Friday, June 17, 2016

The Amber Project: The Variant Saga Part 1 (Audio)

At age 7 children of the underground city go to the academy.  After several years of education they also start some military training, at least Terry's group did.  Than they were exposed to a strange gas, finally, everything was explained, before they were sent to the surface after two of their group that ran away.  They were told that they had been genetically modified with both the human and the variant strains.  They were the last hope that one day people could one day live and repopulate on the surface of the earth again. Meanwhile, Terry's mother is fighting for, and starting a revolt for, the rights of those children and their mother's. 
This is a great science fiction book, between the two storylines this book will keep you hopping and cheering for the small guys.  The characters are awesome, even the bad guys.  I had the audiobook version and I have to give kudos to Alexander Trefethen, he is awesome!  His different voices for the different characters really set them apart, he gave this book heart and left me asking, how far would people really go to save the human race?


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