Sunday, June 19, 2016

Awoken: The Lucidites Book 1 (YA AUDIO)

Roya Stark is a sixteen year old girl from Texas that is about to learn that her dreams mean more than she ever thought.  She never felt right in her family, as they were four-wheeling she was reading classics trying to avoid them.  So when it was revealed to her what and who she really is, a Lucidite, it all finally comes together, or will it cause her to come apart?
This is a awesome book that will keep you clamoring for more and lucky for you there are more.  Sarah Noffke has hit on a wonderful young adult series that is great for those of us that are young at heart too.  The characters will grab your heart and have you cheering and crying right beside them through thick and thin, they are that well rounded and believable.  The story is full of action and is a stay up late reading kind of book, or since I had the audiobook it was a sit in the garage a little longer so I could hear just a bit more.  Narrator Elizabeth Klett was awesome and made the book wonderful.  She was so good, at times I felt lost in the Lucidite world, and times I didn't want to come back but then Ren always showed up.


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