Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Leaving (YA)

Six leave, five come back, but none of them remember anything, absolutely nothing of the last eleven  years.  Sometimes it seems they catch glimpses of memories of one another, but nothing substantial.  How can six children go missing for eleven years and no one see or hear anything during that time?

This book is one that is hard to describe, but it has many twist and turns in the plot, that will leave you breathless and reading to find out more.  This is so suspenseful and the characters are not exactly complex but I guess well thought out, well, one it to harsh and one is not quite enough.  Either way don't let that scare you off these characters are awesome, fun and you get to find out about them as they find out about themselves.  I really liked the psychology of the book as it is there but not too deep, this book has a fun quality about it, it is easily a book made for young adults but that a adult would love to read.


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