Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Brother Dust: The Resurgence (ADULT AUDIO)

Brother Dust an abomination born among the dust, fighting those responsible for drilling and bowing to the high father, while trying to give those on the planets affected a little more time.
This is  one of the best sci-fi, space, dystopian books I have read/listened to.  It started off fast and never  slowed down, it had me hooked from the very beginning.  The action and suspense was non stop, it kept my focus as I tried to figure things out before they happened, but it never worked.  I really enjoyed this book and the imagination it took to create a world like this and its colorful characters, it is phenomenal, also phenomenal is the narration job by voice actor Scott Berrier keeping all the characters voices straight and different took a lot of skill.  It is well worth the listen if you are a audiobook person like I am, I will certainly be looking for more books narrated by Mr. Berrier, not to mention books written by Mr. Hall and Mr. Beaulieu.

Monday, October 9, 2017

The Atlantis Stone: The Project Book 12 (ADULT AUDIO)

The team is back although some members are more fit than others, when Selena gets a odd package through her agent with a map and some pictures of odd glyphs that she needs to decipher.  But what Selena finds sends the team to foreign lands to investigate further.  What they don't know is the Russians are following them, and the Russian are having a inter-agency war and it all involves the  Project Team.
This is another wonderful suspense filled, action packed, hundred mile a hour charge ahead book by Alex Lukeman.  I don't know where he gets his book energy from, but may it never end as well as the Project Team.  I love these books, they are great and mix a bit of history in as well.  If you are a audiobook fan like me than this is a treat, because Jack de Golia is one of the best and he has done all of the Project series so far, so he IS the voice of the team members. 

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Better Off Changing Hearts Series Prequel (YA AUDIO)

Ariana has never been allowed to have a boyfriend but she is turning 17 and thinks she knows more than her parents, especially since meeting Carlos at a party and he has shown a interest in her.  She doesn't even care what her brother Jimmy thinks, when he tries to tell her Carlos isn't the guy for her, and he would do anything for her.  So who will be right, will love triumph or those that know her best. 
This was a great book it really does capture teen rebellion and sneakiness very well along with the. "I know what I am doing" attitude and mindset.  Although I think Ariana's parents were a bit strict for todays standards, I suppose there are still a few parents like that.  I had the audio narrated by Ramona Master who did a awesome job, and with the audio you can really hear the snarkiness in Ariana's voice, and the cool and calmness in Jimmy's voice.  This is a great series but one I really enjoy as a audio, since Ms. Master is so good at this cast.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Superteam The Red Raptor Files Part 2 (YA)

Sawyer, AKA Red Raptor is fed up with the guild rules and decides he will just start his own team to fight crime in the city, and let the super chips fall where they may.  And while that doesn't exactly goes as well as planned, it could have been much worse, I mean heck the world could have been taken over or something.  In the mean time Sawyer's mom and recently found biological dad have decided he needs to get a job and his dad knows just the spot, one of his burger joints, close to their apartment building. 
I  am going to leave the description there before I give to much away, I will just say that the Red Raptor is no Spider-Man and when you get to a certain part of the book you will totally understand that statement as you are laughing and cheering him on.  It is for this reason I love this series, the sidekicks are doing a very serious job but some times the way they go about it is very in orthodox and very humorous.  This was a great sequel to Sidekick, And I hope there are more Red Raptor stories to come.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Max Tilt Fire the Depths (MG)

When thirteen year old Max (great great great grandson of Jules Verne) and his cousin, Alex,  stumble upon one of Jules unfinished works while cleaning the attic looking for things to sell, Max's family needed help to save their house and fast. Well Max and Alex decide to follow the clues in the book, but they need money and help, is this guy Spencer Niemand the one to help them or the one to hurt them the most, and who is he?
I have read all kinds of books where authors take the reader on trips back in time, historical fiction. Or they write a book in a way to teach the reader one thing or another, but I believe this is the first book I have read that had been written, at least for middle graders, to teach them about a classic book, and it was a really fun awesome book.  (Hint: Libraries if you don't have it now stock up on a few 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, you are going to need them.)  Peter Lerangis does not disappoint with this awesome race against time, nature, and humans, the action is non stop and the suspense is thick, but you will always find yourself rooting for the underdogs on this the ultimate race.

Secret Coders Robots & Repeats (MG)

Hopper, Eni and Josh are back and still fighting Principal One-Zero.   This  time One-Zero is determined to split the team up, but the team has other plans to bad they didn't factor in robot ducks with teeth.
I find these some of the cutest coding books for kids that work on the fundamentals of coding and usually one or two things at a time.  This book teaches about nesting and goes back and reinforces the binary code as well.  It teaches code in a fun manner and one that can be repeated on paper if a computer is not available.  Not to mention if your not quite into the coding part yet the storyline is still fun and action packed with lots of cliff hangers.  This is just a awesome fun series and I have enjoyed reviewing, talking and suggesting these books to many of readers now for some time, and I hope I can continue.

The Glass Eye (ADULT)

Jeannie Vanasco's first book is a tribute to her father and a long dark trip for her.  It span from a promise she made to her dying father before she was forced back to school thinking she would be back in a few days for the weekend to see him again, only to find out he died while she was on the train back to school, and that sparks her long dark journey of with her own demons and some of her dads before this books will end, but will Jeannie with a "I" ever win over her grief and the demons that haunt her from a lifetime ago. 
This was a really good book, by debut book author Jeannie Vanasco.  She bares all to tell her story, the story of her dad, and the story of their family.  This is a no hold barred as she tells all about her illness as well and how deep grief can run for daddy's little girl.  This is a wonderful story I hope its the one everyone will read this year.