Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Contryside: The Book of the Wise (MG)

Luke Ryan's summer just got a lot more interesting when weird things start happening to him and with his father being recalled to a one year deployment the only safe place for Luke and his family is his grandparents house in Countryside.  This is place like Luke has never seen before.  Luke is use to cars and busses, in Countryside it is carriages and tunnel travel, in the city there are homeless and thieves, in Countryside there are centaurs and wraiths.  Luke gets drawn into a quest for a old book when the soulless keep showing up around him looking for it.  With his new friends by his side the race is on to see who finds the book first the darkness or Luke and his friends or if it even exists.
This is a great book especially if you like Harry Potter type books.  The plot moves along at a great pace that keeps you reading, you really won't want to put the book down,  There are a lot of great twists and turns that you won't see coming, but keep things very interesting and surprising.  The action is unbelievable how it keeps moving at the pace it does and never slows down.  Luke is one special character and with his friends by his side I am not sure if the darkness has a chance.  But we will see what happens now because the book leaves you ready for the next Countryside: The Tears of Adina.


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