Tuesday, August 7, 2018

#Murdertrending (YA)

Welcome to the near future where crime does pay, well it pays the betters, the ones betting on how long each criminal can stay alive on the new Alcatraz.  See it has now become a App (The Postman) where citizens can watch the criminals get hunted down and killed by special serial killers for their crimes than, make comments like on twitter. But what happens when they send a bunch of teens to Alcatraz 2.0 that aren't ready to die?
This was a fun  and exciting book.  There was always plenty of action and suspense but the eclectic group of characters (including the group of serial killers) really pulled this book together.  A futuristic breakfast club where death is the endgame not just detention.   This will be a book that will be liked by many for its strong characters that cross all barriers as well as the social media aspect and that some parts of this book are just funny.

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