Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Ghost Box (Adult Audio)

Ashley and Michael don't even know each other but are bound by one common thing that haunts them now through their families history, the ghost box.  Now it is up to them to stop this terrible ghost before she destroys them, everything, and everyone they love.
This story is one of survival, and I don't exactly mean the living, but to understand that without spoilers you really have to read the book (or listen to the audio).  Larry Rosebio Jones does a awesome job narrating this story, his different voices for the different characters, (just be aware of the cell phone ringing it isn't yours, it is in the story) is wonderful, even did the creepy old civil war guy's voice is really cool.  It is well worth the listen if you are a audiobook fan like I am, and I loved it!  I will definitely look for more audiobooks narrated by Mr. Jones.
If you like ghost/paranormal stories that have a bit of everything in them, creepiness, scariness, convoluted plot, history, and hey a big plus for me, part of it happens in Kentucky, so it is home for me, than you will love this book in whichever form you choose, so give it a try.  But you might want your juju near and your lights on.


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