Monday, May 28, 2018

Resurrect A Whitney Steel Novel Book Three (ADULT AUDIO)

Whitney is back with the team, and Nathan has found a way to make trouble for her, Blake and Angel.  He is not only directly making trouble for the three of them it seems he has also now decided he wants to own a super bug that will kill people fast then linger and kill more  for a while after.  A hybrid type super bug, a chimera.  It is up to Whitney and the team to stop him, will it be for good this time, because Nathan is like the proverbial bad penny, he keeps coming back no matter what.
This is the non-stop action and suspense world of Whitney Steel, and she is so awesome and cool when I grow up I want to be her.  I love the characters they are so well rounded and work well together, even Nathan because you have to have a character to hate.  This is a book you won't want to put down or if you have the audio like me you won't want to stop listening, because narrator Rebecca Hansen makes the world of Whitney Steel come alive and you part of the team.

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