronson Pinchot gives each and  every character its own voice and characteristics, he is a  wonder and makes you feel like you are right there in the story, these two, author and narrator, work really good together.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Trackers 3 The Storm (ADULT AUDIO)

Raven and Colton are still trying to protect their home and loved ones in Estes Park Colorado, Charlize is finally reunited with her son only to leave again to try and help her bodyguard Al find his sister.  But what all three find is much worst than can be imagined.  While they might be able to save some, hard decisions will have to be made and they will have to be the ones to make them.
Out of the three books so far I think this was also the hardest one so far.  There are so many wonderful (and a few not so wonderful) characters, and so much suspense  and action you won't want to uncover your eyes, so maybe you should just get the audio narrated by Bronson Pinchot.  This is a awesome  audio Mr. Pinchot does a awesome job with all the voices, I really like his Raven, and makes you feel as you too are part of what is going on and there with everyone, only you don't have to eat the MRE's, woo hoo.  It really is a great audio if you get the chance to try it out, if not the book is always waiting for you by the Creek.