Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Foundryside (YA)

Sancia is a thief, and a good one at that.  But this job is different, it feels  different, and it gets her in a mess of trouble.  Her normal friends are can't help so she must find a new and unlikely set of friends to help her out of this hornets nest of trouble while she learns to harness the new power, with the help of Clef, a friend she hopes never to loose.
I don't know if this would be considered steampunk or not but the tech in this book is awesome.  The characters are deep and well rounded, there is so much action and suspense you just have to keep reading to see what happens next.  I really liked this book it was a different kind of book, with all the scriving tech, that made it really interesting the theory behind scriving was pretty cool.  So Sancia and her special abilities with the scriving and just Sancia herself make this book really good and worth the read. 

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