Monday, January 11, 2021

City of the Plague God (MG)

Another different book by Rick Riordan presents, that includes more mythology this time from Mesopotamia .  Sik a boy who just wants the slow life working in the family deli in the evenings  going to school during the day.  But that all ends when Nergal comes to town and blows up the deli, and Sik is saved by the daughter of Ishtar.

This was a wonderful book that showcases another wonderful, diverse, culture.   This book is full of action and suspense with a few surprises thrown in for good measure.  Author Sarwat Chadda is definitely a author to watch, and I really hope we see Sik and Belet come back in another book.  

Gone to the Woods: Surviving a Lost Childhood (MG)

 This is the story of a little boy who was sent from his barroom mom in Chicago to his kin in north woods at the age of five.  He knew immediately he had a love of the woods and that was helped by Sig who showed him the way of the woods, I mean really showed him the way woods the way that lives in you.  In his teens, thanks to a librarian, he became a voracious reader and later found his calling as a story teller one that has helped many of children looking for adventure and risk to take up reading as well after reading Hatchet, yes reader, this is the story of our beloved Gary Paulsen's life.

This is a awesome memoir featuring the wonderful author Gary Paulsen.   This book is action packed with adventures from the minute he leaves Chicago until the end of the book.  What he sees and lives through has given him a unique view of the world and has shaped his great story telling into books we all clamor for.   There is not much I can say but this is really good, don't miss out.

Ancestors: The Binding, Book 3 (ADULT)

 Sybella Rose has found out she is half fae and is really starting to know all of what it means (not only to her but to others) what the binding means, and she is set to end it one way or another.  As Sybella Rose looks for a way to abolish the binding she finds out her friends are not all they have seemed to be.  No one ever said life in the big easy was easy, and Sybella Rose is going to find out exactly how hard it can be.

This is another wonderful book in The Binding series, and I hope we get more and more stories of this circle of friends.  These characters are fun and very interesting, the book has action and a lot of suspense.  The knowledge of New Orleans and their way of life is really good and always makes me homesick for my small apartment in New Orleans and the crawfish shack down the street.  This is a good book and a great series if given a chance.

Monday, January 4, 2021

Unplugged (MG)

 Jett is a spoiled rich kid and when daddy's jet drops him off in the middle of nowhere and he is forced to give over his phone and do all these weird things he would never do.  But as the time goes by he gets used to it, but what happens next?

Unplugged is another awesome book from Mr Korman.  The loss of being plugged in is not the end of the world and you will live through it but watch out for the meditation.  The mysteries and humor Korman puts into his books always draws me in and I love it and this book doesn't disappoint either.  This book is great and I can't wait for the next.

Unleashed (MG)

When Lacey wakes up in a hospital with no memory of how she got there and the one thing that can tell she isn't allowed to see, her baku cat Jinx.  What is worse is she soon finds out he is missing and without him she is forced to use her level 1 baku and forces her out of her cool school back to her neighborhood type school, not helpful when you want to learn to develop your own baku.  Lacey must find out what happened and try and get her baku jinx back.  

This is a exciting, action packed, suspense filled book.  It is a tech infused, pet loving book that will have young readers asking for more.  While I could read this book fine I wish I had read the first book Jinx first, it would have answered some of my questions I thought would be answered in time before I found out there was a book 1.  But I still loved this book and I hope you all will too.