Monday, November 23, 2020

Murder She Wrote In Season (ADULT)

While reconstructing her beloved home that burnt, Jessica and crew find a special box of secrets about the man who found their little town of Cabot Cove, along with two skeletons.  Of course that throws pals, Mort the sheriff, Seth the doctor and of course Jessica the murder mystery writer on the case but will they get it all wrapped (see what I did there) before Christmas?

Although it is a early Christmas read for me, this will be a great book to get your in the holiday spirit.  I love the Murder She Wrote series it is almost the same as the TV show.  They even bring in some of the old characters toward the end. So maybe we will see them in future books.  This is the fifty second book in the series and it does say 52 of 53 on amazon, does that mean our beloved series is going to end?  I hope not as this book shows they have not lost their mojo yet.  You can guess and guess but the who did it is hidden very well as always. I hope you all like this book as much as I did, it has the hope and kindness we all can use right now in our own turbulent world.

Monday, November 16, 2020

Dogs Get Ten Lives: One Dog's Journey of Self Discovery (ADULT AUDIO)

 This book follows one dog through ten lives, I won't lie some are sad but others are awesome.  It is all from the perspective of the dog and how it perceives everything around it, sight , smells, and actions.  It is how it manages to make the best of all of it.  This is really hard to describe but if you are a animal lover you will get this, maybe this is how we have come to think of some animals as having old souls.  

I listened to this book not long after a dear friend doggie crossed the rainbow bridge or was reborn, Bert had a very old soul and his beginning wasn't great but a nice man found him, took him home and gave him the best a dog could have with tons of love.  So parts were hard to listen too but other parts of this book were very comforting to hear.  The story defiantly does one thing and that will make you love your pups that much more.  Narrator Jack de Golia does a awesome job capturing this pups feelings in each story it is like he made a connection with this pupster, and makes it just that much better to listen too.

Friday, November 13, 2020

The Lair of Anubus (ADULT AUDIO)

Nick and the crew are back for more adventures, but will this be the end of the Project?  This is twice now that Nick and Selena's kids have been put in danger, and the crew is getting older and feeling the effects of all the times they have been shot and such.  But when Selena is asked again to translate a papyrus for a museum  it throws them back into there adrenaline filled life that fuels them while looking for the tomb of Alexander the Great and Cleopatra.

This is another wonderful book by Alex Lukeman, full of action, suspense and danger galore.  I love these books and this series, the characters have become my book family, it is escapism at its best for me.  The  wonderful narrator Jack de Golia has transported me to there missions and this audio is no exception.  I love that I can lose myself in his voices for the characters and it's like I am right there with them on the mission fighting, hurting, and laughing with them.  This is a great book and a awesome audio, I hope he keeps on writing them because the day it comes to a end will be a sad day indeed.

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Liberty (YA AUDIO)

 August and her friend pick up where Icehaven left off, they finally made it to Liberty and now must go back out to find supplies to sustain life there until they can do everything on their own.  But August is suspicious and the new comers with some of their special abilities scare the people there not to mention August's dad is the reason for the now frozen land that they now all live in, so tensions are a bit high. But when August finds out more about her dad's failed climate change plan, she must find the person that can see into the future so hopefully she can help somehow.  

This book is exciting and full of action.  The characters are great and could be the kids next door if put in this situation.  They still have young adult problems as well as many adult ones that I am sure they were not ready for but have dealt with it all the same.  This is the series that once you pick it up will have you reading or listening well past your bedtime.  Narrator Erin Robertson is a excellent August and does all the other characters swimmingly as well.  This is a series not to be missed.

Saturday, November 7, 2020


 Marine Lieutenant Maker is on another mission that will test him  and his crew if they want to come back home.  He must take his sworn enemy a Vacra into deep space back toward his home.What they find and fight together with the Vacra is way more than anyone ever expected and could spell the end of humanity if they can not defeat it.

This is a very exciting book, brimming with action and suspense it will take you on a roller coaster ride through space.  LT Maker is a very colorful guy and I love his leadership style, he is a great Marine.  I will be honest I can in on this book and it is book 3 of the series so I was a bit behind and I am not sure of the whole story but the author gives you a very condensed version so it really isn't a big deal.  Narrator Mikael Naramore is awesome with all the characters and you will feel as if you are right there on the ship and part of the crew with them.  I really like this book and I hope you all will too.

Friday, November 6, 2020

Pawsitively Poisonous (ADULT AUDIO)

Amber Blackwood longtime resident of Edgehill, and owner and operator of The Quirky Whisker that sells a bit of a lot of things but it is her toys that has people perplexed, they move and do other things all seemingly without a battery.  But when her friend dies with one of Amber's home remedies in her hand that is when things really heat up.

This is the first of the series of cats and witches that will worm its way into your heart, as it did mine.  This is a very cute story and wonderful mystery that has lots of suspense and action despite many thinking Edgehill is a sleepy little cat nap town.  The narrator does a wonderful job transporting you right into Edgehill and the story I had a good time walking through The Quirky Whisker and looking at all of those wonderful toys that I wish were real.  I really love this book and this series I hope the author keeps writing more.

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Phantom of the Opera (ADULT GRAPHIC NOVEL)

 If you know the story of the opera house and even if you don't than this is a really good graphic novel for you as well.  The story is pretty close to the original and the illustrations are out of this world.  This really is a awesome graphic novel, give it a chance.

The Mouse Watch (MG)

Throughout the world there are mice living in the shadows just watching and waiting to help people in trouble, these are the mice of The Mouse Watch.  Little Bernie has dreamed forever it seems to be a agent of the watch along side her hero Gadget.  You all remember Gadget don't you?  You know from Chip and Dales rescue rangers.  Yep one and the same, and now Bernie and fellow recruit Jarvis (a rat) have a chance at making their dream come true, if they can learn to work as a team despite their differences.
This book was so good, and bringing in the value of teamwork made it even better. It shows you might be able to feel differently if you know the whole story, and that it takes all different skills in a team to make it work best.  This book brings in the wonderful aspect of diversity even if it is portrayed in the rodent world.  I loved this book and think anyone else regardless of age will too.