Sunday, August 19, 2018

Evermage Clash of Chaos (MG AUDIO)

The way of the soldier is a pretty cut and dry, same old, same old.  That is until the day comes when said soldier finds out he is not your everyday soldier but a magic user, green eyes and all.  Deinre, the last soldier  alive after a surprise attack that takes his best friend life, but he had promised this friend to protect the princess and help to get her back to her home and family.  So despite the princesses shortcoming Deinre does just that and at his own expense.
This is a wonderful action and suspense book, with some magic, after all Deinre is just learning, but this is just the start of a great new friendship, and broken bonds.  I can not wait to see what happens next in this tale.  This book was wonderful with all it's great and personable characters and the different locales that are incorporated into this book you certainly won't be disappointed, as this book keeps you on your toes. I can just see voice actor Stimson Snead weaving the tale around a fire ring after dark one night, it was so good.

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