Sunday, October 23, 2016


This book follows Abe Haws, son of war hero Isaac Haws, from the academy to Vitaly Three.  The reader gets to see how the man was made and why he did the things he did.  I understand that that was very vague but I am afraid much more might spoil it and it is way to good for me to do that to anyone.
This is a great sci-fi book and no you don't need to have any knowledge of Nick Webb's Legacy Fleet to understand this book but you might find yourself really wanting to read it after you read this, just a warning.  If you are familiar with Legacy Fleet this should fill in some blanks for you, so no harm either way.  This is just another awesome book by the Swardstrom brothers that you just do not want to miss.


Transiet Echoes: The Variant Saga Book 2 (AUDIO)

It has been three years since the second big jolt and Terry is lost on a distant world far away from his friends and family, but he has the voice of his sister in his head to keep him company.  Back on earth Mei is work to death to figure out a way to see if they can bring Terry home.
This is a wonderful sequel to the Amber Project, it is filled with a ton of action and the suspense will have you falling off of your seat.  Narrator Steve Barnes does a great job again with the book his use of different voices for each character is awesome, he really hit this one out of the park.  I can't wait for the next part from these two guys and find out what happens to Terry and his friends.


Saturday, October 22, 2016

Revolver (AUDIO ADULT)

Cara has nothing, so she is on a gameshow where if she kills herself they will give her family money.  But there has never been a contestant like Cara and I think it's safe to say there never will be again.
 The was an awesome story despite what you might think.  It brings up a lot of social issues that will make you think but has some very funny parts as well.  Narrator Patricia Santomasso is a amazing Cara, but portrays all the characters wonderfully.  She really does make this book wonderful.  This is a really great book give it a try, you won't regret it.


Black Widow Red Vengeance (YA)

In this book the Black Widow now has a protégé but she is used to working alone for so long it is unknown hoe this teaming up so she can teach her new hero in training will work.  What is worse is both Widows, Black and Red, are after the same people, one cunning and precise, the other more headlong and reckless.
In the sequel to Black Widow Forever Red Margaret Stohl raised the bar, the action is non-stop, and the suspense sometimes will keep you up past your bedtime until you find out what happens.  However, it is the twists and turns that keep you guessing how things will turn out in the end.  I really liked this awesome book even more than the first.  Sometime I would also love to review the audios of this series to hear how  the narrator puts her spin on the book as well.


Sunday, October 16, 2016

Treason (YA AUDIO)

Kara and Braedan must face truths both won't like, the Vagabond and Grimoire will help with what they can but each must find their own way and the truth within themselves.  They might find that to survive they must become the part of themselves they least want to be .
I wasn't sure how the last book could be topped , but this one picked up right where the last one left off  and the action and suspense didn't waver.  I went with the audiobook version narrated by Kara Kavocich Stewart who just brings Ourea and all of it's people to life.  I am so thankful for awesome narrators like her for many different reasons but mostly for bringing great books to life for me on days I am not able to read.  Her talent makes those days much more tolerable.


Friday, October 14, 2016

Black Rose (ADULT AUDIO)

The team is all together again and Project director Harker has determined they should eliminate their old enemies, Aeon, once and for all.  But of course there are complications, a deadly contagion that needs to be recovered and destroyed, and more secrets of Selena's past are coming out, ones even she didn't know about yet, but hey just another day at the project.
This was another awesome audiobook by narrator Jack de Golia, and after 9 Project audio's he is the voice of the project for me.  His voices for each of the characters are the ones I have come to know and love, especially Ronnie, he is my favorite.  Mr. de Golia also breaths life into the story as he reads it, it just flows so nicely, I can't imagine the Project any other way.


Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Delphi Effect (YA)

Anna has a gift, but when a ghost can attach itself to you just by inadvertently touching something you might not see it as a gift either.  When Anna accidentally picks up the ghost of a murdered girl, Anna finds herself in the middle of a government conspiracy, not to mention the group that kidnaps her friend so she will join them and they can exploit her "gift".
This is a wonderful book, action packed, full of suspense, and has more twist and turns than a roller coaster.  It is well written and the characters are well rounded and believable.  I love this book  and I wanted to jump right in and help Anna.  I don't want to say to much for fear of spoilers, so you will just have to get your own awesome copy of The Delphi Effect and see for yourself, but Rysa Walker does not disappoint.